Will Wake Up Now Ever Wake Up? 

 May 29, 2014

By  Corrisa

With all the recent talk of Wake Up Now potential demise, is there anything positive coming from all of this? If you’re looking to join this company, you may want to think twice…



Are you looking at the Wake Up Now business opportunity? Do all the Wake Up Now Scam postings you see online scare you?


Well, before we go any further, let’s get a deeper look about what this company is really all about:



The Behind the Scenes Look at Wake Up Now


This was really strange…


I was on a website that asked people to vote for their favorite company. One of the companies that was leading in votes was a company that I have never even heard of called, Wake Up Now.


The funny thing is that I began to “Google” Wake Up Now and few stories popped up about this company’s financial woes and how they were struggling.


Why would a company that is going through hard times and even possibly close down get a lot of votes and love for being a โ€œfavoriteโ€ company?


It’s kinda twisted if you’re looking at it from afar, but maybe this company has made a huge impact on its distributors. Anyway you look at it there are people who are committed to this company.


If you haven’t already, you’ll want to read Ty Tribble’s take on Wake Up Now


The Disease That Plagues Most Companies


wake up now

The biggest thing about this company is the same thing that afflicts a lot of companies in this industry โ€“ the lack of real retail customers.


I personally think that this company is in too broad of a niche to really get the attention of real customers (not distributors). Just how I see it – although I could be wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰


They have everything from energy drinks to vacation packages to tax help to everything else in between.


Unlike a lot of people online who wish for this network marketing company’s demise, I wish it would pull up from the nose dive it’s apparently going in and rebound. It definitely looks bad for the industry as whole when these companies bite the dust.


The biggest positive thing about this is that Wake Up Now distributors are going to have to re-evaluate how they do business. It’s just not good sense to rely on one stream of income โ€“ especially and income stream that you have no control over.


The next positive thing is the execs over at Wake Up Now are going to have re-evaluate how they do business so they can stay in business. They’ve come too far and invested too much money to let it all slip away. This could be a re-birth and a new beginning for the company.


Should You Join Wake Up Now?


wake up nowThe answer is obvious. However, if you’re dead set on signing on with this company, then you need to build your business the smarter way. And that means that you build your biggest asset โ€“ your list.


If you don’t have a marketing funnel set up or if you’re still unsure about traffic generation, I suggest you get in here so you’re prepared no matter which way Wake Up Now decides to go. It’s just the smarter thing to do to protect you and your family financially.




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