Who is Tom “Big Al” Schreiter? 

 March 13, 2021

By  Corrisa

If you’re looking for the inside scoop on Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, you’re in the right spot. You'll want to read this first before you buy anything from this network marketing trainer.

So, who is Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and what can he do for your network marketing business - if anything?

Before I answer that question, let me give you the backstory to MLM (or network marketing).

What You Need to Know About MLM - Then and Now

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This is the part where a lot of people get confused…

MLM or multi level marketing is a business model created to be done primarily in the warm market - i.e. friends and family.


The simple reason is that people that know, like, and trust you are more likely to join your business and/or buy your products.

In other words, you have instant credibility.

When you build your business solely in your warm market, you don’t need a lot of marketing skills nor a lot of business skills.


Along Came the Cold Market

There was a shift somewhere in the industry where people began to move beyond their warm market to start targeting people they met throughout their day.

One popular tactic was called the “3 Foot Rule”. It is when you proposition anyone in public who comes within 3 feet of you.

At some point buying leads and using genealogy leads lists became the rage. In fact, buying leads became one of the top tactics for network marketers who did not want to want to build their business in their warm market and for those who exhausted their warm market and needed people to talk to about their business.

Going outside of the warm market to build an MLM business was not something that was typically taught by network marketing companies nor was it taught by the teams inside of these network marketing companies.

The Rise of the Network Marketing Trainers

Due to the need to teach those in the network marketing industry how to prospect in the cold market world (and get better at recruiting their friends and family), a plethora of network marketing trainers came onto the scene.

With that said, it’s important to note that MLM teachers and training have always existed in some form and fashion.

This brings us to Big Al…

Listen to Tom Big Al's Podcast Interview

What Can Tom “Big Al” Schreiter Do For You?

First of all, for as long as I’ve been involved in the network marketing industry, I’ve heard the name “Big Al” tossed around alot. He is considered an industry legend.

As you can probably guess, Tom has a lot of experience in the industry. He has been involved in network marketing for nearly four decades...and counting.

He has written a lot of books on the subject of network marketing and on such topics like prospecting, closing, and so forth.

What I Like About Big Al

Big Al must have 15-20+ books on various topics related to MLM. His books are very easy to read and the tactics he teaches are not overly complicated. 

Where to Get Tom “Big Al” Schreiter Books and PDFs

The best place to go to get Big Al’s books is at his website. There he has PDFs you can download; in addition, there are links to all his books. Some of his books are also available on Amazon.

Is Big Al Right For You and Your Business?

Big Al is what a lot of people refer to as “old school" - he teaches basically how to prospect and close people, which are very important to learn if you’re recruiting from your warm market and or talking to a lot of leads (one-on-one recruiting).

If you’re doing Internet based network marketing, is there still a need to learn from Big Al?

In my opinion yes, Even if you’re not cold calling lots of leads or surprising your dinner guests with your business opportunity pitch, you should learn how to talk to people.

There will be times, where one of your internet prospects will want to talk to you on the phone. If the thought of that scares you or you don’t have the posture or communication skills to pull it off, you need to get some of Al’s training and buy some cheap leads to practice on.

You don’t have to master talking to people UNLESS you plan on solely recruiting from your warm market and/or purchased leads.

If you’re using the funded proposal model, then your system should do most of the sorting and sifting of people so you talk to people who are more qualified for your time.

All-in-all, you want to at least be comfortable enough to carry on a conversation with confidence with your prospects and leads.

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s products can help you do just that.

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