Who is Mike Dillard? 

 April 26, 2021

By  Corrisa Malone

You may know Mike Dillard as the creator of courses like “List-Grow”, “Mike Dillard Mentoring”, and more famously Magnetic Sponsoring. What you may not know is that he forever changed the way network marketing is being done. Read on...

You don’t realize it yet, but in the next few minutes you’re going to learn why funded proposals and attraction marketing played a HUGE role in Mike Dillard’s success - and continues to play a role in the success of a lot of network marketers like yourself.

The catalyst for Mike Dillard’s massive success was a little ol’ 55 page booklet that he wrote in 2005 called Magnetic Sponsoring. This home study course, initially printed at Kinkos for a buck and a half, made Mike a multi-millionaire by the age of 27.

Mike Dillard’s Foray Into Network Marketing 

Mike Dillard did what countless network marketers couldn't do....and that's build a successful network marketing business without resorting to chasing down people and cold-calling leads.

But it wasn’t easy. He faced numerous obstacles and countless failures.

These are probably the same obstacles you've faced as well. 

The Move 

It wasn't till he moved out to the West Coast from Texas to be close to his sponsor at the time, that things began to change for him.

It was a cause set in motion that was just destined to happen. But tragedy struck. No one could have predicted what was about to happen to Mike Dillard.

You see, it was a big move, especially for a yearning 20-something year old.

All Mike wanted was to be shown "how" to build a network marketing business. His mentor vowed to show him a few things that would finally set Mike "free" from working restaurants and driving his bike all around town.

He was in the land of dreams and sunshine.

He was anxious to get started.

The sponsor was pleased to see such a young man make such a big commitment. It's not everyday that you see people packing up and moving out to be closer to their sponsor.

The only reason Mike made the move was because he felt he needed to be mentored in order to have that "breakthrough" in his business.

Things were looking promising...until the bubble burst.

This was impossible. 

How could this happen?

It was September 11, 2001. This was to be the day where Mike's network marketing business would be changed forever.

And it did. Mike's upline never got around to showing him the ropes of network marketing.

Mike was now struggling yet again...but this time in  a foreign state he knew nothing about.

It was a tough decision, but he decided to go back home to Texas with his tail between his legs.

For most network marketers, this would have been the end of the road. But Mike Dillard kept pushing.

Luckily for him, these despairing turn of events would jump-start his million dollar enterprises.

Mike's Unlikeliest Heros 

Back home, Mike searched and searched online and came across some unlikely heroes.

They both would come to play a very important and critical part in Mike's successes: Joe Schroeder and Mark Weiser.

Joe Schroeder

Mike Dillard finally learned how to prospect from Mark Weiser. Joe Schroeder showed Mike something not heard of back then called an "mlm funded proposal."

Mike then got the inspiration to come out with his very first product, Magnetic Sponsoring.

It was very radical and controversial in its day. Who would've thought that network marketing could be built outside of its traditional roots?

Mike took a chance...and won.

And his life has never been quite the same since.

From riding around town on a bicycle to waiting tables...and now a multi-millionaire before the age of 30, Mike Dillard has done quite well for himself.

The Legacy of Mike Dillard

Mike’s methods and insights have changed the way network marketing is now done - forever.  His methodology basically comes down to these three things: 

1. Attraction Marketing - Via the content you put out, you attract the right people to your business.

2. Funded Proposal - The use of an info product (or service) is used as a lead-in to your business. This can be either a free info product/service that leads to a paid product/service or an entry-level low cost product. 

This gets cash flowing into your business thereby producing an additional income stream that you can then put back into your business.

3. Learn Marketing and Promotion - Learn how to tap into the power of Internet marketing to generate targeted leads for your business

When you successfully combine all three of these ingredients together, you get an unstoppable cash producing network marketing business.

This is why network marketers like Mike Dillard and Ann Sieg made millions in record time in the network marketing industry with this approach.

NOTE: If you haven't read Magnetic Sponsoring, I urge you to pick up a copy so that you understand the philosophy behind his methods.

Mike Dillard the Renaissance Man 

Mike Dillard today is a multi-millionaire, investor, philanthropist and father. Since his first revolutionary course Magnetic Sponsoring, Mike went on to create popular, (but now defunct) courses such as Traffic Formula 2.0 and Building on a Budget. 

His other courses include 7-Figure Sales Presentations, Mike Dillard Mentoring, and the aforementioned List Grow. He started the Mike Dillard podcast as well as a business  in the agriculture industry. 

Although he has completely walked away from the network marketing industry, his Magnetic Sponsoring book can still be found on Amazon. 

Right now his focus is on his mentoring program, his podcast show, and his favorite pastime, road racing. 

Who is Mike Dillard?

A man who weathered the flow of ups and downs in his network marketing business to become a multi-millionaire by going against tradition and taking an unconventional approach to building a business.

Mike has shown us that you need to press on...even when life gives you a bunch of lemons. 

Keep your eye on the prize and never let obstacles get you off course.

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