What’s Stopping You From Taking ACTION?

By Corrisa | Business Success Tips

Jun 05

If there’s one thing that hinders most entrepreneurs it’s taking action. Why do so many marketers buy courses to learn how to market and then fail to implement what they learn?




Are you having difficulty doing the daily tasks that are likely to produce results in your business?


What stops you? Is it fear of failure or…fear of success? I know as an entrepreneur sometimes it’s the fear of “what if this doesn’t work?” that stops a lot of people from taking action.


The last couple of marketing systems I promoted allowed me to see how my leads where doing in their marketing efforts. I could see the last time they logged into the system and how many leads they had generated.


 I Was Shocked! I wasn’t prepared for what I had seen…


I have generated a lot of leads and I can tell you that the vast majority of people didn’t even bother logging into the system that they paid for.


And those that did manage to log in barely did any marketing that resulted in getting leads. They ran a marketing campaign…or two, it flopped and so they gave up altogether.


It’s like we have this failure mechanism that’s rooted inside of us that makes us want to give up without really putting forth much effort.


This is why only a small percentage of people ever succeed in business – online and offline.


This video by Tony Robbins will shed some light as to WHY people don’t take action.



If you were one of those people who quit business opportunity after business opportunity before you really gave yourself a chance, or if you were one of those people who buys course after course hoping to find the secret sauce to success, hopefully that video helped you.


Now you know what you need to do in order to be successful.


Do you feel empowered?


Do you feel now you understand WHY you had trouble taking action in the past?


If you answered yes, to both then you’re the kind of person that understands what it takes to have success. You got it!


There has to be that shift in your mindset if you want to be successful. And when you get that shift, it’s like you’re on a different level…a level that can lead you to success.


I hope you found this video helpful.


I’ll see ya at the top!


Your partner in success,