What’s Stopping You From Taking Action? 

 April 30, 2021

By  Corrisa

Are you sick and tired of buying course after course only to lack the motivation to implement any of it? Here’s what you can do to solve your problem...

Let me ask you a few questions..


Are you having difficulty doing the daily tasks to build your business?

If so, what stops you? 

Is it fear of failure or fear of success?

Or both?

Do you ever think "What if this doesn’t work?" 

If so, know that it’s that thinking that is probably stopping you from taking action and in turn, from having success.

Want help changing your mindset? Make sure to read What is the Best MLM Mindset Training?

Why Even Bother?! 

As a user and believer in marketing systems, there was a time where the system that I was promoting (at that time) would allow me to see how my leads were doing in their marketing efforts. 

I could see the last time they logged into the system and how many leads they had generated.

I Was Shocked! I wasn't prepared for what I had saw...

The vast majority of my leads didn’t bother logging into the system that they paid for.

And those that did manage to log in barely did any marketing that resulted in getting leads. They ran a marketing campaign...or two, it flopped and so they gave up altogether.

It's like we have this failure mechanism that's rooted inside of us that makes us want to give up without really putting forth much effort.

This is why only a small percentage of people ever succeed in business – online and offline.

This video by Tony Robbins will shed some light as to WHY people don't take action.

Belief is the First Step to Success 

good mlm company

If you were one of those people who jump from one business opportunity to another, buy course after course hoping to find the secret sauce to fast success, or you’re one who never seems to get started, hopefully that video helped you a lot.

Now you know what you need to DO in order to be successful.

Do you feel empowered?

Do you feel now you understand WHY you had trouble taking action in the past?

If you answered yes, to both then you’re the kind of person that understands what it now takes to have success in your business.  

Now you realize that here has to be that shift in your mindset if you want to be successful. 

And when you get that shift, it’s like you're on a different plane - one that leads you to new heights in your business. 

I hope you found this video helpful.

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