What Network Marketing Resources Are Essential to Your Success? 

 December 6, 2009

By  Corrisa Malone

Are you looking for network marketing resources to help you build your network marketing business? Not sure exactly what you need? You may want to read this first before you join another opportunity or buy into yet another system…


network marketing resources

Are you feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all the information online? Are you beginning to feel pressured by your significant other to either make money or get out? Not sure what network marketing resources you should trust and which ones are better left alone?


Well, the pressure from family members and the confusion online has become a rite of passage for most entrepreneurs before they finally make “it” – so the good news is that you’re not so unique. J


The bad news is that unless you know what to do, what to buy, and where to go, you’ll be forever lost in a sea of Internet marketing confusion…and we all know that confused people don’t make money.


If you’re willing to spend a few minutes to help your business grow, then this is expressly written for you.


Let me start by asking you this…


Are You Over-Complicating Things?


etwork marketing resources

Have you ever heard of K.I.S.S.?


It stands for “keep it simple sweetie.”


If there was ever a phrase that embodies the epitome of success online it would have to be that one.


You see, you may be going around from system to system, website to website, product to product and opportunity to opportunity trying to find the “secret” to make IT work for you.


There’s nothing wrong with looking for solutions that can help you in your business, however, it can become a huge problem if you find yourself getting pulled in many different directions and getting confused at all the information coming at ya.


And you know what I said earlier about confused people – right?


Well, it you’re not making any money online, then there’s a problem or two (or more) that needs to be fixed. The great thing is that just about anything is fixable.


When it comes to finding the right network marketing resources, you want to keep it very simple – at least in the beginning and especially if you’re a person who has a family to take care of.


You see, like most people, I’m sure you have more things going on in your life than just your business. And when it comes to network marketing online, you want it as simple as pie to do.


Now, I didn’t say easy, because by definition a business is much harder to do than clocking in for a job where you get a predictable paycheck. Let’s be real here.


But if you make your business so complicated, especially if you’re in network marketing, you will have a difficult time bringing people into your business. People look at what you’re doing to see if they can do it to.


Some people say that network marketing is all about duplication, well, your prospects are really thinking, “Can I do what you’re doing and get the same if not better results?”


Remember, if you over-complicate your business, you will not enjoy doing your business and in turn you won’t do the necessary things to grow your business to the point that you’re making money.


You do like making money by helping other people – right?


So, you must be interested in this…


The 5 Network Marketing Resources You Should Have in Your Business

network marketing resources

If you’re struggling to make money in your home based business, I can almost guarantee that you’re missing at least one of these resources….


Resource #1: A Primary Business


If you’re a network marketer, you need a legitimate business opportunity or at the very least a marketing funnel that produces income for you on autopilot.


Resource #2: A Targeted Lead Capture Page


Most replicated sites given to you by your primary program are not designed for Internet marketing…at least not in the way Internet marketing is supposed to be done. This is why you should capture your leads contact info before sending them on to your replicated site.


I’m sure we’ve all broken this rule from time to time, but if you’re not capturing your prospects – either those that are interested in the training you can provide for them or those that are interested in your primary business, you are leaving money on the table – period. You’ve gotta be at least doing one, preferably both of those things.


Resource #3: How to Buy a New Home For Your Family aka Building Your List


List-building is no joke.


etwork marketing resources

When you can build a sizable responsive list, you can literally write a check for anything you want.


Like I stated in resource #2, you’ve gotta be building a list somewhere along your business – either a list of your primary business prospects or those interested in the training, tips or resources that you can provide.


FREE Resource: Download Free copy of 15 Ways to Build Your Subscriber List


Resource #4: Sell related products and services


Here’s the dirty truth…


Your prospects are going to buy products and services with or without you. Why not capitalize on the products they’re going to buy anyway?


There’s no greater way to build a relationship with your subscribers than recommend  products and services that helps them build their business. For this reason alone, you want to make sure you recommend products and services that actually work.


Resource #5: Internet marketing training


If you’ve been spinning your wheels online and getting nowhere fast, odds are you just haven’t run into the right kind of training to take your business to the next level.


The frustration, anger, and resentment you may have experienced trying to build your business is really from not knowing what network marketing resources to use and not knowing whom to trust.


I wouldn’t expect you to go out and hit a home run if you never had been taught the game of baseball.


Don’t be afraid to invest into yourself and your business. That’s only way you’re going to be able to take your income to the next level.


And don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’m here to help you by sharing tips and training that can make big difference in your business. We’re all on the same road together trying to take our business to the next stage – we’re all in different stages of our business but we’re all after the same thing:-)


Take a good hard look at your business. It may be a bit painful to look at it and the mistakes you’re doing, but you’ll never grow unless you begin to correct your mistakes.


If what you’re doing is not working, you’ll have to either tweak it to make it better or dump it. Make sure you’re getting the proper network marketing resources that are designed to help you in your business, not make the creator of the products get a fatter wallet at your expense.


Develop a plan and follow through.


Your partner in success,


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