What is My Lead System Pro?

By Corrisa | My Lead System Pro

May 25

So, what is My Lead System Pro really all about? Is it just for network marketers or can anyone benefit from it? Can it really help me build my business online a lot easier? Here are the surprising answers...

What is My Lead System Pro

What is My Lead System Pro? That is probably the number one question that is on your mind right now. After all, you’ve probably seen it being promoted all over the ‘net from people just like you who are claiming it changed their business for the better.

But did it? And if so, how?

It’s simple.

Read on...

What My Lead System Pro Can and Can’t Do

First of all, if you have a business of any kind, whether it be an online business or an offline business, My Lead System Pro (MLSP) can help.

Here are examples of the kinds of businesses that can benefit from MLSP:

  • Brick and Mortar Businesses (physical storefront business)
  • Affiliate Businesses
  • Real Estate Businesses
  • Financial Services
  • Network Marketing Businesses

If you look carefully at that list, you’ll see the one thing they all have in common. Did you see it?

What all these businesses have in common is that they ALL need traffic to survive.

Every business needs visitors that turn into buyers. A business that doesn’t get much traffic (offline or online) is going to eventually die a painful death - taking down with it all the time and money that was invested into it.


So, why as a business owner would you not do everything in your power to help your business survive? 

what is my lead system pro

Well, if all honesty, if you were serious about your business you would do everything in your power to help it succeed.

This is where My Lead System Pro comes in.

You see, MLSP can help ANY business generate targeted traffic online. You can even funnel the online traffic to your offline business storefront if you want.

What My Lead System Pro can’t do is a help a business owner who is unwilling to help themselves.

MLSP is not a magic pill that you take one day and the next day you’re making six-figures in your business.

You may think that’s laughable, but I can’t tell you the amount of people who say they want success in their business but aren’t willing to work for it.

They want a “magic” pill that they can swallow and wake up the next morning driving a Maserati. It just don’t work that way.

what is my lead system pro

So, if that sounds like you or if you’re lacking motivation, or you have a fear of success, I’m going to recommend you see someone like Tony Robbins. He has a lot of great resources to help you get over your roadblocks.

And yes, these are roadblocks that are hindering your success.

My Lead System Pro is for the business owner who is actively striving to build a better more profitable business.

MLSP can help you get to that Maserati and that six-figure income, but just like with life it's gonna require your participation.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in your business? If so, then read on. If that doesn’t sound like you, go see Tony.

What Makes My Lead System Pro Different and What Exactly Does It Do?

First, let me address this issue...

I’m sure you’ve seen “My Lead System Pro Reviews” around the Internet, with a lot of them giving you misinformation in hopes that you’ll join their fly-by-night system instead of MLSP.

Let me brutally honest here...

The vast majority of systems you see out right now, won’t be around six months to a year from now. Once they have your money and stolen your attention and time, you are literally left to pick up the pieces after they’ve gone “out of business”.

home business frustration

I’ve been around the ‘net for a long time and I have seen my share of “systems” go under leaving people broke and brokenhearted.

My Lead System Pro is different. MLSP has been around 10 years (yes a decade!). This is unheard of for any kind of marketing/training system. As far as I’m aware of it is the longest running marketing system on the ‘net.

They have set the standard and “raised” the bar. There hasn’t been a system to come along that has even remotely reached it. It’s been quite successful at churning out high income earners.

The secret to its success?

Showing people just like you - moms, dads, small business owners, network marketers, affiliate marketers, and pretty much all struggling business owners HOW to market online successfully. Step-by-step. Just follow along and implement.

my lead system pro

Think of it as getting a business education without going to school and racking up debt, but yet seeing the "fruits" of your labor in your bank account a lot quicker.

The better you get as a marketer, the more money you’re going to make. 

My Lead System Pro is all about making you a better marketer - which is why the emphasis is on getting you up to speed with the other high income earners. They are the better marketers.

These high income earners are the same ones that teach the Wednesday marketing webinars put on by MLSP. I highly suggest you attend them. At the very least you’ll walk away with training you can use right away to generate leads for your business.

Types of Training You’ll See in My Lead System Pro:

  • Instagram
  • Free Facebook Lead Generation
  • Facebook Paid Ads
  • YouTube Lead Generation
  • How to Write Content
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Pay Per View Lead Generation
  • And much, much more

What is the System?


In addition to offering cutting-edge lead generation training, you can use the trainings to help you attract people into your business. 

If you’re a network marketer, you can use the training to attract other network marketers to you. By offering value upfront, they are more than likely to then join your business if they’re looking for a new business to call home.

If you’re in any other kind of business, you can create your own system and model it off of MLSP. It’s all about attracting the right kinds of people to you and your business.

Once you’ve put all the pieces together, they can work seamlessly in generating targeted leads to your business on autopilot - once you’ve set up your marketing.

What’s Included in MLSP?

It's more like what's not included...

Let me put it like this...

You will get everything you need to get on the path to success - including:

Cutting-Edge Lead Generation Training - So you can spend time on the things that are working right now in your business and not waste time on techniques that worked five years ago.

Latest Social Media Marketing Training - Learn what's working right now effectively in social media.

content syndication

Lead Capture Page /Landing Page Generator - MLSP has their own in-house page generator called the Funnelizer (similar to LeadPages and ClickFunnels). This allows you to create your own landing pages with ease and without the high costs associated with other landing page generators.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) - This allows you to keep track of your leads and effectively follow up with them. This is included in your MLSP membership at no extra cost.

Ready-Made Social Media Campaigns - These ready-made training webinars allow you to attract prospects to you and brand you as a leader because you're leading with value (vs pitching=desperation) - and you don't have to create a single landing page or campaign.

Here's an example of one of our latest Facebook campaigns. These campaigns can be tied to your autoresponder so that you can build your BIGGEST asset - your list.

Weekly LIVE Marketing Webinars and Motivational Teleseminars - Hear from other successful My Lead System Pro members who are using the system to build successful businesses online in various niches.

Facebook Community - You are never alone building your business. You can get answers to your questions with the help of our robust Facebook community. 

What's the Price of Admission?

All sounds good, but I’m guessing you want to know what the cost of all this is - right?

Let me break it down like this...

How bad do you want success? Are you "hungry" enough that you're willing to do what it takes to succeed?

Hopefully if you've read down this far, then I'm assuming that you want it bad. Then at the very least, you must give your business a fighting chance at success.

You've got to be willing to learn how to be a better marketer - and that means learning how to generate leads consistently and profitably

Traffic and leads are the lifeblood of your business. Without either, you have no business.


Why would you go into business only to watch it fail and not do anything about it?

It doesn’t make sense.

I have never run across a business that couldn’t benefit from generating more leads online. I have never run across a business that could not be doing better at generating leads.

Every business that hopes to be successful online needs a all inclusive program like My Lead System Pro.

If you try to get all the top-notch services MLSP offers individually you’ll be paying several hundred dollars per month! Why would you pay that when you can get high quality services at just a fraction of the cost?

This is where you start thinking like the successful business person you are (or want to become)...

And the cost...

There are (3) Levels of Membership:

Basic, Professional, and Premium. Let me break down each one..

Basic - $49.97/mo - This is just for two kinds of people - beginners who are just starting out and want to test the waters before committing to a higher level plan and for non-beginners who are already creating their own content (ebooks, articles, products, etc) on a massive scale.

If you don’t fall into either of those categories, then you’ll benefit from the next plan…

Professional $149.97/mo -  This is for any level of marketer who is ACTIVELY generating leads and building their business online. The keyword here is “actively”. If you have not done a single solitary thing in your business, this is not the place you want to start. This level is for the go-getter who is on a roll to success and doesn’t have time to create their own products.

Premium $299.97/mo- This for the marketer who is already making at least five-figures a month consistently. The Premium level comes with the ability to create 2 blogs on the MLSP platform, the ability to create 100 funnels with Funnelizer, more media storage, and Pure Profit Products that you can earn you upfront cash flow.

If you’re already a top-income earner and you don’t have the time (or don’t want to take the time to create your own products), this is the level of membership you’ll want to be at.

If you can’t afford any one of these memberships, then there is something seriously wrong in your business. And jumping from one program to the next is not going to be the solution. The only thing that’s going to save you is learning HOW to generate leads - profitably.

So, What is My Lead System Pro?

mlm mastery

It’s a successful community of marketers that are using the latest cutting-edge marketing system to profitably generate targeted leads online. If people just like you weren't getting success, MLSP would not still be here - 10 years later!

It's a one-stop shop for the busy person who doesn't have the time, knowledge, or skills to put together a system that works. It's also for the person who is sick and tired of not making enough money and/or not generating enough targeted leads in their business

My Lead System Pro shortens your learning curve and gives you the tools and a track to run on right now so you can start having success today - not five years from now.       

So are you...

  • Tired of struggling with lead generation?
  • Sick of losing money in your business?
  • Sick and tired of being frustated in your business?

Then click the button below to learn how we can help you turn your business around...