What is Mike Dillard Traffic Formula 2? 

 June 6, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

What’s all the hoopla over Mike Dillard’s Traffic Formula 2? And is all this fanfare even waranted? Find out before you pull out your wallet.


Let me start off by saying that Mike Dillard Traffic Formula 2 is the most concise course on Internet marketing for network marketers…but it may not be for everyone.


Let me explain further.


MLM Traffic Formula is a how-to course on how to build a network marketing business on the Internet; however, as Mike Dillard has stated before and I have to concur, is that this course is best geared toward those who are already leaders, or those who are very pro-active about their business.


This is no $30 ebook! It’s pricey and for that reason I would issue that warning. There’s a lot of bang for the buck and newbies or newcomers may feel a tad bit overwhelmed by it all.


If you’re looking for a way to finally dig in your heals and learn Internet marketing, then MLM Traffic Formula may be right for you.


However, if you’re the kind of person that learns best by watching video tutorials, then I suggest Renegade Professional .


Mike Dillard Traffic Formula 2 is a good course solid course. However, if you already have experience marketing successfully on the Internet, then I really doubt this course will add anything to your knowledge base.


This is just my two cents worth…for all it’s worth 😉


At the very least, sign up for the introductory Traffic Formula training. There is some good info contained in it and from there you can decide if this course fits your needs.


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