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 September 8, 2020

By  Corrisa

Don’t join FreeAdvertisingForYou.com until you read this. It will save you time, money, and a headache!...

free advertising for you com

Need traffic?

That’s probably the biggest reason why you’ve probably stumbled upon FreeAdvertisingForYou.com

If you’ve already been to the site, you probably can’t figure out exactly what it is - a safelist or a traffic exchange? 

The truth of the matter is that Free Advertising For You is ALL of that and more. Which is why a lot of people find it really confusing. There’s a LOT of stuff going on - so much you don’t know what to do and where to start.

Here’s the BIGGEST punch line…

Nevertheless of how it looks, Free Advertising For You is a ‘secret’ GOLDMINE when it comes to traffic.

This IS what you want to read preferably BEFORE you join.

My goal is to make it clearer as to how you can get the MOST benefit from this traffic program.

And if you happen to have joined already, it’s ok, because you will learn how to use this site to its maximum so you can get even MORE traffic.

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What is... FreeAdvertisingForYou.com?

free advertising for you review

Just so we’re all on the same page and in case you’re still a little confused about what Free Advertising For You (FAFY for short) is, let me break it down simply like this…

Free Advertising For You is an advertising system that lets you advertise 10 different ways - including doing solo ads and surfing. So, yes it’s part traffic exchange and part safelist. You have the best of both worlds on ONE site.

The most important thing is that FAFY is VERY Active.  How many times have you joined a program that turned out to be a dud? Probably lots of times especially if you’ve been in the traffic exchange/safelist world.

The point is that FAFY is highly active, which gets you MORE eyeballs on your solo ads, banners, and websites.

This is why you want to use it to its fullest potential. 

Read on...

How to Get the MOST Traffic From FAFY

fafy free advertising for you

In this section, you’ll get the most benefit if you log into FAFY and kinda follow along. So log in now.

FYI - If this is your first time joining, make sure to take the upgrade if it fits into your budget.

You can also go ‘Pro” by doing daily tasks. You have to be consistent in doing the daily tasks - notice the word daily?

Here are 6 simple steps to get the most benefit from FAFY:

1. Log in Daily - You get bonus credits for logging in.

2. Do your Daily Tasks - Go to Activity Rewards => Click on Daily/Monthly Contests Points tab => Look for “Activity Daily Rewards System”  on that same page (you may have to scroll a little - it's in the middle of the page).

You want green check marks all the way down. Don’t worry about referrals, they will come once you start promoting Free Advertising For You. 

fafy rewards

3. Join the Newsletter - Every Tuesday Jason Wise, the owner of FAFY, sends out a newsletter. Inside the newsletter there are (2) promo codes for bonus credits and other rewards (talk about awesomeness!). Look for that newsletter on Tuesdays.

Click on the "5 Solos For Free" tab to find the newsletter sign up page.

4. Check the Weekly Winners Tab - Look for the tab that says, “Weekly Winners”. Jason gives away cash prizes, advertising packs, and credits. It’s INSANE the amount of stuff he gives away!

Once you click the tab, you will see the following:

fafy winners tab

You’ll want to check this section on Tuesdays for TWO reasons:

1) If you’ve won a prize, your username will be listed and you need to send a support ticket to claim your prize....and

2) At the bottom of each section are promo codes. Gather each number at the end of each section and put them on the Promo Code that’s in the same section you're in. Ta-da! You've just gotten even more BONUS credits!

5. Add Your Website to the Showcase - On the home page, you will see Members Showcase - after you’ve clicked on 30 ads. It will look like this:

fafy members showcase

When you do your Daily Rewards tasks, you will naturally get the opportunity to put your links on the Members Showcase.

It’s a reward that will come naturally as you are doing your tasks. Don’t click 30 ads just to get the Members Showcase to pop up - it’s not worth your time, when there are other things you can be doing. 

6.Use Your Banners - In case you haven't noticed, Free Advertising For You is also a banner network, so make sure you use your banners!

If you’re promoting an affiliate program, you can use the banners that they give you, just note they may not be the best converting banners especially if there are a lot of other affiliates using the same banners.

You can create your own banners within your BuildaBizOnline membership or use Instant Banner Creator or Canva.

You want to take advantage of all the avenues of traffic FAFY gives you.

How to Take Advantage of FAFY Daily Contests


1. Login and view all 3 login ads to be entered into their nightly drawing where 3 winners are chosen to receive a prize.

2. Click on at least 25 text and/or banner ads to qualify for nightly drawing. 1 winner is chosen every night.

3. Click on at least 30 solo ads to qualify for nightly drawing. 3 winners are chosen every night.

4. Click on 15 block ads to qualify for nightly drawing. 1 winner is chosen every night


As you can see, Jason Wise is very generous with this site with so many opportunities to get traffic.

Besides being a site that is part traffic exchange and part safelist, you can use the credits you earn to buy additional traffic.

This is a HUGE benefit for anyone on a tight budget or is trying to stretch their advertising dollars.

Most traffic programs don’t let you do this - you usually have to use cash or crypto currency to buy advertising.

All-in-all, Free Advertising For You is a great site and it keeps getting better! If you're not a member already - what are you waiting for?! Join Here.

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