The Ugly Truth About Marketing Systems – and The Beautiful Facts Too

By Corrisa | Internet Marketing Tools

Sep 24

If you ever felt intimidated by marketing systems and not quite sure what to make of using them in your business, then this is what you need to read. I’m gonna reveal some things that most system owners don’t want you to know…



Not generating enough traffic? Not making enough money in your existing business?


Well, if you answered yes to any one one of those questions, then you’ll be happy to know that marketing systems can play a huge part in turning that around for you.


Let me explain…


There are two big depressing mistakes that most network marketers make:


(1) Failure to understand how to generate targeted traffic


(2) Not knowing how to build a full cash-producing business


And when you don’t know those two things, you’ll more likely to become a victim of an scrupulous system owner. Yes, they’re out there preying on desperate people who don’t know any better. That really chaps my hide!!


How you figure? You may be asking.


What to Avoid in a Marketing System


Marketing systems are beginning to be a dime a dozen nowadays. It seems everywhere you turn there’s a system someone is promoting online.


But unless you know what to look for and avoid in a marketing system, odds are you’re gonna spend too much time and money in something that wasn’t designed for your ultimate benefit.



Here’s what you want to avoid (at the very least do more research before jumping in):


 – Systems that don’t offer any real traffic generation training


Any system that doesn’t give you traffic training is a system that I would walk, no run from. This is a slap in the face to you as a marketer.


IF a system wants to take your money and not give you value in return, is a system better left alone.


 – Systems don’t offer retail products and services that real people want to pay for


This goes back to the first issue where the system doesn’t offer any training. Ask yourself this… why would anyone want to buy into this system? Where’s the value?


If a system is just telling you how much money you can make by getting people to sign up for the system then you may have just a money scheme on your hands and not a real marketing system.The downside to being part of a Ponzi type scheme apart from losing the money you put into it, is that you look foolish and you look less like a leader and more like amateur.


 – Systems that don’t let you build your list


The proven way to make a lot of money in this industry is by list-building. If you’re not email marketing and building your list, you’re leaving money on the table.Any good system will allow you to hook up your autoresponder to their service so you can build your golden asset – your list.


Re-Cap Things to Avoid…


In a nutshell you want to stay away from marketing systems that don’t fully help you build your business. That can come in the form of not giving you enough marketing training so you can get more traffic to your web pages to not offering retail products that real people will want to buy to not being able to build your list.


Attraction Marketing Tip: If people don’t see you as an authority, you’ll have a difficult time signing people up into your programs.


How Can Marketing Systems Help You Grow Your Business?


Now that you know what things to avoid, you should know what things are really important to look for in a marketing system so that you can use it effectively to help you grow your business.



A good marketing system can help you cast a wide net so that you attract more prospects and potential customers to your business.


The system should give these prospects enough information so that they opt into your funnel to learn more about what you and the system can do for them and their business.


Inside your funnel, your prospects will be exposed to retail products and services in addition to the system and its tools and resources to help them build a better business.


When the customers buy, they are giving you a checkmark of approval. They grow to like and trust you and in turn will be more open to you and your services.


Remember, if your prospects and/or leads don’t trust or like you they won’t let you near their wallet!


When people buy the products recommended in your sytem’s funnel, you’re gonna make some money that you can then put back into your business to help it grow faster. That could be in the form of buying advertising, tools, or paying for virtual  assistants and outsourcers.


Cashflow is the name of the game when it comes to building a business…


The faster you can recoup your business expenses the faster you can put more money back into your business to grow it faster. You do want to grow your business faster – right?


Why Do So Many People Struggle in Network Marketing?


network marketing resources

One of the many reasons people struggle in their network marketing business especially is that they have more money going out than coming in.


Take into consideration your autoship costs and your costs of getting a replicated website from your company – all these expenses can eat up your money – munch!


If you’re not careful you’ll be out of hundreds of dollars every single month. With expenses like that it doesn’t take long to be in a deep financial hole.


A good marketing system will help even out the playing field and even put a nice side income into your bank account while helping you generate leads for your primary business opportunity. You do like the sound of that don’t ya?


Want Success? Don’t Market Like It’s 1999


The old school tactics do work today, but they’re not as efficient or as effective as using the Internet and other internet-based marketing tools.


The old school stuff will lead you to a seat sitting next to the 97% that fail in network marketing. Back in the day it was either sink or swim and most people sunk and that was ok – back then.



Today you expect success because there are marketing tools and systems that can help make you money a lot faster and a whole heck of a lot easier.


Look at it this way…


A good marketing system will help you profit from the 90% of the people who say ‘No’ to your primary business opportunity.


I don’t care if your company told you that everyone will join you (and other such nonsense), the reality is that most people you present it to will not partake in your offer.


And if you’re only promoting your biz opp instead of building a full cash-producing business, you’re on shaky ground and building a house of cards that will come crashing down on top of ya.


Are You Using the Failure Formula or the Success Formula?


If you keep having a hard time making money online, no matter what program or system you’re with and you feel like failure is following you around like gum stuck to your shoe…


Then I can bet that you’re following the same failure formula over and over.


Let me go deeper…


If you’re struggling, odds are:


You’re not marketing effectively


You’re using inefficient and/or outdated methods


You’re casting a small net in an untargeted area


You don’t have enough fishing poles in the right ponds (ok, no more fishing examples I promise LOL)


You’re not leveraged enough i.e. you’re trying to do everything all by yourself

You lack belief in yourself, in this industry, and/or in what you’re promoting


If you take a look at that list above, do you see why you may be having a challenging time? Do you see anything that you can improve upon?


The Success Formula That Always Works


When you have cashflow coming in consistently you can’t help but make more money to use at your disposal.


You can put the money you’re making back into your business so you can buy more advertising and even hire people to help you. You can take part of the money and pay off your bills, take a vacation or whatever (always invest at least 20% back into your business).


So, why do marketing systems work to help you build your business online?


It leverages you so that you use their system (if you’re using a pre-made system like MLSP), their training, their content to help you build a business faster rather than creating everything all by yourself.


A system helps you create two of the most important ingredients necessary for success on the web – targeted prospects and retail income.


Without any of those your business and all the effort you put into is going to sink like a pound of lead.


What system do I recommend? The longest running system that has been proven to work – is this one.


Well wishes to ya 😉