The Copywriters Guild: Is This the Million-Dollar Course? 

 June 8, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

The Copywriter’s Guild is the long awaited new course from Magnetic Sponsoring Tycoon Mike Dillard. Discover if this is course necessary for online network marketing success.


The Copywriters Guild

When network marketers made the shift from the offline to the online in droves, they forgot the one key ingredient.


Many of them suffered and struggled online just like they did offline.


Those who managed to figure it all out went on to great success.


Those who still didn’t get the key ingredient to making internet network marketing work….. floundered.


Those who believed in all the Internet network marketing hype….ie fast and easy riches without effort – well struggled as well.


Well, by now you know that the key ingredient is marketing skills.


Offline it was show you friends and family.


In the early to mid 2000s it was buy leads.


As we near the end of this decade it’s all about having the right Internet marketing finesse to build a business online.


That includes list-building, a follow-up system or marketing system and good handle on writing copy that attracts your prospects.


Which brings us to Mike Dillard’s new course, The Copywriter’s Guild.


You see, Internet marketing is multi-faceted. You need a combination of things to make it work.


If you’re not able to draw in people with your content i.e. your articles, videos, etc…. how in the world do you expect them to make it to the next step…your marketing site?


Well, they won’t.


And if you’re having a devil of a time trying to get people interested in your marketing pieces, well you now know where the trouble lay.


This course is all about learning the almighty skill of attracting people through words.




Because words sell. I should say the right words sell.


If you can learn how to get to the “sweet spot” of your prospects, you can literally write a check for your future.


If you ever wanted to learn how to get prospects actually reading your emails and reading your articles, then this is the course you may want to put at the top of your list.


It really comes down how long you want to keep on struggling doing the same things that don’t work vs. spending the money to learn the skills that will carry your business over the success threshold.


The Copywriter’s Guild is an investment you may want to consider now or in the near future.


Mike Dillard has done it again with another course to help largely forgotten network marketers. Bravo to him!


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