Social Network Marketer: Are You a Social Network Marketer? 

 May 4, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone



There are tons of ways to use social media sites for marketing purposes. But what many people don’t do early on, can cause them to waste a lot of time and frankly get ignored.

So, if you’re spending all your time trying to fuse together internet and network marketing and you can’t seem to find your “flow”, there  may be a good reason why.


You see, there are many aspects to Internet marketing – more specifically social media marketing. You could do the social network marketing aspect of it and go to sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc…


Or you could do the other side of social marketing and that would be to do search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. That would involve doing some keyword research and putting up content on high ranking sites Google favors, like Hubpages, Squidoos etc… In addition you’ll wanting to be using the “link juice” some of these sites have to bump up your own website in the search engines.


You could do a mixture of both. Some people do tend to favor one side over another – either seo or social network marketing. 


What is clear is that if you don’t know what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it, you’ll waste an extraordinary amount of time doing the wrong things. And when the results aren’t favorable to you, then frustration will start to rear its ugly head.


Ask yourself these questions:


Are you good at building relationships online? If so you may want to lean more towards social network marketing.


Are you good at getting your articles, videos and blogs ranking on the first page of Google? Then you may want to incorporate more SEO into your marketing mix.


If you’re thinking, “I’m not good at any of those!” or “How do I know if I’m good at one or the other?”


You’ll want to look at the results you’re getting.


When you approach people in social networks do they respond favorably to you or do they ignore you?


There’s a lot of people who haven’t the faintest clue about attraction marketing and turn off a great many people with their approach and comments.


Are you spending lots of time putting up content and it doesn’t seem to land anywhere near the first page of Google?


It may mean you need to hone your SEO skills.


The great news is that pretty much anything is fixable with the right training.


But getting clear as to what you’re doing and what you hope to accomplish is the first step.


Look at your marketing plan (yes, you should have a marketing plan that details what you will do daily to move your business forward) – is it defined as to how you’re going to do your marketing? Does it favor your strong marketing points? Or does it have you doing a majority of your marketing that you’re not good at yet or you’re uncomfortable with?


You have to get good at what you’re not good at yet, however, if you’re only doing things that you’re not proficient in then your business won’t grow as fast as it could have if you had had a mixture of your strong marketing skills along with the ones that need improving.


Whether you want to do social network marketing or SEO techniques or a combination thereof, you’ll need to decide what plays off your strengths better and what areas can you can improve in.


When you’re clear of your path, you’ll see that you attract more people to you. People follow those that they perceive to be leaders. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, you can better believe it’s coming through to those you encounter online.

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