Do Sizzle Cards Still Work? 

 March 28, 2021

By  Corrisa Malone

With the Internet being such a huge hit for mlm prospecting, is there any reason why anyone would want to go offline to recruit using sizzle cards? Here’s the shocking answer...

Some people call them sizzle cards, whereas other people use the phrase MLM drop cards. At the end of the day, they’re all the same thing. 

The question that’s probably on your mind is this…

Do they still work in the age of Internet recruiting?

Well the answer is kinda complicated, so I will break it down in simple terms so you be the judge. 

The Truth About Sizzle Cards in Network Marketing

Why are you even interested in using MLM drop cards?

If you’re like a lot of people in network marketing who are trying to build their business directly, you probably want a way to recruit that involves less confrontation and rejection.

Sizzle card recruiting definitely checks off both of those boxes. However, there are other issues with this particular marketing strategy. More on that later.

Offline Prospecting Still Has Value or Does It? 

As more and more people come online, it makes you wonder if "offline" prospecting has been forgotten completely.

It’s no secret that people are bombarded online by marketing messages and ads. This does make you think about your ideal prospect and if they would be more receptive to marketing messages they see offline.

A lot of people seem to think so. And I would tend to agree, however there are other factors to consider like the cost of the sizzle cards and the time it takes to distribute them.

Whether or not it has value will depend on how much you make on your initial sales of whatever it is you're promoting and how well your MLM drop cards convert.

Which brings us back to sizzle cards. If you're not familiar with sizzle cards, let me explain.

What Is a Sizzle Card?

There's too many words on this card! Keep it simple.

You take a regular business card (or one of those “dollar” drop cards) and you put a marketing pitch on it (enticing offer) after you identified a problem.

ex. Want to Make More Money? Call_______

Sick of Working For A Boss That Hates You? This is What You Can Do About It______

I've simplified it, but you get the picture.

People respond by either calling a recorded line (sizzle line) or they go to a website. The reason these are sometimes referred to as drop cards is because you "drop" them all around town.

For example, you can drop them at ATMs, convenience stores, grocery stores, department stores, inside of books and magazines, and even on the sidewalk.

Your sizzle line (or website) should do a good job of sorting your prospects so that you spend your time calling back people who are serious. 

Better yet, you send your prospects to a website that does a good job sorting and sifting through them so you’re left with people who are worth your time.

Are MLM Drop Cards Worth It?

In general they do work, however, you will have to ask yourself is it worth the time and money you invest into it.

You can specifically go out and do the route method where you map out where you want to go to drop off your cards. This will cost you time and gas, so you have to decide if this is worth it.

A better option may be to just drop off your sizzle cards as you go about your day. For example, if you go to a donut shop and see there’s a place for business cards, then you put your sizzle card there as well.

So, are drop cards worth it?

Only you can answer that question. Just because someone else had success (or no success) with using sizzle cards, it doesn't mean you will have the same results.

Here are Six Important Things to Consider When Using Sizzle Cards 

good mlm company

1. Know The Laws in Your Area - In some jurisdictions it can be considered littering when you “drop” your MLM cards around town and you can be cited.

2. Be Prepared to Spend Money - It takes a whole lot of sizzle cards in circulation...all the time to start seeing results with it. 

3. Be Careful Where You Send People - If you send people to a sizzle line (a recorded call), you're bound to get a few people who do not have access to a computer.

If the program you're promoting requires a computer (most do), you may want to think about putting a website address on the drop card.

You’ll want to test both options and see what gives you the best results.

4. You Must Track Your Results - You will never know if this is worth your time if you don't track. The words on the cards have an impact on your results...as do the color of the card and where you leave your cards. Track one variable at a time. Start with 100 drop cards and check your results.

5. Sizzle Card Route Not Necessary - If you don't want to do a regular drop card route, then you should really think about getting sizzle cards anyway to leave at every establishment you visit (that allows you to leave business cards). 

6. Get a Dedicated Phone Number/Website For Better Tracking - Don't put your main phone number on them, use a sizzle line or send your prospects to a dedicated website.

So, what are the best kind of sizzle cards? 

Different Types of Sizzle Cards 

If you read above, you know that I said you need to track your results and that your results will depend on your message, the design, and even the color of your cards.

A typical sizzle card is looks like the image posted earlier. It may or may not have pictures on it. The message should be clear.

A variation of this would be to just get business cards from Vistaprint or your local printer but get it in a bright color that stands out. Have a simple message and a call to action.

The Dollar Sizzle Cards

These have been around for a long time and people swear they work better than anything out there. You do your own testing.

Here is a video of a guy using the sizzle cards from a company called Best Money Card

Caution: There is no guarantee you're gonna make $10k using drop cards ok? It's gonna depend on what you're selling and how effective your drop cards are and how well your system converts your prospects.

Where to Buy Sizzle Drop Cards

1. Either create them yourself using regular business cards from Vistaprint or something similar. 

2. Use the dollar sizzle cards. 

Best Money Card appears to have one of the better looking "dollar" drop cards, however, I have never used them.

Print Founders also have dollar cards and offer 100 FREE dollar cards. I have never used them either. I would suggest starting with the free cards here and see how you like their quality.

The best way to buy sizzle cards is to buy a batch of 100 cards to test to see how well they convert. Keep testing in batches of 100 while changing one variable at a time.

Drop Card Strategy

You can use the route method, but you have to make sure that it’s worth your time, money, and effort.

A consistent casual strategy may be the best method overall because you’re not making a special trip to just drop off your cards.

The important thing to remember is to always track so you know whether or not sizzle card prospecting is worth your time, money, and effort.

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