Sizzle Cards: Do Sizzle Cards Still Work?

By Corrisa Malone | Get More Visitors

Mar 21

With the Internet being such a Huge hit for mlm prospecting, is there any reason why anyone would want to go offline to recruit using sizzle cards? You may be surprised.

Sizzle cards. Drop cards. They’re all the same thing. But most importantly, do they really work in this day and age?


As more and more people come online, it makes you wonder if the “offline” prospecting has been forgotten completely.


People are bombarded by marketing mesages left an right online. Are the people in the offline world are more receptive to marketing messages they see offline?


A lot of people seem to think so. And I would tend to agree. In fact there are networking companies that are using offline techniques to bring in customers and prospects into the online world.


Which brings us back to sizzle cards. If you’re not familiar with sizzle cards, let me explain.


You take a regular business card and you put a marketing pitch on it (enticing offer) after you identified a problem.


ex. Want to Make More Money? Call_______


Sick of Working For A Boss That Hates You? This is What You Can Do About It______


I’ve simplified it, but you get the picture.


People respond by either calling a recorded line (sizzle line) or they go to a website. The reason these are sometimes referred to as drop cards is because you “drop” them all around town. ATMs, convenience stores, in books, even on the sidewalk.


Your sizzle line or website should do a good job of sorting your prospects so that you spend your time calling back people who are serious.


I have used sizzle cards before and had some success with them. Which is why you really need to think it through on what message you put on your card and how you want people to respond…a website or recorded message. See below to see the reasons why.


In a nutshell they do work, however, you will have to ask yourself is it worth the time and money you invest into it.


Only you can answer that question. Just because someone else had success or (no success) with using sizzle cards, it doesn’t mean you will have the same results.


Here are some things to consider when using this marketing method:


  • In some jurisdictions it can be consider litering (when you think about it, it really is) and you can be cited
  • It takes a whole lot of cards in circulation…all the time to start seeing results with it
  • The best results with drop card marketing is having a route that you do regularly
  • If you send people to a sizzle line (a recorded call), you’re bound to get people who do not have computers or are not on the Internet. If the program you’re promoting requires a computer, you may want to think about putting a website on the drop card
  • You must track your results. You will never know if this is worth your while if you don’t track. Start with a 100 cards and check your results
  • The words on the cards have an impact on your results…as do the color of the card and where you leave your cards. Track one variable at a time
  • If you don’t want to do a regular drop card route, then you should really think about getting sizzle cards anyway to leave at every establishment you visit (that allows you to leave business cards). Don’t put your main number on them, use a sizzle line or a website to sort the callers

So, what are the best kind of sizzle cards? If you read above, you know that I said you need to track your results.


However, these kind of sizzle cards, which are recommended by a top network marketing heavy-htitter, do very well.


As you can see, you’ll know why.


See these sizzle cards.


Consistency is the key in whatever you do.