Safelists and Traffic Exchanges: The Tools You Need

By Corrisa | Get More Visitors

Aug 09

If you’re looking to use traffic exchanges and safelists for traffic, then there are certain tools you need to have in order to make it work successfully for you. Read on...

Are you looking to improve your results with traffic exchanges and safelist mailers? Or are you just trying to learn as much as you can about them before trying this kind of traffic?

If you fall into either one of those categories you’re in the right place.

Let me just say this...

Traffic exchanges and safelists do work. I personally have gotten sign-ups and sales from this kind of traffic - and so have other people. But for the vast majority of people, this is not the case - and herein lies the problem.

Safelists and traffic exchanges have been around for well over a decade, yet people still have a hard time understanding them and even a harder time learning how to use them effectively.

Here’s the big issue...

There is very little information online on how to make these particular traffic techniques work. 

What I’ve done is created an on-going training course based upon my experience, the little information I’ve found online, and most importantly, talking to the owners themselves of safelists and traffic exchanges.

If you’ve been trying for a long time to get this kind of traffic to work for you and you’re at the point of frustration, I completely understand.

The point is this…

There are certain ways you have to approach this kind of traffic and there are certain tools you absolutely must have in place.

NOTE: If you have not read part one of this series, you’ll want to start there so you’re up to speed. =>Click Here to go to part I

If you’re not willing to get the tools and training you need, you’re just setting yourself up for massive failure.

And it really comes down to (2) things...

Training and Tools

Let’s get the training part out the way, shall we?...

Safelist and Traffic Exchange Training 

As I alluded to before, there is a lack of strong information on how to be successful with these traffic methods. This is how this on-going training course came about. Let me go deeper…

Traffic Exchanges

If you’re going to do traffic exchange marketing, there is one short and to the point report you must read.

It explains why safelist owners do the things that they do - and why it’s not always in your best interest to follow along. 

This eye-opening report will be delivered to subscribers on Day 3 of this training. If you’re not subscribed to this on-going course, you can do it here on Day 1.


There is only one ebook that is considered the “gold’ standard for safelist training and it’s called Safelist Marketing Tactics. The information is solid in this ebook. It’s a must have if you plan on using safelists in your marketing.

Safelist and Traffic Exchange Tools 

The tools necessary for success with these traffic methods don’t get talked about enough. It’s literally the difference between success and failure. Let’s start with the most important tool of all...tracking tools.

Tracking - Just like with any other kind of marketing, you have to track to see what websites or traffic methods are giving you the best results.

You cannot just look at clicks - you have to consider the number of opt-ins and sales. Remember, this is incentivized traffic - people are clicking for credits.

I recommend Clixtrac for your tracking needs. Not all tracking programs allow safelist and traffic exchange traffic.

Organizational Tools - You’re not gonna have much success with just one traffic site - you’ll need many. With managing so many websites, comes confusion and unorganization.

If you’re not organized, you will soon feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of sites you have to keep up with. A spreadsheet helps and if you’re not sure how to create one, well a notepad and pen can work just as well.

In addition, there are various programs you can join that will help you organize your traffic exchanges and safelists. 

For traffic exchanges, you’ll want to check out TE Command Post. It not only helps keep track of your credits, but it also lets you know which sites owe you commissions.

For safelists, you’ll want to check out Traffic Zipper. It allows you to manage your mailings through their system.

Managing Logins and Passwords

When you’re manually logging into a lot of sites, it can be cumbersome to create and remember all of your passwords. This is where a program called Last Pass comes in quite handy. You can join for free This is a must-have program.

Squeeze Page or Splash Page Builder - If you’ve read the previous training, you know that your number one priority is building your list. In order to do that you’ll need a splash page or a squeeze page.

There are many builders online you can choose from. One program that has several tools built into one, including a splash page maker (at the upgraded level) is Build-A-Biz-Online. 

Banner Creator - A lot of sites allow you to upload your banner for your program(s). Although banners are typically not a major source of traffic, it is still an opportunity to get more eyeballs on your websites.

If you don’t want to use the banner given to you with the program you’re promoting (and there are reasons why you wouldn’t), you can create your own using or with Instant Banner Creator, or simply just get a Build-A-Biz-Online.  membership, that also includes a banner creator.

Computer - You’re going to need a computer or laptop. If you're doing traffic exchanges you'll be surfing using a multi-tab browser - and you have to be quick. The same goes for safelists. If you're clicking for credits you have to be quick. Speed can work for you or against you.

Just a Recap…

The biggest reasons why people are not successful with traffic exchanges and safelists is that they don’t know...what they don’t know.

In other words, the lack of real actionable information on the Internet has left a lot of people in the dark not knowing what to do.

So basically, It comes down to lack of training and not having the right tools to get the job done.

If you just take the info in this on-going course and apply it,  I can almost guarantee that you will start to see better results.

This is an on-going course on how to use traffic exchanges and safelists. Make sure you subscribe below to "Underground Traffic Tactics" so you don’t miss a valuable resource, tip, or bonuses.