Renegade University: What is Renegade University? 

 April 13, 2009

By  Corrisa Malone

With the influx of marketing systems flooding the ‘net, it’s no wonder people are confused as to which one to use. Renegade University does some things that most if not all don’t do- and that’s teach.


Renegade University has only been awhile a short time, but it’s step-by-step training system is making waves on the Internet and creating success for those who never had success before. So what exactly is Renegade University?

Here are some answers to people’s most asked questions about Renegade…

1. Who Started Renegade University? Renegade University was started by Mike Klingler and his company Marketing Merge.

2. When Did It Start? Mike Klingler started Renegade University a few months after Ann Sieg’s Renegade Network Marketer came out.

3. Are Renegade Network Marketer and Renegade University Related? No and Yes. Mike Klingler started Renegade University when his team couldn’t figure out how to implement the strategies taught in Ann Sieg’s course. He saw that when he showed them step-by-step what to do and where to do it, they began to have success.

In March of ’09, Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler publicly announced they were forming together and would be re-launching Renegade Professional – the paid membership side of Renegade University.

Ann originally got “wind” of Renegade University after noticing that a lot of people were having success with her system due to them going throug Mike’s Renegade training.

4. What does it cost? Renegade University is free to join. You also can become an affiliate and leverage the training to get prospects coming to you. The basic level set you up to learn the basics of attraction marketing. You’ll also learn about video marketing and blogging. Unlike a lot of “free training” out there on the net, you will absolutely learn something you can actually use to help you build your business.

5. So, What is Renegade Professional then? Renegade Professional is the next step after Renegade University. You’ll learn more advanced marketing techniques such as bookmarking, StumbleUpon, How to write to attract prospects, and much, much more!

6. How Do I Sign Up? You can obviously go through my personal link(Renegade Training), where I break down the basic membership step-by-step for you and guide you through it. You’ll have the ability to get the 7 Great Lies ebook along the way. Once you click your confirmation link in your email, you’ll be taken straight to the site where you can claim your system for free.

Any more questions? Leave them here!

  • Hey Corissa! You visited my Hub and paid me a very nice compliment and I thought I would swing by and become a fan! Wow! What a site! Well done! I’m am so impressed, really. How long have you been with RU? You have it all figured out and layed it out in such a way that even the newest member could make heads or tails of it!

    Is this another Hub? How did I end up here after clicking on your name? How did you do that 🙂

    Clearly, I have much to learn 🙂

    Blessings and thanks,

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