Renegade University Takes A Breather… 

 November 23, 2013

By  Corrisa Malone

If you’re still looking for Renegade University, you may be out of luck of what you may find. It’s gone as we know it, however you do have another choice…


renegade university

Renegade University was the premiere training ground for Internet network marketers and pretty much for anyone else who wanted to learn how to generate leads for their business using social media.


Here’s a flash back to the ‘glory’ days…



The unfortunate thing is that Renegade University, although the training still exists, is no longer being updated.


But here’s the nagging question…


Should You Still Look Into Joining Renegade University?

renegade university

This program still has the best step-by-step approach to learning how to do social media marketing. But as we all know, all these social sites change from time to time and you have to stay current as to what’s going on or you become irrelevant.


What I will say is that there is very good training on attraction marketing at the basic level. After you log in (after you sign up), it’s the first training you come to.


I highly suggest you take that training on attraction marketing especially if you do a lot of social networking on sites like Facebook, Google Plus, etc…


What’s the Best Training Now?


The best training is a site that came out a little bit after Renegade University. It’s been growing stronger ever since. I’ve had very good success with it and have recommended to lots of people also with good success. That program is My Lead System Pro.


Not only do have marketing training, but you also have a marketing system you can use that will help you build your list – your biggest money-making asset.


It’s a shame that Renegade University has ended up the way it has, but the great news is that you have a complete system that lets you build your list, which you could never do with RU.


Your partner in success,


Corrisa 🙂



Renegade University sign up
Renegade University login

  • Hi Steven,Your post ROCKS my friend! Indeed, once you certae a list and keep delivering good content(tutorials,marketing training,webinars,personal development tips). it’s easy to introduce affiliate products as a solution for different mlm business problems:keyword research tools,syndication and many more. That’s the beauty of building a list.You have multiple sources of income,not only your MLM.When the relationship is strong enough we can present our opportunities! Thanks for these tips,RaduRadu recently posted..

  • Great post Steven! Our purpose as matekrers is to provide solutions to problems to our MLM leads. They are more than just leads, they are people who go through trials and tribulations just like us. If we can find a way to connect with them by solving their problems, they already have our respect.It’s easier to promote a product to someone who respects you for solving their problem that’s the key to building a brand with MLM leads!Rasheed Bustamam recently posted..

    • I’m not Steven…not sure why I’m getting tons of posts with that name…SPAM??

      Anyhow, you are a solutions provider. People who are looking for a business what a solution to their money problems and/or time freedom. You have to dig a little deeper with your prospects to find the more specific reasons. People don’t want a business just to have a business – they want something solved.

      Thanks for stopping by Alain – or…..

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