Renegade Breakthrough – The Inside Scoop 

 October 14, 2009

By  Corrisa Malone

Renegade University is no doubt changing…it’s changing a lot. It may a little confusing to people what all the different programs going on. I’ll be breaking down each one as to what it is and what exactly can it do to help you as a marketer.

Renegade Breakthrough

Renegade Breakthrough is for any marketer who wants to learn some intermediate/advanced Internet marketing strategies for lead generation.

This is a very hefty course and if you’re still a Renegade University student that hasn’t graduated to the professional level yet, then this course may be a little much for you.

It’s for the serious action takers who want to go to the next step in their business…and that next step is a mighty big one. Like I said it’s not for everyone. I dare to say it’s not for most people.

Here are just a few of the topics Renegade Breakthrough covers:

–Networking, Alliances, Partnering and JV’s

–You and Your Business Model: Viability & Long-Term Growth

–Outsourcing & Building an All-Star Marketing Team

–Market Research: Finding and Creating a Hungry Mob

–Creating Content: Building Your Own Fort Knox

Copywriting: Words That Sell

–The First Phase of Your Marketing System: Leading With Value

–The Second Phase of Your Marketing System: Closing The Sale

–The Backend: Upsell Profits = Long Term Profits

–Marketing To Your Lists: Getting Multiple Product Lines

–Traffic Generation: Stuffing Your Marketing Funnel

–Monetization: Turning Losses Into Sources of Profits

and that’s just a sample.

If you ever imagined yourself being very confident of your marketing skills and creating endless leads with ease…and teaching other business owners to do the same then this step is a good step in the right direction.

Not a student yet? What are you waiting for? Learn more here: Renegade University

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