Primerica Recruiting Techniques – What’s Best? 

 April 22, 2015

By  Corrisa

If you’re on the prowl for Primerica recruiting techniques to build your business, then there are some things that you ought to know to help you become more successful. This is what they don’t tell you…




If you’re not familiar with Primerica, you’ll want to watch this video:


My History With Primerica


I know you’re probably guarded as you read another Primerica article. I’m sure you’ve run into a lot of people who are down on Primerica for one reason or another and now you’re may have some doubt about this program.


Let me say that Primerica is the only network marketing company that I know of that sells real financial products/services.


Yes, there have been network marketing companies that have sprung up that sell ebooks and workbooks on financial education but without the vehicles to get you there, it’s all head knowledge that most people don’t even act upon.


Primerica gets the results that these ebooks talks about. This is one of the reasons why I really like this company. Not to mention that my brother was a part of A.L. Williams many, many, moons ago.


Top Income Earner – From High Risk Job to High Rewards


Several years ago I was introduced to one of the top income earners in this opportunity (I forgot her name, but she used to be a correctional officer out here in California – what a change huh?!) and she was very enthusiastic about how Primerica changed her life for the better.


The Big Decision


All in all, Primerica can offer a fine financial opportunity for anyone who’s serious about making a substantial income. However, the biggest problem that plagues Primerica reps are the some ones that plague most people in the network marketing industry.


Let me go further….


If you’re a Primerica representative or just an ordinary person looking at Primerica as a way to earn money in your own business, you’ve probably come to this same crossroad.


You see, you may like the Primerica opportunity but you’re not sure how you’re gonna generate leads. And so now you’re stuck on whether or not you should move forward or even continue on with this company.


You’re Not Alone


Here are some Primerica reps and ex reps talking about the one frustration they’ve had….


Financial Advisor (Current Employee), Atlanta, GA – March 20, 2015
….You have no boss which is great but it can be a bit challenging. You have to build your own clientele base from scratch with no given leads.


Representative (Current Employee), North Miami, FL – February 13, 2015
Every one is friendly and welcoming. Very busy work place. The supervisors are very helpful along the way. The hardest part of the job is getting new people in your group.


Sales Associate (Former Employee), avondale, az – January 5, 2015
You will never make real money or advance anywhere unless you are good at talking to strangers. This is a sales job but a very hard one.


Financial Advisor (Current Employee), Boston, MA – December 12, 2014
Pros: controlling your time and income                         Cons: searching for leads
I assisted customers with life insurance and debt. Marketing to find leads. developed to business owners. The hardest part was finding leads. but the best part was controlling your time.

Courtesy of Indeed.com


Most People Love Primerica, But....


Primerica-recruiting-techniques3As you can see, the biggest challenge with Primerica is getting enough leads.


If you want a successful Primerica career then lead generation has to be a top priority or else you’ve just wasted your time and money getting all those darn licenses.


Primerica Recruiting Techniques – What They Don’t Tell You

Primerica for the most part is built locally because you do work out of a physical office in addition to the time you spend working from home.


With this opportunity, you’re doing face-to-face appointments, meeting clients in the Primerica office, going out to people’s homes, doing presentations in front of groups of people etc….


Because of nature of the products Primerica sells, it has to be done this way, however, there are ways to get more more people attracted to you and get more leads.


The more leads you have to work with, the more money you’re gonna make as long as you and your upline leaders are good at converting them.


Warm Market Burn Out


Unless you have a huge warm market or you’re good at getting referrals consistently, you’re gonna run out of people to talk to eventually.

 Primerica Recruiting Techniques

There are only two ways to build a network marketing business – talking to people you know or talking to people you don’t know. In other words, warm market and cold market.


Primerica gives you the “script” for getting into your warm market but after you’ve exhausted that, what do you do?


As you can tell from the comments I posted about from Primerica reps and ex-reps, they struggle in their cold market….and even sometimes in their warm market.


Some reps give up, which is too bad because when you quit you’re giving up all that time you invested in your Primerica career. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.


For a smaller number of Primerica reps they have perfected their Primerica recruiting techniques. This is where you want to be.


The Internet is the Key to Lead Generation – But It’s Not Enough


Do you think it would be a lot easier building your Primerica business if you could easily find local prospects online? Can you imagine such a thing?


The next question on your mind is probably…




How Not to Look Like a Boob


I see a lot of people go to social media sites like Facebook and befriend a bunch of people and then try to pitch these complete strangers their opportunity.


Primerica Recruiting Techniques

Hopefully you’re not employing these Primerica recruiting techniques.


You see, this is where a lot of people fail because they come at people the wrong way.


Let me explain…


Until you’ve built a relationship with people or at the very least shown that you actually care about people’s needs, you’re just another person trying to get into their wallet. I see this all the time.


You’ve got show people the benefits of what you’re promoting. What makes you different than the rest? How do you stand apart? Until you show how you’re different then you’re just another one of them.


We all make boo-boos when we’re trying to communicate online, that’s gonna happen, but if you have too many disconnections than connections with potential prospects, you’re gonna struggle to get leads.


In other words, you’re either attracting people towards you or your pulling people away from you through your actions on these social media sites.


Primerica recruiting techniques are about making a real connections with people, but there’s more, a lot more.


Read on…


Are You Marketing Like It’s 1999?



With so many companies going under and/or changing the business model completely, it’s almost fool-hardy to rely on one income stream in this day and age.


I know of people who were making $40k+ per month only to have it completely wiped out without warning. Do you think if your income completely disappeared tomorrow you could survive for a month, three months, six months?


If your Primerica recruiting techniques don’t take into account multiple streams of income you’re already making your business obsolete.


You’re a business person first and foremost and Primerica is just one of your vehicles. If Primerica disappeared tomorrow and if you hadn’t created other income streams, you’d be, for lack of a better word, screwed.


So yes, there’s more to Primerica recruiting techniques than just tapping into your market and befriending everyone on Facebook.

The Primerica Recruiting Techniques You Want to Add For Optimum Success


In a nutshell, here are some things to consider when you’re looking to recruit for your Primerica business….


Build Locally Online – Use social media to find people in your area who are looking for ways to make money.



Because there are some people who are not Interested in a financial business opportunity, you are going to get a lot of no’s….and that’s ok as long as you’re employing the techniques that I’m laying out here for you.


Read on…


You’ll want to stay in contact with these people that tell you ‘no” and offer them business training. In fact, some people will even take your home business training even though they’re not sure of the business they want to join.


Here’s the gist of it…


If you’re not capitalizing on the “no’s” you’re losing ground…and money.


Build a Relationship and Show You Care – When on social media websites don’t become part of the noise. Noise gets ignored and labeled a nuisance. Learn how to be helpful and show that you care about helping people get what they want.


They old Zig Ziglar quote rings true… Primerica Recruiting Techniques


Use email marketing to help you build a relationship with people.


Your list is your golden asset. If you have no list, you’re already behind in the times.


Multiple Income Streams – If you’re just reliant on your income from Primerica, you’re building a house of cards.


Although a fine opportunity, you are only still a rep. You’re not a full business person until you’re able to offer products and services that your prospects are interested in.


That includes business and marketing education, leadership skills, personal development training.


These are the things people in the home business industry are buying.


If you’re not selling what people are already buying (and most people you present the Primerica business opportunity to will say “no”), you’re gonna struggle.


Let’s be real here…


I’ve done outside sales before and I know that Primerica is not the easiest business opportunity to do.


You have to drive around to meet potential clients, you have to give presentations to groups of people, you have to work out of an office when you’re working with clients, and you have to have your licenses. There’s a lot to do and there is a lot of running around. Why not make it easier on yourself to make money?


Automation and Tools Decrease Frustration and Increase Profitability


There’s a lot to having a business of any kind, I get that. Having been an entrepreneur for a bit I can tell you that anything that makes it easier to make money and connect with targeted prospects is a godsend.


One thing that makes your business run smoother is having all your tools in one place – your lead capture pages, CRM tool, business and marketing training, advertising tracking etc…


When you don’t have to go to several different places to get the tools you need to build your Primerica business, you’re gonna save a lot of time and money. Not to mention, you’ll be able to focus more on your Primerica recruiting techniques so you can build a more successful business.


 Primerica Recruiting Techniques

For these reasons, I recommend this program called My Lead System Pro (MLSP).


It’s the only system that I’ve been with that’s has produced results for myself and the people I’ve brought into it who have stuck it out.


You’ve got to have tenacity and determination in order to succeed with Primerica.


Those same success traits have to be applied to MLSP as well. The best cutting-edge lead generation techniques are not gonna help you one bit if you don’t apply yourself.


When you see how you can use MLSP to not only learn how to generate leads locally (there are lots of training on lead gen in the back office), but you’ll also be able to build a global business from the comfort of your home.


In other words, you’re capitalizing on the the majority of people you present the Primerica opportunity to – the ones that tell you “no.” The best part is that you don’t need much more effort to make money on the “no’s” because of automation.


This is going to be an eye-opener for you because you’re gonna be amazed at how much money you’ve been leaving on the table for other marketers to get.


You have two choices – you can do the Primerica recruiting techniques that’ll make you obsolete if anything ever happened to Primerica or you can build a cash-producing business that includes Primerica and those that tell you “no.”. Which makes more sense to you?


If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired with your current Primerica recruiting techniques that aren’t working for you, now is the time to do something different.


Click here learn more about MLSP



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