Power Lead System Review: Is This System Worth Considering? (Updated) 

 October 13, 2013

By  Corrisa

This is the Power Lead System review you’ll want to read before you ever decide to pull out your wallet and join.

Power Lead System Review

Buyer’s remorse is a terrible thing. On the flipside, a good system can be a BIG game-changer in your business.

With that said, let me share with you what I know about this system and how it may be able to help you generate more leads and make more money in your business.

Not Another Power Lead System Review

When you’ve run across any number of these Power Lead System reviews on the Internet you may be a bit confused as to whose review you should trust.

I don’t blame you for being skeptical about the real motive of these Power Lead System reviewers, as such I am one – but I strive to be different.

I want to give you valuable information so you can make an informed decision about the products I review and in this case, the Power Lead System.

Now, before I go any further, let me tell you that the Power Lead System (or PLS for short) you see today, is NOT the same system as it was years ago - a LOT has changed.

In fact, when I originally wrote this review, it was not very favorable to PLS at all. So, if you’ve looked at this system before in the past, I think you’ll be quite surprised as to how far it’s come.

With that said, there are some important things you need to know...

Power Lead System Reviews by OVER Zealous Affiliates Can Be Deceiving 

The power lead system

Not to be mean…

But a lot of reviews of Power Lead System are written by people who are brand spankin’ new to affiliate marketing and/or network marketing - and really have no basis or experience to make a sensible comparison of anything to PLS (or any system or product for that matter).

In other words, they don’t know what a good system should consist of - alls they know is that they’re an affiliate for some competing (or even non-competing) product and they want you to buy what they’re selling - even if they have to lie to you to do it.

Wealthy Affiliates

Then you have those fake reviews written by those desperate affiliates of WA who will purposely lie and deceive people into believing that the only  “business” that works is a subscription to Wealthy Affiliate. 


When you run into any of these kinds of reviews, know that you’re not gonna get enough “substance” or truth to help you make an informed decision.

And you would have wasted your time and your money on something that may not be the best fit for what you’re trying to do.

This isn't to say that ALL Wealthy Affiliates engage in this kind of conduct, because there are many that don't (I don't). However, there are enough "bad" ones that do and they taint the whole WA organization. I just wanted to put that out there.

How My Experience Can Help You 

I’ve used marketing systems for many years and I’ve seen more than my share of failure marketing systems and only a handful of good ones.

There’s only been a couple of them that have survived long-term. This is why it is important that you really read what I have to say before you pluck down your hard-earned cash on any system…

Read on...

Relationships, List-Building, Conversions, Leads. and Sales 

If you want to fail massively online, then don’t pay attention to those five things above.

However, if you want any measure of success on the ‘net then you have to remember those important five ingredients.

When it comes down to network marketing, those five ingredients are crucial. In fact, you want a marketing system that addresses these five ingredients - or else you’re just wasting your time.

If you don’t choose a good system, you’re better off not using one at all. Bad systems (there’s a ton of them out there), are just a HUGE time waster and distraction from you building your primary business.

Pay Attention to the Compensation Plan

Note: The results depicted here are not a guarantee that you will make the kind of money depicted here. Your results depend on many variables including your experience and the efforts you put towards your business.

The Comp Plan

The sweetest icing on the cake is when a system offers a nice compensation plan – and Power Lead System does. This is where PLS shines above all the systems out there.

But get this...

The faster you can recoup your business expenses (think autoship expenses), the more money you can put back into your business and the faster you can grow your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dentist, a real estate agent, or a network marketer - it’s all the same.

If you’re racking up expenses faster than the income coming in, you’ll soon be underwater.

The biggest complaint about MLM, is that people spend a LOT of money in their business, in some cases thousands and thousands of dollars, with very little income to show for it.

Why is this?

Read 7 Lies of Network Marketing.

I suggest that you re-read this section again, because the things I wrote here are not only important when choosing a system, but are important when doing network marketing.

Power Lead System vs the Rest

PLS Review

I was a long-time user of My Lead System Pro. It’s a hefty system and the BIGGEST thing that was missing from it was a done-for-you marketing funnel.

Yes, you can create your own products and find affiliate products to put into your funnel, but if you’re paying $50+ every month, it should at the very least come with a working marketing funnel.

Most people who are trying to build a business online (at least at the beginning stages), either don’t know how to create a funnel, don’t know what a funnel is, and/or don’t have their own products.

You yourself, may fall into one of those categories.

For me personally, I didn’t want my “flagship” marketing system to only appeal to the upper echelons of marketers - the 3%.

I wanted a simple to use system with a lucrative compensation plan and converting sales funnel that helps the majority of people trying to build a network marketing business online. This is why I switched from My Lead System Pro to Power Lead System.

Most systems you see online, the very few that are left, don’t have marketing funnels, don’t have any marketing training, and/or don’t have such a robust compensation plan so much so that you don’t even need a primary business.

Is This the Right System For You? 


When it comes to network marketing, you have two ways to recruit into your business - directly and indirectly.

Most network marketers start off trying to sponsor people directly into their business only to find out that not only is it an uphill battle, but they can’t make money fast enough to keep up with their business expenses (i.e. autoship) costs.

Keep in mind that in your network marketing business you will have to account for attrition - people leaving your organization. So it breaks down like this:

  • You have to recruit more people than are leaving your organization
  • You have to create enough consistent cash-flow to cover your autoship expenses or you’ll go broke trying to build your business
  • You have to get really good at sponsoring directly into your business

As you can see there are a lot of components you MUST have in place in order to have any success in MLM. Those reasons above are some of the reasons for the high failure rate in the industry.

Criteria You Want in a System

Like I stated before, if you’re not gonna get a good solid system, then don’t bother with one at all.

So, when looking at a system, you want a system that does the following things:

  1. Ability to Add Your Autoresponder - List-building and the ability to follow up are critical to success in any business. PLS supports both GetResponse and Aweber autoresponder services. 
  2. Built-in Autoresponder - The goal is to build your own list, however, there must be an option for those people who either don’t know how or aren’t interested in building their list - yet.

    Power Lead System not only has a built-in autoresponder system, but also has a customer relationship management system (CRM) as well. You can see your leads and their contact information and send them email from your back office.

    By staying in contact with your list and providing valuable content, you are building a relationship with those on your list or in your contact management system.
  3. Multiple Lead Capture Pages - Just one landing page is not enough. Like most affiliate programs, people do get tired of seeing the same page be promoted all the time, so much that they get “blind” to it and don’t really notice it anymore.

    This is especially true in traffic exchanges and safelists when a lot of people promote the same landing page.

    Power Lead System has several landing pages and a landing page builder so you can create your own page from scratch.
  4. Marketing Funnel - For the beginner marketer or any marketer who is new to building a business online, it helps to have a built-in marketing funnel with REAL products and services network marketers actually can use.

    PLS has a built-in marketing funnel with multiple products that are REAL. Can I emphasize the word real any more?

    Most importantly, the funnel converts.
  5. Lucrative Compensation Plan - This gives you the ability to make a great income without recruiting a lot of people into your primary business.

    PLS, again has a very good compensation plan that pays out every week. Yes, you read that right - weekly.

So, now that I've bombarded you with a lot of info, the question remains...is Power Lead System the right system for you?

PLS Review

All the components you need in a good system are included. There is weekly training on how to use the system that you can easily access at any time - even before you buy the system.

There is also weekly Internet marketing training available on Thursdays - and you don’t even have to opt-in to get access to it.

I wish I could do a fair comparison to another system, but there is nothing to compare PLS to. 

The next comparable system seriously lacks the important criteria you need in a successful marketing system.

Let me wrap this up like this...

If you’re a network marketer who is trying to build a business and you’re not getting results i.e. you’re not generating enough money or leads and can’t build your authority online, do yourself a service and check out PLS.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Power Lead System. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

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