Power Lead System Review: Is This System Worth Considering?

By Corrisa | Internet Marketing Tools

Oct 13

This is the Power Lead System review you’ll want to read before you ever decide to pull out your wallet and join. Buyer’s remorse is a terrible thing, let me share with you what I know about this system and how (and if) it can help you generate more leads and make more money in your business…


power lead system review

When you’ve run across any number of these Power Lead System reviews on the Internet you may be a bit confused as to whose review you should trust.


I don’t blame you for being skeptical about the real motive of these Power Lead System reviewers, as such I am one – but I strive to be different.


I want to give you valuable information so you can make an informed decision about the products I review and in this case the Power Lead System.


Now, before I go any further, I HIGHLY suggest you watch the following videos below so you have a better understanding of Power Lead System:



A Bad Power Lead System Review By Over Zealous Affiliates Can Rob You


power lead system review

If you see any Power Lead System review on the Internet, most likely it’s written by someone who’s either new to marketing systems, the network marketing industry, and/or new to Internet marketing.


If you see a Power Lead System review written by someone who’s all three of those and then you got a review that is not likely to give you all the important facts you need to  know about marketing on the Internet and using a system like Power Lead System.


Not only will you have false expectations on what Power Lead System can do for you, but you would have wasted your time and your money on something that may not be the best fit for what you’re trying to do.


I’ve used marketing systems for many years and I’ve seen more than my share of failure marketing systems and only a handful (more like a couple) survive long-term. This is why it is important that you really read what I have to say before you pluck down your hard-earned cash on this system…


Leads, Relationship-Building, List-Building, Conversions, and Sales


If you want to fail massively online, then don’t pay attention to those five things above.


However, if you want any measure of success on the ‘net then you have to remember those important five ingredients. When it comes to marketing systems, you want a system that addresses these five ingredients.


The icing on the cake is when a system gives you traffic generation training to help you be more effective at generating leads for your system and/or primary program.


The sweetest icing on the cake is when a system offers a nice compensation plan – and Power Lead System does. This is where Power Lead System (PLS) shines the most outside of the system itself.


However, there are some fatal flaws in this system that you should really know about. I’ll discuss that later…


But get this…


[stextbox id=”alert”]The faster you can recoup your business expenses the more money you can put back into your business and the more money you can make.[/stextbox]


If you remember that, you’ll always make more money than what you’re spending for  your business – no matter if you’re a dentist, a real estate agent, or a network marketer.


I Was Skeptical At First, But Then I Saw This


power lead system review

Now, this Power Lead System review is written by a gal who uses My Lead System Pro have done so for a few years successfully.


My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is a good system, but it’s a hefty system. MLSP is the Cadillac of marketing systems and PLS is the up and coming Kia that’s trying to vie for the top spot. No disrespect to Kia – it’s come a long, long way and is surpassing a lot of people’s expectations just like PLS is hoping to do.


What makes PLS stand out for me is that the compensation plan is generous and looks good on “paper”, but you have to keep your expectations realistic based upon how aggressively you market the system.


If you’re in network marketing, make sure you’ve created an online mlm marketing plan so you know exactly what actions you have to take daily to see results in your business.




I need another system like I need another arm, but I was compelled to look at Power Lead System because the creator of this system is Priceless Possibilities, in which I have had mostly positive dealings with in the past.


Priceless Possibilities have been building pretty good systems for over a decade so they know what they’re doing in that retrospect. So, if you were on the fence because you weren’t sure who’s backing this system, then you have relief that there is solid experience and workmanship behind this system.


Which bring us to the #1 thing that’s probably on your mind that I don’t see addressed to often and that’s…


Power Lead System Cost


By this point you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop because you think that a system such as this is going to be out of your price range. – and it will be for some people.


power lead system review

Let me explain something that will pay you in dividends for years to come…


You must be willing to invest in your education, tools, and other resources if you ever hope to build a successful business –  online or offline. If you come from a place of where you don’t want to spend money on yourself and in your business you will struggle.


In fact, if you’re struggling right now, I can almost tell you with certainty (and no I don’t have a crystal ball), is that you’re afraid – afraid of failure, afraid of success, and afraid to spend money in your business because you’re afraid it may not pay off.


If you’re willing to commit to your business and take consistent educated actions you will see results.


If you’re not willing to do that then the cost is no consequence to you because you’re not willing to go the extra mile for yourself and this system nor any other will do anything for you.


Here’s the breakdown…


You can try out the system for free for 7 days.  After 7 days you’re billed $30.00 a month for use of the system. If you want the right to be able to be an affiliate and recoup your expenses you’ll need to become an affiliate and that’s an additional $23.97.


So, you’re looking at $54.00 bucks a month. It looks quite large when reading it, but remember the compensation plan. It can help you recover the cost and make some money…theoretically.


Let me explain…


Power Lead System Compensation Plan


If you remember from the videos you watched above, you’re able to generate income via not only those you sponsor but from the pass up sales from those below you.


If you’re consistently marketing this program and you’re able to follow the training there’s no reason why you couldn’t recoup your expenses rather quickly…as long as you know how to market this system effectively.


Even though 100% commissions are paid out, you gotta understand that if you don’t market the PLS, you don’t make sales; and if you don’t make sales, you won’t make a single dime.


Will this system give you the necessary tools to help you generate enough money to cover the PLS expenses and then some? Read on…


Power Lead System Tools


So, what’s included?


There’s a lot of tools in PLS. You get marketing funnels (pre-written email messages), lead capture pages, hangout pages, video postcards, an autoresponder for email marketing and most importantly the ability to hook up your Aweber to this system so you’re building your own list outside of this system.


You get all that above, but is it enough?


Can Power Lead System Really Help Me Generate More Leads and Make More Money?


power lead system

Truth or False?

Yes, and this is coming from another marketing system user. As I stated before I’m an MLSP user and even I was impressed with what Power Lead System has got to offer.


Given the nature of the marketing system and the compensation plan you have a lot of potential to not only generate targeted traffic but make a nice side income in addition to your other primary business.


Now, although this Power Lead System review has been overwhelmingly positive, I’m not 100% on-board with system and I’ll tell you why…


The Biggest Downsides to Power Lead System


power lead system review

The biggest draw to this system is no doubt the compensation plan. However, you don’t buy into a system just to line your pockets.


You want a system that has training in place to make you a  better leader and marketer and PLS lacks  in both of those departments. Without any  of those key ingredients Power Lead System doesn’t have the value it needs to be considered a major player in the arena – yet.


Granted some people who use this system may not need nor want the marketing training, however the number of people who fall into that category is small as compared to the number of people who would benefit greatly by having such training as part of a system.


Another downer is that there aren’t any promotional webinars or trainings you can use to attract people to you. Sure there are the webinars that talk about how great this system is and how many hits the PLS website is getting, etc…


The way to get people interested in you and in turn what you have to offer is to teach people something and PLS sorely lacks promo material to help it’s affiliates in that regard. After all you are paying $24 bucks a month to be an affiliate, there should at least be some tools and webinars to help get more people interested in the Power Lead System.


There’s just not enough stuff there to promote PLS well with. There’s no promotional content, there’s no real marketing training outside of YouTube training, and there’s  no leadership training to help develop you into someone people will want to do business with.


That doesn’t mean there will never be any of those things with Power Lead System, it’s just as of right now there’s nothing of substance that would make it worth $54.00 bucks a month.


Without any real value, you’re just another Power Lead System user with an affiliate link. You’ll have to make up for what PLS lacks.


Should You Try It?


You can try the free for 7 days trial or just get the free system. To get the 7 day trial, all you have to do is just sign up to be a user and an affiliate. If you don’t like it just cancel within that time frame.


If you want to free system just sign up without paying for the system or to become an affiliate.


I hope you have found this Power Lead System review helpful.


Your partner in success,


Corrisa 🙂


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