OxyFresh Disses Distributors – What Can Be Learned From This? 

 May 4, 2014

By  Corrisa

If you’re an ex OxyFresh distributor that still comping with the news from corporate, you may want to read this to help you plan your next important move.


oxyfresh distributors


OxyFresh recently announced that after 30 years, they’re getting rid of the network marketing portion of their business. You can read the story here


If you’re not familiar with the story of what happened to OxyFresh, you’ll want to check out this video by veteran marketer Troy Dooly:





The head of the company, Richard Brooke, puts a lot of blame on himself for the decisions that he made on behalf of the company. He also places oddly enough puts blame on the OxyFresh distributors themeselves. Which is kinda strange because it’s not the distributors role to grow the company – it’s the job of the owners to do that and create an atmosphere for its distributors to help in that endeavor.


Anyway, what’s done is done and if you’re an OxyFresh distributor, all you have left to do is pick up the pieces and hope that the company will continue to pay out the commissions that its distributors have on the books – but you may not want to hold your breath on that one.


It’s one thing to be let go from a company through no fault of your own; it’s another thing to have your income that you’ve created taken away too!


The Lesson to Be Learned



I don’t want to come off as I told you so, but so many of us in this industry have made it known that it’s not smart business to rely on one stream of income – especially of that of a network marketing company.


As you’ve learned you and your income can be cut off anytime without warning. If you have bills, rent or a mortgage to pay, I’m sure you’re gonnna feel the pinch of reality that hardtimes lie ahead for you and your family.


What’s done is done and you can’t go back in the past but you can go on to make better choices that won’t leave you wondering where you’re next meal is coming from (yeah, for some people it really is that desperate).


In a nutshell, don’t put all your egggs in one basket and dont build a business like a deck of cards (relying on one income stream) that can come tumbling down without notice.


The Three Important Ingredients to Have in Your Business


  1. Build your list – Your list is the greatest asset you have. When you’ve moved on from one opportunity to another, your list is yours and you can promote to them your next opportunity and create literally and instant downline with just a few clicks of your mouse. Either build a list in network marketing or another niche – but build a list somewhere in your business empire.


  1. Create mulltiple streams of income – Promote products and services to your list. Your prospects are going to buy stuff – why not have them buy it from you?

    You can’t be a one-trick pony and only have one way to make money. Think traffic training, marketing systems, hosting, etc…


  1. Solid Opportunity – OxyFresh by all accounts was a solid opportunity. Now that it’s gone, you have to ask yourself, what will be the best business opportuntiy for me at this time? If you choose mlm, know that it will take 3-5 years to build anything substantial.Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and work that long to make money? If not, then you’ll want to consider an affiliate program that has a higher than average payout or what is referred to as a high-ticket item.


You can’t help what OxyFresh has done to you emotionally and financially, but you can from this point forward make better smarter choices in your business so that you’ll never be left hung to dry without and emergency net to catch your fall.


With your list, and promoting valueable products and services that helps your prospects become better business owners, you’ll have the winning combination to succeed year after year – even if your next opportunity decides they don’t want you anymore. 🙁


You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank because you played the game a lot smarter than most other network marketers. Don’t give up just yet on network marketing…you’ve got one more move to play – and that’s your comeback!


See you at the top!


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