My Lead System Pro Review Part 2 

 October 3, 2012

By  Corrisa

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my-lead-system-pro-reviewBy now you feel like My Lead System Pro may be just the thing you need to help you build your primary business opportunity and make some money in the process or either you feel like I want to know more.

Perhaps you even feel like you need to know if there’s validity to some of  the negatives see on the internet about MLSP or marketing systems in general. Let’s tackle some of them shall we?

Is My Lead System Pro a Scam?

On the scam forums that are bountiful on the internet, this is one question that comes up usually from people who don’t fully understand what this marketing system is supposed to do and from those who don’t understand Internet marketing.

Just about all the big time and long-time users have their name and photos attached to this system when they’re promoting it. Would the majority of people, including myself, use our real names and photos to promote something that was a scam? Just think about that one.

Needless to say My Lead System Pro is not a scam. It does what it says it does. You have to be willing to follow through on your end and learn how to use it properly so you can get the best results.

Marketing Systems Takes Your Attention Away From Your Business Opportunity

Now this does have some “teeth” to it. What I mean is that yes, it can distract you from doing the one thing you should be doing – building your business.

But I have to ask you why are you building your business only one way? Why are you relying on marketing one way to build your business?

Case in point…

A lot of marketers saw their incomes dwindle down to literally nothing overnight when Google decided to do a major update to their algorithm…yet again (they do it all the time). Those that were solely using SEO to drive traffic to their websites saw the traffic dry up like a prune in the Mohave Desert.

Never rely on one way to build your business. If you do you’re building a business like a house of cards…it may be fine for a little while but sooner or later it’s going to come crashing down on you when you least expect it.

With that said, a well-crafted marketing plan will help you so that you’re focused and spending enough time on business-building efforts in your business opportunity.

Here are a Few Top Questions About My Lead System Pro and Marketing Systems

What Does My Lead System Pro Cost?

The cost of this system is $49.97 every 30 days. Think of it as an investment into your business. You’re building your list which can pay you dividends years down the road.

my-lead-system-pro-reviewYou’re also establishing your credibility and authority by branding yourself which this system helps you do. Also there are built in products within the system that can generate income for you.

The question I would have for you is, “How serious are you about your business?”

Is This a Downline System?

No. A downline system is usually found with businesses that have some sort of matrix system set up where people are strategically placed in your organization. Even with a downline system you still must have marketing in place to bring people into your downline system.

Is There Internet Marketing Training?

There is plenty of lead generation training in the back office. This alone is worth the cost of the system. As you begin to build your business there will be many who need training on Internet marketing. You can either put together some training (which can be time consuming) or point your people to this system that has lots of lead generation training in place. Which sounds easier to do?

Can I Still Build My Business Directly?

As I touched on earlier, most serious network marketers have at least three ways or marketing techniques in place when it comes to building their business.

One of those ways can be building it directly either online or offline. Just relying on one way is not a good business practice in case something happens to that one way and it doesn’t bring you prospects or traffic anymore which in turn puts your business at risk.

Anything New With MLSP?

Over the years Mlm Lead System Pro has added lots of new training in the back office to help you market your business. You can spend your money buying this training or that training or you can invest into a system that gives you the latest marketing techniques under one “roof” for ease and simplicity.mlm-my-lead-system-pro

There’s also more lead capture pages in the back office and as always there are ways to customize most of them to your liking.

What Can I Expect From My Lead System Pro?

MLSP is a marketing system that helps you cast a wide net so that you can either put prospects into your business and/or make money from those who say “no” to your business.

The more people you put into your marketing funnel the more qualified prospects that can come out at the end of the funnel and of course the more income you can make by recommending products in your funnel. This income you can in turn put back into your business to help build it faster.

You can use the money for paid advertising to get prospects specifically for your business opportunity, you can use the money to buy advertising for your marketing system, or use some of the extra money to pay off some debt – the sky’s the limit as to what you can do with the money you make.

Cashflow is the name of the game. Without consistent cashflow coming into your business you’ll struggle to keep up with your business expenses, like your autoship, your website and hosting fees, etc…

In fact one of the biggest reasons people give up network marketing is because they can’t make money fast enough (or they make no money at all) in their business.

My Lead System Pro solves this problem. If this has been your issue in your business then you deserve to give this network marketing system a try.

What Else Can I Learn From My Lead System Pro?

My Lead System Pro also teaches you how to market your business and/or yourself on the Internet.
There are also live weekly webinars that teach you just that not to mention there is a vast archive of training in the back office on everything from using Craigslist to build your business to using Facebook and LinkedIn…and everything else in between.

What About Other Marketing Systems?

A lot of systems come and go. In fact I’ve seen my share of them just wither away in the wind. Some just didn’t have sound infracsture to keep it going while others were put together haphazardly with the owner of the system in mind not the users of the system.

Here’s the latest one: IM tool suite. It’s said to be a more streamlined version of MLSP. It costs nearly the same without all the features of MLSP, however there are some features this system has that MLSP doesn’t.

You’ll have to decide if these things are important to you. For me personally, like I stated before I’ve seen a lot of systems come and go and there would have to be an some extraordinary features for me to use it and I haven’t seen a system outside of My Lead System Pro that has them yet.

Then there are “one -off payment” systems where you pay one large payment (instead of recurring payments) and you get to use the system. It looks good on paper but who’s to say that the owner won’t shut down the use of the system after you’ve made your large sum payment.

There’s really no incentive for the owner to keep the system going (besides integrity) because you’ve already paid them a big sum upfront already in hopes that they keep their end of the deal. For this reason alone I don’t even bother with systems that are set up  this way. I’ve never seen a system last long term that offers a one-payment deal.

What it Takes to Be Successful With MLSP

All successful network / Internet marketers have the following traits to one extent or another…

  • Focused Attention – If you’re all over the place in your attention you’re going to have a difficult time in your business
  • Consistent Marketing Habits – Marketing is what makes your business run. It’s the fuel in any marketing system and in lead generation. Inconsistency disturbs your “flow” and yields inconsistent results.
  • Relatability to Other People – If you don’t understand people and how you can help them solve their problems you will struggle. The more people you can help the more money you will make. It’s that simple.
  • Constant Skills Improvement – Internet marketing isn’t static – it changes all the time especially if you’re doing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). What worked a year ago may not be as effective today. For these reasons alone you must constantly stay updated on marketing techniques and strategies, etc…

Anything Else I Should Know?

Here’s something that you really should understand…

Not everyone will join your business. It’s shocking I know but if you’ve been trying to build a network marketing business then you’ve obviously know this to be true.

Now you can do what a lot of network marketers do and that’s wear yourself out by chasing and pursuing people who have no interest or desire to join your business. The alternative is to either leave those alone that say no to your business or be the smarter marketer and offer useful products and services to those that tell you no. Which do you want to be?

Be a Chameleon…

A chameleon adapts to its environment and that’s how you should be as a business person. If you’re talking to car salesman talk their language.

What are the frustrations of a car salesman? Inconsistent income, lots of downtime, etc… What can your business opportunity offer them that’s not being fulfilled by their current position?

If you’re talking to someone who talks about their trouble losing weight and you sell a weight-loss product you would mention to them how your product can help them.

If you’re talking to someone who mentions that they need to make more money then you would mention your business opportunity. The sames goes for if you’re talking to a person who mentions that they like their current opportunity but they want to know how to market themselves better on the Internet then you mention your My Lead System Pro system.

You’re a solutions provider and you’re constantly adapting to whomever you’re talking to. If you’re a serious businessperson then you’re constantly running into all three types of people (i.e. those that fit your retail product, interested in an opportunity, and those that are interested in improving their business) online.

How to Get Started With MLSP

By now you either fall into one of two groups of people – either…

a. I’m serious about making more money in network marketing and I want to start right now with My Lead System Pro or

b. I’m Interested But I’m Still Not Sure This is Right For Me

Either which way I suggest you start with the 14 day trial (available for a limited time only). This will allow you to literally “kick the tires” and take the system for a “test” run so you can get a feel for it and in the process generate some leads for your business.

I hope you found this My Lead System Pro review helpful. Any comments or questions leave them below…

Your partner in success,



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