MLM Traffic Formula 2.0: Did Traffic Formula 2 Really Improve? 

 June 6, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

MLM Traffic Formula 2 is the new updated version of its original traffic generation course. But does it include the mlm training material most network marketers want most – web 2.0 training?

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What is MLM Traffic Formula 2 and how is it better than the original?


Well, before we answer that question, lets go back to the creator of Traffic Formula 2, Mike Dillard.


If you’re not familiar with Mike Dillard, let’s just say that has made quite a name for himself in the network marketing industry. Magnetic Sponsoring put his face on the map…and this former waiter and bicycle enthusiast’s life has never been the same since.


His courses have ranged from learning attraction marketing to building a business on a budget to mastering pay per click…and all else in between. But it was the course MLM Traffic Formula that really shed the light on using the Internet for mlm lead generation.


Who would’ve thought the Internet could be used so successfully to build a network marketing business? Mike Dillard did. The ironic thing is that there are still some naysayers today who think it’s impossible and even ridiculous to use the ‘net to build an mlm business.


Mike Dillard and countless others like myself have proven them wrong. The Internet is an almighty force that you can leverage to bring people to you.


To learn more about this, watch the training video below.

You see, many network marketers have gotten weary of the “old” ways of mlm recruiting – chasing prospects and spending lots of time with the wrong people.


The “everyone is a prospect” notion has caused many marketers to spend their precious time doing things that waste their time…and in process sometimes making them look silly.


If you’ve ever fell into that rut where you feel like a hamster on one of those wheels – desperately trying to get somewhere but really going nowhere – then you know the amount of frustration building a home business can bring.


You’ve probably felt like you’re trying your darnest to get the thing going, but it just doesn’t work out.


If you’ve struggled with lead generation or if you interested in learning how to tap into the Internet marketng realm, then Traffic Formula 2 is may provide the solution so you can begin to learn how to create leads for your business.


Traffic Formula – Is MLM Traffic Formula Right For Me?


If you’ve been searching the Internet for a review…a legitimate review of Traffic Formula 2, well good luck. A lot of my fellow marketing affiliates have pretty much taken over the Internet, which is good from a marketing perspective, but from a consumer perspective I know it can be quite annoying.


In a nutshell – most affiliate marketers who promote any given program at any given time have not used, tested or bought the product. Which makes it kind of hard for consumers to find out the cons of various products.


With that said I can say that I did buy the original course, MLM Traffic Formula. It was a general course on Internet marketing with a little spin on it to taylor it to the network marketing industry. There was definitely room for improvements with that course, however, for the beginner internet network marketer just getting started marketing on the Internet, the course provided a track to run on.


With the un-leasing of Traffic Formula 2.0, Mike Dillard has taken heed and apparently made the course to fit in with the web 2.0 marketing that is quite popular and effective on the net for network marketers.


If you’re brand new to Internet and network marketing then this may be a good course to get you off to a great start in your business.


Now, if you’re an information collector – and you know it if you were, then collecting more information is not necessarily the answer to your mlm lead generation problem.


You’re going have to get yourself to the point where you are taking action on the information you already know.


The reason I state this is this course is a chunk of change and it is not designed for everybody. If you’re committed to your success and you’re playing to win, then this may the course for you.


Overall MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 can be that big wake-up call you need to get yourself in gear. In fact, Mike Dillard is so sure you’re gonna love the course that’s he’s giving away a free 30 minute training video without any strings attached.


You can watch the Free MLM Traffic Formula video here.

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