MLM the Whole Truth Up For Sale? 

 May 8, 2014

By  Corrisa

One of the leading internet websites on mlm is now up for sale. This could be a great opportunity for the right buyer…


mlm the whole truth for sale

One of the sites I turn to for information and news in the network marketing industry is now up for sale. I’m a little bit saddened to see it go because it gave excellent rebuttals for all those silly arguments against network marketing.


Of course I’m talking about MLM the Whole Truth by Lou Abbott. Network marketing icon, Troy Dooly has his take on it all here:



There are only just a handful of sites that has the credibility and knowledge to balance out the misinformation about what’s being said about mlm and the network marketing industry in general. Now the industry is down by one 🙁


I just hope that whoever buys this website will continue the legacy of what MLM the Whole Truth was all about.

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