MLM Rehab: Will You Need It After Falling For This Program? 

 October 15, 2013

By  Corrisa

If you’re looking for insight into the MLM Rehab program before you plunk down your hard-earned moolah, then rest assured that this will probably be the last MLM Rehab review you will ever need to read.


mlm rehab review

You’ve seen the ads all over the Internet stating basically that you’re upline is an idiot and that they’re leading straight down to the pits of hell.


Ok, maybe a little dramatic, but given the nature of MLM Rehb’s operandi, this is not far too off the mark.


So, What is MLM Rehab?


Watch this video…



Kraig Ward, the “brains” behind Mlm Rehab, is someone I have never heard of until I started looking into this program. He could very well be entrenched in this industry, but my Google searches didn’t turn up much about him, his company, or his products. Kinda odd, but ok…


Mlm Rehab has several different product which include:


    • Rapid Recruiting System – According to the website, this includes a few psychic selling scripts, and group coaching call. This program sells for $997 but the website says it’s discounted to $497


    • Vital Stats Dash – Helps you keep tabs and stats of those in your organization. This program will cost $299 (regularly $497)


  • 15 Critical Questions – This program is geared towards helping you choose a good opportunity. For this you’ll be set back $197 – regularly $297


Having been in this industry for some time, I can tell you that those prices are a little on the heavy side.


That doesn’t mean there isn’t value, it just means that the prices may be a little inflated for what you actually get as compared to proven and trusted mlm training you can get from other sources that have more credibility.


Who Uses MLM Rehab?


mlm rehab

Although there are testimonials from people who claimed to have used the products, the testimonials are not from any well-known industry trainers. Usually you can get “props” from someone in the industry who has some clout and I can’t find any.


When I go to Mlm Rehab’s Facebook Fanpage, I see that it has over 8k likes, however, the fanpage is nearly a ghost-town with very few interactions with people and two or three likes at most for postings on its page.


What happened to the nearly 8k people that liked the page? It’s as if they came to the fanpage just as fast as they left. It’s suspicious and it just makes Mlm Rehab look a little suspect at the very least.


Should You Buy Into Mlm Rehab?


There isn’t enough there to justify the expense. There’s no trial of any of the products, no sample of what you’re getting with the products, nada, zilch. Of course there’s a video that talks about one way of generating leads but it seemed a little short on the details. You can learn more yourself by clicking here.


In an era where there are great training programs like My Lead System Pro and Pure Leverage, and Magnetic Sponsoring, there really isn’t need to pay a higher than average price for training from someone who hasn’t established viable trust or credibility in this industry – yet.


I would love for this to be an awesome suite of products to help people in their business, but I just don’t see the value in any of them as of this writing. Perhaps the passage of time will reveal real people who actually love and use Kraig’s products. Til then…


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