MLM Prospecting System: Revolutionary or Pipe Dream?

By Corrisa Malone | Internet Marketing Tools

Feb 28


What can mlm prospecting system do for you…if anything? And can they really help you build your business?


I had to chime in here on this very topic after having a lengthy discussion with a fellow entrepreneur who for the life of him couldn’t see how an mlm prospecting system is supposed to help you build your opportunity.


As silly as this sounds, I think we all have to appreciate that not all network marketers think alike, not all network marketers, even the ones on the Internet, have an understanding about marketing.


What complicates matters worse is that the Internet is littered with systems. Everyone including their mama got a system!


And these dowline builder systems…oh boy. They do indeed help you build downlines…in free programs.



If that’s what you want to do…and some people with huge lists do it very well. If you want to play in the area of safelists, traffic excanges, and freebie programs, then you’re talking a whole new beast altogether.


In general people of that ilk do have a different mindset than someone who is using SEO tactics or writing articles to build their business.


Not that I and other established marketers don’t venture in that area, because I do from time to time. As I stated before freebie programs and list-building are the way to go in those areas.


So, if you see a mlm prospecting system that is designed to appeal the “I don’t want to spend any money” crowd, well that’s what  you’re going to get signing up. Your conversions with these group of people are going to be low…for certain kind of programs. Everyone who plays in this area knows this.


Not all traffic is the same. And if you’re using a system that is designed to a group of people who get excited about making money overnight and “we’ll build your downline for you”…well that’s what you’re going to get.


If you fish in this kind of pond, don’t be disturbed by the kind of fish you get.


So, what I’m really saying is that of course any good mlm prospecting system is going to help you build your business. Notice the emphasis on good.


If you’re not using a system that is pulling in quality prospects, take a look at what:

a) system you’re using

b) what kind of  “pond” you’re fishing in


Don’t put all marketing systems in the same boat…because there are huge differences between most of them. And just because you had one bad experience, doesn’t mean you have to write off all systems.


So, what do you think?


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