MLM Prospecting System: Does MLM Lead System Pro Make the Grade? (pt. 2) 

 March 24, 2009

By  Corrisa Malone

Why Is there So Many People Jumping On the MLM Lead System Pro Bandwagon?

Many a people jumped on the MLM Lead System Pro bandwagon as soon as it came out because it was different…and new; like a new car where you want to be the first on the block to get one.

After the novelty wears off, what are you stuck with? All smoke and mirrors or a decent network marketing system that does what it says it does?

Well, I have to be honest. After being an Internet marketer for awhile and reviewing various products in the Internet and network marketing niche, you’re bound to run into products that “stink”…

So, I’ve always like to focus on both the good and bad points. There isn’t a perfect product or service on the market that doesn’t have some flaw in it somewhere, right?

And second, I don’t like to waste my precious effort and website space promoting junk, or reviewing things that just, for lack of a better word, s-u-c-k. Why bother?

But if there’s something that has value and not another “copy cat” product that’s no better than the original, then there’s something that has to be said.

As a marketing system, MLM Lead System Pro does what it says it does…and what every effective marketing system should do.

Well, now it’s on a level playing field with a handful of other multi level marketing systems.

Now, there has to be something special about this particular system, that made lots of people gravitate toward it; not only the people who like new toys and has to be the first to get one, but seasoned internet network marketers.

And that something special could be summed up in two words: branding and attraction marketing.

These are the two areas Internet marketing, namely social media marketing is going and where it has been going for some time.

Because network marketers asked for a complete brandable marketing system that does all the things the big Internet gurus did to get where they are (list-building, tracking, split testing)…the call was answered with MLM Lead System Pro.

Although many people have jumped on the bandwagon, I would take a wild guess that some people have fallen off…because ultimately this system wasn’t right for them at this particular time in their business.

It’s not for everyone…especially beginners who are new to Internet marketing. It could be overwhelming at first unless you’re ready to push through the learning curve and start taking immediate massive marketing action.

I’m a foundation kind of gal, and I like that there is some marketing training in the back office of MLSP. For more indepth hands-on training on attraction marketing, I like Renegade University for its training. And notice I said training, and not the system. And since they offer a free membership (at the time of this writing), it makes a no-brainer to at the very least grab a membership.

Ultimately whatever marketing system, you decide to go with, it has to work for you and where you are in your business.

And MLM Lead System Pro gets a passing grade.

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