MLM Phone Lead or MLM Prospecting System? 

 June 7, 2014

By  Corrisa

Can’t decide between mlm phone leads or using an mlm prospecting system? Maybe this will help you decide before you spend another dime on something that may not work for you…



You suck. You suck at cold-calling leads. You suck at enrolling people into your opportunity. You just suck at making money in network marketing. Rest assured – we’ve all been there. In fact you’re probably sick of spending lots of money and wasting time on a typical mlm phone lead…


You know that kind that tells you they think network marketing is an illegal pyramid scheme. And the kind that tell you they were only looking for a work at home job. And the kind that tells you that they’re no longer “interested”….


How much time have you wasted with mlm phone leads that give you these kinds of excuses? You may have wasted more time than you care to count. You’re drained and probably really frustrated at this point about your network marketing business…but don’t quit. There is still hope for you. You may not want to hang up your hat just yet.


Here’s what a lot of people don’t know… A person is able to make money in network marketing without using mlm phone leads and without relying on being an excellent mlm recruiter.




Let’s go back for a minute on why you may not be able to recruit from those mlm phone leads you bought; and in essence why you’re not making any money.


What They Don’t Tell You About MLM Phone Leads


It takes skilmlmphoneleadvsmlmprospectingsystem1ls. And skills take a long time to develop.

If you can afford to keep buying those leads until you get good enough to recruit from them, then do just that.


Unfortunately, most people can’t. You may find yourself in this kind of situation.


This is why a lot of smart internet network marketers are leaning on an mlm prospecting system to help them to (1) Generate targeted leads and (2) Create a residual income outside of their network marketing business.


In the background, your effective mlm prospecting system is branding you as a leader. It’s also helping you build your most valuable asset…your list. And most importantly you’re only calling people who have been through your system.


They know you and they understand and like network marketing.


how to succeed in network marketing

Compare that to buying mlm phone leads where people have asked for information about working from home. It’s too broad.


They could want information on a day care business to a work at home job. You’re doing too much convincing and selling to get these kinds of people interested in your network marketing business.


When you use a good mlm marketing system, it’s set up to only attract people who have bought into network marketing…buyers.


With its built-in retail income generating products, you are creating cash upfront to help you build your business. You can make money without being good at recruiting.


Keep using mlm phone leads or use an effective mlm marketing system? Which makes more sense to you?


Click here if you’re ready to learn more about using an effective marketing system to help you generate cash-in-hand targeted leads….

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