Mlm Marketing Secrets: The Proven Ways to Make Money in MLM 

 January 5, 2013

By  Corrisa

What mlm marketing secrets are holding you back from making money in this industry? Do you even believe there are mlm marketing secrets that you don’t know about that’s preventing you from wealth? Here’s something you’ll want to read very carefully.


Do mlm marketing secrets even exist? Are you searching for the answer as to why you may not be as successful as you would like to be in your mlm? Let’s tackle some of these questions – shall we?


For the moment, forget everything and listen to this… Mlm is a business model that depends upon recruiting lots of people in order to make money. Not just recruiting tons of people, but recruiting tons of people who order product every single month.


Now this may seem like an impossible thing to achieve, in reality it’s possible, but it can take 2-5 years of consistent effective efforts in order to pull it off. The biggest mlm marketing secrets in mlm is this – you have to recruit more people into your business than are quitting your business.


Due to the nature of business and network marketing, there’s a huge attrition rate. This is why once you begin to build an mlm business, you can never stop recruiting on some level. Yes, it’s true that perhaps years down the line, you’ll still get a check but of course the amount you make will greatly diminish over time.


MLM Marketing Secrets – #1 Recruiting Consistently


So, just to reiterate, the first mlm marketing secret is that you have to keep recruiting people who order product every month. And you have to get more people into your business than are leaving out the back door.


MLM Marketing Secrets – #2 Get Traffic


The next of the mlm marketing secrets is this…


You have to know how to do lead generation. Good network marketing training can take care of this.  But just remember that without a steady flow of leads or traffic to your website, you’ll never make a single dime.


In fact, your autoship and other expenses will mount up and you’ll find yourself in either a lot of debt or with a garage full of products you’ll never sell or use.


MLM Marketing Secrets – #3 Know Who You Are and What You Can Offer People


Out of all the mlm marketing secrets, this is the one that is overlooked the most. If you’re marketing online, most people you’ll run into will either have a business opportunity or affiliate business they’re involved with.


Now, you can look at this multiple ways. Either you have to position yourself as a leader via attraction marketing or position yourself as someone who has products/services that can enhance what they’re already doing.


Spamming people with your opportunity rarely gets anyone excited because you have no clout or credibility yet and so you just come off as a desperate marketer. All you have to do is log into Facebook and take at what a lot of network marketers do. Until you get some “street cred”, you’re basically a “nobody” posting links and looking foolish.


So the third mlm marketing secret is to either get some authority so people join your or buy from you or offer people products and services that can help them.


If you like the mlm marketing secrets thus far, then this last one will give you some food for thought.


MLM Marketing Secrets – #4 Make a Lot of Money By NOT Being in an Opportunity


There are a lot of network marketers who make a decent income by NOT being in a network marketing company. These are the mlm trainers, information sellers, and affiliate marketers who solely market products in the network marketing industry. You can make a significant income just being an affiliate in this niche.


By now you’ve heard of Empower Network. That program uses a combination of high paying affiliate products and a business opportunity…all rolled into one. This is how a lot of Empower Network affiliates are able to make lots of money rather quickly without being a part of a traditional network marketing company.


Here’s the one thing you need to remember about this mlm marketing secret…


High commission products equal bigger checks with the same amount of effort as any other kind of business.


The single biggest question you need to ask yourself after knowing these mlm marketing secrets is this…


How do you want to next proceed in this industry so that you can make money? Do you want to be an affiliate marketer in the network marketing arena? Do you want to go all in and become an mlm distributor and build a large sales force?


Or do you want to become a leader in the mlm industry so people are naturally attracted to you and buy from you? Perhaps you want to sell products and services to those in the industry on the side as you build your primary company.


You see, all these mlm marketing secrets can make you money – good money. You just have to get clear as to what your intentions are. When you are clear which direction you want to go, it becomes easier to make a plan that will ultimately get you the success you desire.


Your partner in success,



P.S. If you need some help getting traffic, I recommend this mlm internet system. It will give some training on how to do lead generation and there’s also a system there if you so choose to use it.

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