MLM Blog: Is Your MLM Blog the Last Haven For Success? 

 June 13, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

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Is your MLM blog really the last place on the Internet where you really have complete control? Let’s go back a little…


Adwords has probably kicked you to the curb and banned you for life; Squidoo has slapped you upside your head and locked you out of your lenses; and YouTube has literally thrown you under the bus by shutting-down your account.


Now, if you’re a marketer who has not done much with these and other similiar web 2.0 sites, then you really haven’t lost much….


But for other marketers who’s bread and butter was these sites, then they got a real shock when they looked at how much traffic and ultimately sales they lost by loosing these valuable web properties.


But as you’re aware of ….now, these sites were not really yours to begin with. You don’t own them and you don’t have any control over them. Think of yourself as a “squatter” or more like a “renter”….


That’s pretty much what you are when you use free sites like these to help you build your business. At any given time, these sites can and have changed the rules of play. It’s their site and they do have the right.


Even if their rules are sometimes really silly and narrow-minded.


And if your income is so tightly wrapped around these sites that your money could literally stop flowing if any of them stopped sending you traffic…then this is the wake-up call you need.


Begin building your assets…


Your list first and foremost and your web property… your mlm blog.


If you’re using a free blog platform as your main bread and butter money-making lead generating blog… you’re asking for a brick to come crashing down on your head. And you won’t have no one to blame but yourself.




I’ve been there and done that… I even got slapped hard by Squidoo (thanks Seth!)


I’ve used these sites in my link building…not so much as my main marketing hub.


And that is literally the difference.


In your mlm blog:

  • You control it 100%
  • You decide what content to put on it…without “big brother” looking over your shoulder
  • You can add as many links to as many products as you want…
  • No one can ever take it away from you
  • Generate traffic 24/7 365 days a year on autopilot (if you set it up right)


Having a blog you own should be on your top list of things to get – period.


But I caution you…don’t set up a blog unless you’ve gotten the training on how to set it up correctly. You’ll want to get as much juice as you can from Google so they send you free traffic.


From the domain that you choose to the categories you set up…it all can play a HUGE part in your on page search engine optimization.


Now, it you’re one of those people who’s ready to get their blog up and running so you can start getting targeted traffic and leads for your business, then you don’t want to miss this mlm blog training series.


In fact, you’ll learn a lot from these complimentary online dvd trainings than probably any blogging course you’ve actually paid for.


If you’re ready to boost your business with an mlm blog, then make sure you grab this free training. You’re not gonna believe who’s behind this training 😉


No more shocks to your bank account…be in control!


Cheering for ya!


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