Mike Klingler and the School of Online Business 

 November 23, 2012

By  Corrisa

What has Mike Klingler been doing all these years and what the heck is the School of Online Business? These answers may very well change how you do business online.


It’s like an almost fairy tale story if you ever heard one.

Mike Klingler was a pretty much unknown Internet marketer who’s online career skyrocketed when he developed a marketing system (Renegade University) that taught network marketers – how to market online.

His system was an answer to the “how” of Ann Sieg’s Renegade Marketing System. If you ever bought that system, then you know what I’m talking about.

Well, that’s all it took to get the attention of  prolific and famous network marketer, Ann Sieg. They “locked horns” and eventually teamed up at one time…and the rest they say is history.

What came of Mike Klingler, besides adding a few more zeroes to his bank account, was an awakening of his new “baby”, The School of Online Business.

Now this training system/school has been around for several months, at least online, but I just never took the time to really look into it. You see, after Renegade, Mike created a few more programs, Coaching Cognition and Marketing Funnel Mastery, which never interested me enough to take a closer look. Maybe now I’ll take a closer look at those programs!

But there was something different about the School of Online Business that really caught my attention. It may resonate with you as well; in fact, it may just turn your business around or even change how you even SEE your business. Read on…


What is the Purpose of the School of Online Business


The internet is literally littered with all kinds of Internet marketing programs and courses – do we really need another one? Well, that was my thought initially when I saw the title of Mike Klingler’s new program.

This is different – way different.

Have you ever felt misaligned with your business? Have you ever felt that there’s a piece missing in your business? Do you ever look for that purpose or deeper meaning for doing the business that you do?

This is the School of Online Business.

It’s a new approach and a new awareness of how you do business.

From creating a passion-filled business to learning how to market your value to others, this training will make you think in new ways you never experienced before. Although I haven’t taken this training yet, I’ve experienced a lot just by reading and watching some of the material Mike has on his website – I can only imagine what it must be like to go through the entire course!

Mike also coined a new phrase, “Empathy-Driven Economy”.

My understanding of this phrase is that it means you’re mindful of what you put out as a business person…while knowing what you put out impacts how you feel as a business person. Am I talking in circles? LOL

Here’s another way to think about it…

How do you feel about what you do? How do other people react to what you put out as a business person? You see, whatever you put out, comes right back to you.

It seems kind of touchy feel good…but when you go through the free lessons he has up on the school’s website, you’ll have a better grasp of it all.

It makes you really think about how you do business and your contribution to this society.

If you’re feeling empty as a business person or you’re trying to put together a meaningful business that really drives you, I urge you to take a closer look at this.

I think Mike Klingler and his “Empathy-driven economy” may be onto something. Visit this site to get on board!

Your partner in success,

Corrisa Malone




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