Mike Dillard: Who in the Heck is Mike Dillard?

By Corrisa Malone | Business Success Tips

Jun 05

Mike Dillard set the network marketing industry on its ear with his very controversial home study course, Magnetic Sposoring. But where did Mike Dillard come from? And most importantly what can you learn from this man’s mistakes so you can avoid many of the pitfalls Mike Fell into.

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Mike Dillard did what countless network marketers couldn’t do….and that’s build a network marketing business without resorting to the mlm tactics of yesteryear.

Maybe his realization came about from an unlikely souce – his failures…his countless failures.

You see, Mike Dillard experienced some of the deep frustrations you’re probably feeling right now.

In the beginning Mike tried. And then failed. Tried again. And then failed again.

It wasn’t till he moved out to the West coast from Texas to be close to his sponsor at the time, that things began to change for him.

It was a cause set in motion that was just destined to happen. But tragedy struck. No one could have predicted what was about to happen to Mike Dillard.

From Texas With Love….

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It was a big move, especially for a yearning 20-something year old.

All Mike wanted was to be shown “how” to build a network marketing business. His mentor vowed to show him a few things that would finally set Mike free from working restaurants and driving his bike all around town.

He was in the land of dreams and sunshine.

He was anxious to get started.

The sponsor was pleased to see such a young man make such a big commitment. It’s not everyday that you see people packing up and moving out near their sponsor to be mentored.

Things were looking promising…until the bubble burst.

This was impossible. How could this happen?

It was September 11, 2001. This was to be the day where Mike’s network marketing business would be changed forever.

And it did. Mike’s upline never got around to showing him the ropes of network marketing.

Mike was now struggling yet again…but this time in  a foreign state he knew nothing about.

It was a tough decision, but he decided to go back home to Texas with hind legs behind his tail.

For most network marketers, this would have been the end of the road. But Mike Dillard kept pushing.

Back home, Mike searched and searched online and came across some unlikely heroes.

They both would come to play a very important and critical part in Mike’s successes: Joe Schroeder and Mark Weiser.

Mike Dillard finally learned how to prospect from Mark Weiser. Joe Schroeder showed Mike something not heard of back then called an “mlm funded proposal.” Mike then got the inspiration to come out with his very first product, Magnetic Sponsoring.

It was very radical and controversial in its day. Who would’ve thought that network marketing could be built outside of its traditional roots?

Mike took a chance…and won.

And his life has never been quite the same since.

From riding around town on a bicycle to waiting tables…and now a multi-millionaire before the age of 30, Mike Dillard has done quite well for himself.

He has nearly half-a dozen network marketing related home study courses, a social networking platform called Better Networker, and generic marketing system that comes free when you buy any of his courses.

Who is Mike Dillard? A man who weathered the flow of ups and downs in his network marketing business to become a multi-millionaire.

Mike has shown us that you need to press on…even when life gives you a bunch of lemons. Keep your eye on the prize and never let obstacles get you off course.


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