Magnetic Sponsoring Review: Norbert Orlewicz 

 June 6, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

Magnetic Sponsoring is responsible for changing the “method of operation” in network marketing. This testimonial is from Norbert Orlewicz who went on to success and fame himself.


Recently I got one of Mike Dillard’s (in)famous kick in the butt emails; the ones that pretty much say to stop complaining and get the course or get off of my list!

magnetic sponsoring mike dillard

This recent email focused on one of his many success stories, Norbert Orlewicz. If that name rings a bell it’s probably because he’s one of the guys behind the successful marketing system, MLM Lead System Pro.


Here’s Norbert’s story…

How Norbert Went From Making $161.00 In
6 Years, To $964,124 In Just 16 Months…

“Well Mike, I think it’s about time I write to you and let you know exactly what your products have helped me to achieve in the last 16 months.

I was first introduced to network marketing at the age of 19. Didn’t do anything with it then.

A few years later, network marketing came back into my life. I was 25, had met the woman of my dreams, but we were struggling financially. We had been working in the restaurant industry for years, but we knew we had to get out.

We had moved back to her home town and were struggling to find any real long term jobs.

I did not go to college, or university. I never wanted to go down the traditional path. I was an entrepreneur at heart, but I had absolutely zero business knowledge or experience.

I tried starting a couple traditional businesses but both failed miserably and I ended up in more debt.

Thats when we were introduced once again to network marketing, by the same man who first introduced me to the industry back when I was 19.

This time I jumped on board and for the next 6 years, I struggled in the industry like so many others. I bounced around from one company to the next, looking for the answers, for some real training, for someone who could help me achieve the goals we had set for ourselves.

I did everything that my upline taught me. I made a list, contacted them all. I handed out flyers, purchased expensive leads, made 50-100 cold calls per day, I wandered around shopping malls prospecting strangers, went to networking events, and even cold called business owners from the yellow pages.

I used to go test drive cars at dealerships just to get business cards so I could prospect the sales person the next day. I spent a week, doing surveys in downtown Vancouver during lunch hours, embarrassing. I got kicked out of shopping malls and parking lots for putting cards on cars.

And after all of that, my best month ever was $161.00. After 6 years.

Fast forward to 2007.

I had just joined yet another opportunity. This one was significantly different. Mainly because my sponsor and his team were all internet marketers. I knew I wanted to take my business online, but was never able to find a mentor who could teach me how.


I purchased your course just 2 months after getting started with this new company.

My fourth month I had my first $10,000+ month.

Within 6 months I had become one of the top producers in my company earning multiple 5 figures per month and on my way to my first ever 6 figure year.

In that time, I have purchased almost every one of your products, studied each one and have applied everything I have learned.

Specifically, MLMTrafficFormula has provided me with the single biggest financial returns of any marketing course, or training I have done. And I have spent thousands on courses and ebooks!

After struggling in this industry for 6 years, never making more than $100 per month in the last 16 months since I first started studying your courses and applying them, I have generated $964,124 in sales and have earned more money than most ever dream of. I am now working on my first million dollar year!

I literally have dozens of people contact me every single day wanting to work with me. I have hired a full time assistant to handle my emails and phone calls for me.

Just last week I made a $9,000 sale, for which my commission is $4,500, and the first time I spoke with her, was to thank her for her purchase and give her instructions as to how to send the money to me.

I have built a huge list of quality prospects and I can literally print money on demand, just like you teach.

But more than that, I am now a respected trainer and mentor in this industry by applying the principles of Attraction Marketing that you teach in your Magnetic Sponsoring course and I have been able to help hundreds of struggling networkers to also achieve results applying your strategies.

You have absolutely revolutionized this industry my friend, and you are personally responsible for saving my marriage, and for helping our family to create the life of our dreams.

So, thank you again Mike for all your passion and all that you do. Your impact on people’s lives is monumental!”

Your friend,

Norbert Orlewicz,magnetic sponsoring review

Norbert Orlewicz






There you have it. Of course results will vary from person to person, but there is an important point here.


Because so many people still struggle with this online marketing, because they don’t know how to attract people to them. That could be videos, articles, or whatever the content may be. This is why a foundation is critical if you want to learn this attraction marketing…especially if you want to do social marketing.


Magnetic Sponsoring is just one of a couple of places to learn this.


The information is out there for the taking. You have to just take action.


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