5 Must Have Ingredients For Lead Generation Success 

 April 30, 2021

By  Corrisa

Ingredients for Lead Generation Success

Lead generation success eluding you? Odds are you're probably missing one or more of these important ingredients in your business... 


Are your lead generation efforts leaving you frustrated? Don't know how to build a relationship with the leads you do generate? Do people ignore your social media posts?

If you answered yes, yes, and...yes to those questions above, know that you are not alone. You see, one of the biggest flops in the network marketing industry especially, is the lack of Internet marketing training.

In an industry that prides itself on bringing cutting-edge and innovative products to the marketplace, it does NOT do a good job of training distributors.

And so what you’re left with is an industry that still talks about warm market as the ONLY way to build a business.

When you ask the average Joe Blow on the street what they associate network marketing to they will tell you time and time again that network marketing is known for bugging friends and family.

This isn’t to say that there are some companies that have joined the modern era and do encourage its distributors to do real marketing, however the vast majority of companies offer very little (if anything) on internet lead generation.

The companies that do teach Internet marketing (or allow teams within the company to teach it), in general don’t teach it very thoroughly.

To make matters worse, the training that is usually offered is not geared toward the distributor but the company. They teach you to send ALL your traffic to the company website. Bad! Definitely not in your best interest.

As you can see, the whole system is not geared towards your success. It’s no wonder that making money in network marketing continues to be a problem.

So, what’s the solution?

It’s called putting YOU first. And it starts like this...

Lead Generation Success Starts Here...

lead generation success

Ok, so we’ve identified the problem (at least one of them) in network marketing. It’s not your fault that you weren’t given the proper training when you joined your company. Just know that lack of business and marketing training is prevalent in this industry - not just in your company.

So, let me a bit blunt and upfront here…

If you’re serious about building your business (and you must be if you’ve read down this far), then know that these five ingredients are the same ones used in all successful online businesses.

And if you’re already thinking, oh great I gotta spend more money on my business - think about it like this…

If you don’t generate enough leads for your business and/or don’t see consistent income coming in, your business will cease to exist. All that money and time you invested in it will all be for nothing.

Do you really want to see all your money and efforts go down the drain?! Well of course not.

It only makes sense that you at least start putting together a plan to get all of these five following ingredients in your business. And not all of them will cost you any moolah! For example...

Ingredient #1 - Avatar/Business Persona

lead generation success on the Internet

Now this won’t cost you any money at all - just a few minutes of research.

This is the most important step that is often overlooked and is the least talked about.
And it all has to do with targeting.

Ask yourself the following questions...

Who are you targeting?

Are you looking for people for your business opportunity or your product or service?

Let’s go deeper...

What does that person look like? Do they have kids? Married? Single mom? What’s their occupation?

What problems do they have that you can solve?

What keeps them up late at night?

The latter two are VERY important.

What you’re doing is creating an Avatar or a Buying Persona. When you can “see” the person you’re targeting and understand them and the problems they’re trying to solve, it makes it easier to create targeted content (blog posts, videos, articles, social media posts) that attracts the right prospects to you.

Your Action Steps

  1. Learn more about Avatars/Personas here
  2. Take a few minutes and write out a few things about ONE of your ideal buyers.

Before you ever create a landing page or any other kind of content, it is IMPORTANT that you understand who you are targeting or else you won't get the kind of targeted leads that you want.

Ingredient #2 - Your Enticing Offer

lead generation success on the web

What kind of offer will you use to entice people to opt-into your squeeze page?

What kind of offer will you use to get people to click your links for more information? Will you offer a webinar, an e-book, or just more detailed information about how you can help solve their problem?

Thinking about leading with your biz opp? It may not be the best way to attract a lot of people to you. In fact, odds are you will repel more people than you’ll attract. Keep in mind your avatar - what problem do they have that your opportunity can solve?

Keep in mind that people don’t join businesses just to join them - there’s something more to it than that.

People do join people so consider promoting yourself as someone who can help people learn how to be successful in their own home business and/or help them become successful in the business they are already in. That is huge!

Action Steps

  1. What kind of offers will you be creating? (ebook, webinar, video, more detailed info, etc..). Start making a plan to get them created.
  2. Does your program give you any list-building content to use i.e. ebooks, whitepapers, etc..?

Remember your offer must appeal to the avatar/buying persona you’re targeting.

Ingredient #3 - Landing Pages/Lead Capture Pages

lead generation success mlm

Now that you know who you’re targeting, you have to decide where to send your prospects.

What kind of landing page do you want to send them to? Do you want to send them to a landing page where they can get more information (ex a blog article) or do you want to send them to a squeeze page so you can collect their name and email address? If so, what kind of landing page?

Keep the Same Message Going or You’ll Lose Em’...

Whatever message you used to get them to notice you (social media post, article, video etc), that same message must continue onto the landing page.

If you don’t have the technical skills to create landing/squeeze pages from scratch, then the next best thing is to use a landing page builder.

Tips to Consider

If you’re on tight budget or if you prefer an all-in-one solution, consider this system that has a landing page creator built in. Check that out here.

Ingredient #4 - Autoresponder Service

email marketing for lead generation

An autoresponder service sends out automated messages to those who have opted onto your list.

This is permission based marketing. There are a ton of services out there and not all of them are friendly to marketers that use affiliate links. Make sure you read the terms of service of the autoresponder service you intend to use.

Follow Up Messages

These are the automated messages you will be putting into your autoresponder. The most important thing to remember is that the people on your list are being bombarded by emails from people (and companies) trying to sell them something.

All of these emails are vying for your leads’ already limited attention.

You have to find a way to stand out and apart from what other people are doing or else you risk just becoming part of the “noise” in your leads’ inbox.

This is where your research into your avatar comes in handy. You will know what types of headlines to use in your email messages that’ll capture your leads’ attention so that at the very least they’ll open up your emails.

The Place Where Trust is Built

When you’re emailing your leads, keep in mind that at the same time you’re building up your credibility and trust factor with your leads. If people don’t like or trust you they will not do business with you - period

Your emails should not be blatant pitches for your business opportunity or your product.

What a turn off!

You want to give value. If you’re always pitching and hitting people over the head with your promos, you’ll eventually turn most of them away. If you’re going to pitch there are more subtle ways to go about it so that it does not seem like you're desperate to make a sale.

This is where the art of storytelling comes in. That old Cliché that says facts tell and stories sell is absolutely true.

Stories keep people engaged - especially when it comes to email marketing. If you’re not selling enough products, your storytelling skills may need some updating..

Your Marketing Funnel

Your marketing funnel exists inside of your autoresponder service.

Once prospects opt onto your list, they should be receiving email messages from you.

Your messages should give value, build trust and your relationship with your leads.

When your leads like and trust you they will buy from you time and time again.


Hot Tip

I can tell you that there is no better place to learn the art of email marketing than from Andre Chaperon. I suggest you start with his Lucrative Email List Building course. You'll thank me later 🙂

Ingredient #5 - Building Your Street Cred

online lead generation success

If there’s one question I get over and over it’s this one…

How can I get leaders to join my business?

The truth of the matter is that you have to ask yourself this question...

“Why would a leader want to join me in business?”

Here’s the scary part…

There are a lot of people who can’t answer that question. And that is the problem. When you’re doing your marketing, you have to put yourself into the equation.

It’s like this…

You can attract people to you and your business or you can repel them. And there’s no lack of people who do an awesome job of repelling people.

If you come across as a complete novice who doesn’t know what they’re doing online, know that the odds of you attracting a top network marketing leader to you are pretty much nil.

However, you do not have to be the expert, you just have to know a little bit more than your average prospect (and/or leader). And honestly, that is not very hard to do.

This is where attraction marketing comes in. If you want to attract the big dogs in your industry, be ready to show your credibility and leadership skills.

Remember, you have to ask yourself:

"Why would a top network marketing leader even pay attention to me?"

"Why would they join me in my business?"

What can you offer them? What skills/knowledge do you possess?

Remember like I stated before you do not have to be an expert - you just have to know a little bit more than the average marketer. The only way to get these skills (and/or knowledge is by learning them through trial and error and/or by getting trained up for success.

Be prepared for what I’m going to say now…

Attraction marketing is something that every business owner should implement in their business.

It could be as simple as taking a look at the videos and blog posts you have out there and asking yourself if your ideal prospect would be attracted to that content. 

Need More Help With Attraction Marketing?

The first step in doing attraction marketing is creating your Avatar.

You must know who it is you want to attract to you and your business. Your business must solve a problem your prospect is having.

If you're having a hard time understanding attraction marketing and/or putting into practice, I suggest this.

Don’t Go Into Business Without Giving Yourself A Fair Shot at Success!

lead generation success in mlm

Yes, you read that sentence right.

Let me be frank with you…

If you want to generate leads for your business, you must to have the tools in place that make it possible.

It’s like saying you want a drink of water, but you’re unwilling to open your mouth to let the water go in! Ok, that was kinda of a lame example, but I'm sure you get the picture.

These simple five ingredients are what the smarter marketers are doing. Yes, it is easier to just link to the company website that they gave you, but at the end of the day, you are not serving yourself well and your conversions are, for lack of a better word, are going to suck.

Follow up is hard to do (in automated way) if you don’t have people on your list. The thing that makes list building possible is having a squeeze page of some sort.

With so many landing page builders, it’s easy to have your own landing page/squeeze page up in less than half an hour.

All these ingredients matter. Even if you don’t have the budget for an autoresponder or a landing page creator, then make it a plan that you save up your money so that you can get these essential business building tools.

If you're struggling - it's ok. it's not your fault. At least come up with a plan to start putting the pieces together in your business.

I gave you a lot of information to chew on here. Your next step is to take action.

I got the following from Andre Chaperon who first heard it from a man named Wyatt Woodsmall. It's not a direct quote - but it's very profound nevertheless. Let's see if you agree...

Learning = Behavior Change.

UNLESS you CHANGE, there is no learning.

That knowledge is just “potential power.”

What I Recommend

Start putting the pieces together yourself - if you have the time commitment, budget and skill level to do so.

An alternative (and what I highly recommend) is to leverage an all-in-one marketing system that has all these tools built in. It will save you a ton of money and get you off to making money a lot faster in your business.

The marketing system that I recommend is this one here

To your success!

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