Lead Generation Network Marketing: 25 Unique Ways To Build Your Business (Webinar) 

 January 19, 2012

By  Corrisa


Lead generation and network marketing go hand in hand. If there’s anything on the top of your mind about your network marketing business, it’s probably how to generate more leads.

By the time you finish watching the webinar you’ll have a few tools in your arsenal to help you generate more leads…not only online but offline as well.

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You’ll learn about recruiting from resume sites (there is a right way and a wrong way to do this), convention and trade shows, the best places to advertise online (this is shocker because it has never occurred to me to target these sites!) and much, much more.

This webinar is a real eye opener and will show you that there are endless ways to generate leads…and most of the ones mentioned on the webinar are overlooked by most network marketers.

Why Learn About Lead Generation in Network Marketing?

I’ve said it so many times for years that you’ve got to have a well-rounded approach to building your business. Without targeted traffic to your website on a consistent basis your business will die a slow painful death.

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Some people still love that old school marketing stuff, whereas other people gravitate to the pulse of the expansive Internet to build their business. Either which way you may sponsor people into your business who don’t want to build the business your way. So what do you do?

A. Un-sponsor them and tell them “I wish you had told me you were un-trainable before I sponsored ya!”

B. Hem and haw and never return their phone calls because you have no clue as to how to build a network marketing business besides the ONE way you were taught

C. Give them training you or your sponsor put together on different methods to generate leads

D. Point them to third party training that show them many ways to market their business

E. Both C and D

Well I know you’re smart enough to have chosen E.

Lack of training and lack of traffic are two of the biggest reasons network marketers don’t make money in network marketing.

In this webinar you’ll get both kinds of training easily explained so you can build a more profitable network marketing business.

What are you waiting for?

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