Is Procrastination RUINING Your Business? 

 June 25, 2013

By  Corrisa

If you’re battling with procrastination in your business, then this is just the thing you need to read to get you and your business back on track…




Why can’t I get myself going?…


My to-do list keeps getting longer and longer by the day…


Why can’t I get myself motivated to work my business?


If ever any of those thoughts crossed your mind, then you’re probably in bad company with something called procrastination.


In fact, procrastination is one of the main things that stops most people from ever achieving success online.


You never get things done and you may have a hard time prioritizing the things you should be doing.


As a result you spend time doing the things that don’t make you money, while you hold off on the thing you should be doing…


You’ll say things to yourself like:


I’ll do that later…


I’ll get to it after I….


This is too hard to learn, so I’ll learn after I do this…and this….and this…




It’s like a sucker-punch to the nose when you’ve realized that you’re not making any money because you keep putting off the very things you need to be doing in order to make money in your business!


Wake-up call!


So what’s the solution?


Let me tell you I have been using something called Simpleology for the past few years and it is a dream. It keeps me from being less distracted and on track in doing the things I need to be doing to grow my business.


Here’s one video on one of the great features of Simpleology…



If you have ADD (attention deficit disorder) and you suffer from procrastination, this app will change your life.


In fact, Mark Joyner, the creator of Simpleology just put out a little ebook, that will show you exactly how to end your procrastination. You can grab a copy here (you gotta register for Simpleology HERE first, no worries cause it’s free!)


Then come back to that page and get your copy of the special ebook (while he’s still giving them out…)


Procrastination can be a business killer – get the help you need RIGHT now if you’re tired of the struggle…


Your partner in success,


Corrisa 🙂


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