Is Network Attraction Marketing a Skill? 

 May 4, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

Attraction Network Marketing


Attraction marketing is a necessary skill you must learn if you truly want to be successful online. Yet many, many people continue struggle with this…why?

After just finishing erasing the last of the spam calls I get on my phone, I often think “Do these people really think they’re really attracting people by cold calling them and pitching them or blasting out an recorded message?”


I know there was a time where we did what our ill-informed upline told us to do, and if we didn’t go along with it (it didn’t matter if it was effective or not) we were branded “un-coachable.”  Fast forward a few years and a lot of people now know better – well at least some people.


People look at you and see what you’re doing and think to themselves if they could follow suit. If you’re cold calling people and telling them you have a way to get 30 people into their business every week…well, the people you’re talking to are thinking “heck no, if I have to cold call people like you’re doing than I’m not interested!”


So, what is the better way to do network attraction marketing?


Well, it’s being a role model – an authority figure and displaying leadership. You have to give value upfront and convey trust. The Internet has become a very scary place nowadays with people hyping up income claims and making promises they know they can’t fulfill.


You want to be able to have people trust you enough that they invite you in. You just don’t show up at someone’s doorstep and demand to be let in. I had a guy a couple of weeks ago leave a message on my answering machine demanding that I take a look at his tools.


I have my own tools so why would I want to look at his? Besides, this guy clearly doesn’t know me from Adam, except for the fact he scraped my number off of one of my sites.


Are tactics like this pulling people closer to him or are people running the other way? What happens when you chase people? The run the other way. If you’ve ever called leads and found yourself chasing them and no matter how much you chased them they never came closer to you?


Permission marketing is the way people let you in so you can begin to build a relationship with them. Once people are inside of your funnel, you then have to engage them. This can be done several ways, one of which is the messages you send out in your autoresponder system.


If you’re using a system that does not let you hook up your autoresponder service, then you’ll have to pick up the phone and start building a connection that way, especially if the messages in the marketing system doesn’t brand you at all.


Attraction marketing happens from the moment of contact with your prospects and all  the while they’re inside of your marketing funnel. In fact, this is an opportune time to show them some marketing tips, show them how to navigate the back office, show them how to call the leads back that they generate.


When you start displaying leadership, the heart of attraction marketing, you’ll find people wanting to learn more about you, even call you and eventually join your program.


Don’t expect this to come naturally out of thin of air, especially if you’re new to attraction marketing. It’s an acquired skill that you can develop with the right training. As much I like the branding system that I’m using, it’s not the best choice for learning how to develop your network attraction marketing skills – Renegade University is.


The internet has become an increasingly noisy place and unless you’re able to stand out with lots of value to give people you’ll just blend in amongst all the noise.


If you’re tired of chasing people and leaving crazy messages on people’s answering machines then come on over to the attraction marketing side and develop this skill and feel the joy of people being attracted to you and what you have to offer.


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