Is Chad Hamzeh’s Traffic Blackbook Worth It? 

 February 26, 2015

By  Corrisa

Forget everything and listen! Chad Hamzeh’s Traffic Blackbook may be the best guide to getting fast traffic on the Internet…or it could be a complete loser! Don’t buy another traffic course until you read this review.



Chad Hamzeh’s Traffic Blackbook sounds good doesn’t it? But can it really deliver results? Is it written for the average newbie marketer?


I’m gonna answer those very questions and in fact by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be convinced that this is the LAST Traffic Blackbook review you’ll ever need to read before you buy it.


What is Chad Hamzeh’s Traffic Blackbook?


If you’re an Internet marketer or a small business that’s looking for more ways to get traffic to your business, then this is the traffic course you ought to pay close attention to.


The reason I say this is because TRAFFIC is the single most-important thing in your business that will determine if you succeed or FAIL.


And if you’ve been having failure after failure online trying to get enough of the right kind of traffic, then you know how important it is.


Chad Hamzeh’s Traffic Blackbook is the answer to your traffic problems because it shows you HOW to get fast traffic that you can scale up into even more traffic.


This is how you can go from zero to five-figures literally overnight.


The training in Traffic Blackbook is simple, but powerful…


But first, you’ve got to understand this…


This Traffic Blackbook Review Reveals Internet Marketing’s Number One Rule…


traffic blackbook review

Every year, thousands of would be internet marketers flock online in the hopes of fulfilling their dreams of generating a full-time income from home.


The promises are everywhere. “Just click your mouse a half-dozen times, visualize, and money will start pouring from your computer, it’s that easy!”


You can’t really blame the prospects…the thought of making your money on autopilot is enticing. Not needing to work anymore is the reason most people get involved in online marketing.


The problem is, reality soon rears its ugly head.


Watch This Traffic Blackbook Testimonial



People are encountered by 101 ways that could make them money online. They hop from one method to the next, but never really getting much traction in the process.


The reason is, every online method hinges on one key factor. The number one rule, the number one “secret” for all internet marketing is also its most obvious requirement…




The fact is, I don’t care which Clickbank Guru told you that you can make a full time income online without traffic.


They’re dead wrong.


Despite all the hype in the industry, quality traffic has been and always will be the key prerequisite to making money online. Even offline… I don’t care if you have the greatest product in the world, if you can’t get your sales message in front of your prospects, you’re as good as dead.


I hope that what I’m saying is obvious. If you don’t have visitors, you won’t have sales, it’s as simple as that.


So what does the would-be internet marketer do? They start to seek out free traffic systems in the hopes of getting even a trickle of traffic.


They write article after article, create backlinks, post in forums…all for the off chance of generating some traffic. All the while thinking, “There must be an easier, faster way than this…”


Well I’m here to tell you, there is.


Let Me Tell You About Chad Hamzeh


traffic blackbook review

Chad Hamzeh doesn’t make his living teaching how to drive traffic, but by in fact doing it on a daily basis.


“Chad is a true master of many traffic sources including PPC and Media Buys and I should say that his advice has paid itself many times over!” – Ron R.


And the fact is… the fastest way to get traffic to your offers & your websites, is to BUY that traffic. I’m talking about Pay Per Click marketing, Media Buying, Facebook Marketing, and much much more. These are Chad Hamzeh’s specialties. This is what Chad does on a daily basis to drive traffic quickly and effectively.


Free traffic takes too long to see any kind of results, and if you value your time at all, then it’s not really free is it? In fact, the only free traffic I wholeheartedly recommend nowadays is social media marketing – in which you do have to master in order to see any results.


Blog commenting, in which I personally do, does take time and it can be quite effective as long as you have something meaningful comment to post.


For most beginners or those who don’t haven’t acquired a lot of real world experience in business and marketing, you’ll quite likely have a hard time coming up with comments to write. If you can’t write a comment that draws out curiosity in people that make them want to learn more about you and click onto your website, then you’ve pretty much are just wasting time.


Paying for traffic and advertising is the most established model out there. People have been buying ads to promote their offers long before computers and the internet were even around.


Who Else Wants Fast Traffic?


The Main Advantages to Buying Your Traffic


traffic blackbook

Now, in the Traffic Blackbook, Chad tells the overwhelming reasons why paid traffic is better than free traffic.


Now if you’re on a severe limited budget you CAN work your way up to paid traffic (and you should); in the meantime you can get traffic by attending our cutting-edge traffic webinars and by using a funded proposal in your marketing (you can learn more about that here). Then you can add in paid methods when you start to make money.


I want to really drive this point home especially if you’re having trouble getting enough traffic to your website. So pull up a chair and read this…


If you get anything out of reading this Traffic Blackbook review, it’s these MAIN points about paid traffic:


1) It’s FAST. On some online platforms, you can have traffic flowing to your offers literally within 5 minutes.


2) It’s measurable. A lot of free traffic techniques don’t let you track and measure where your marketing efforts are best spent. With paid traffic, you can see everything in black and white, so decisions on how to proceed are made quickly and easily.


3) It can be VERY cheap & low risk. Done correctly, buying traffic is very low risk and can be very cheap. Once you know how to do it properly, you essentially have an endless money machine that you can turn on and off at will.


Despite all that, most people still don’t go the paid traffic route, and the fact is, they’re afraid to “lose their money.”


This is totally understandable.


I too was like this when I first started out. And I made some mistakes along the way. But I’m here to tell you that just like anything else in life, it’s a skill that can be mastered with practice and the right guidance. And, it’s probably the most important skill to learn online.


Traffic Blackbook Review – The Testimonial That Says It All


I personally bought Chad’s Blackbook a little while after it first came out and I can tell you it was quite an eye-opener.


It questioned everything I thought I new about media buying and it saved me from wasting a lot of money.


Now, be forewarned, Chad made his money doing CPA offers and so you’ll have to apply the training to your niche and/or the kind of offers you are promoting. So, when he references CPA, know that’s where he started and so he comes from that perspective.


traffic blackbook review

In order to get the higher conversions possible you will have to test various landing pages. You need to be able to create landing pages yourself, have  a designer on standby to create them for you, outsource, use a service like LeadPages, or if you’re a network marketer, you can use My Lead System Pro’s web page creator.


“This course offers more VALUE per buck than any other SEO, Affiliate Marketing or SEO course available. The videos are fantastic for those folks who learn through hearing, like my business partner.


The PDFs are great for those who learn visually, like myself and the case studies are essential for understanding some of the more advanced concepts.


Traffic Blackbook has done a terrific job of making the art of web traffic generation understandable to newbies like us.” – emilym0817 @ imreportcard.com


When you know how to drive traffic the right way, you’re head and shoulders above most marketers. You don’t have to rely on joint venture partners, or slow search engine algorithms, or anything like that. You are the one in control and I can tell you that’s the greatest feeling to have with your online business.


But you need to learn how to do it right, or suffer the consequences. That’s why Chad has put together what many have said is the most comprehensive course on paid traffic techniques available today.


And of course, I’m talking about Traffic BlackBook, and it’s a step by step guide on how to buy traffic the right way, and convert it at a high rate. This is Chad Hamzeh’s blueprint for making six figures a year online.


If you want to learn more about how media buying and paid traffic techniques can change your business at a rapid pace, then click here to check out the Traffic BlackBook, and learn the real secrets of a genuine six figure affiliate. And yes, it’s newbie friendly and there are videos that takes you step-by-step (and pdfs for those that like to read).


I hear you when you say you’re tired of struggling to get enough traffic to your website. But if you’re serious about doing something about your traffic problems, here’s your chance.


Even I have learned a lot about media buying in the Traffic Blackbook…and I’ve bought numerous courses in the past but nothing breaks it down in depth like Chad’s course has.


This is not just another Traffic Blackbook review, this is a way to change your business for the better FOREVER!




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