Is Ardyss International a Scam? 

 May 5, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

A constant fear of most people is falling for an Internet scam. There are certain things you need to look for when looking at a business so that you don’t fall for an Internet scam or a Ponzi scheme. So, is Ardyss international a scam? You probably already know the answer.

If there’s one thing you should know is that illegitimate business opportunities have the same smell….


  • No viable product or service
  • Vague or no description of what you’re selling
  • Chain-letter style (you send money to X and X sends money to Y etc)
  • An over-emphasis of how much money you can make (dollar bills falling out of the sky, pictures of fancy cars and exotic homes etc…)

Those are the obvious red flags to look for when looking at a business opportunity. If you want to learn other sneaky techniques to check up on a business opportunity, or find other legitimate home based businesses, make sure you read How to Investigate Business Opportunities.


After looking at the Ardyss International home business and following the suggestions here, you probably know that Ardyss International is not a scam.


If you’re worried about losing money with Ardyss (if you become a distributor), then that’s undestandable. But keep in mind that by definition, when you’re in business you are taking a risk.

One way to combat that risk is to make sure you build your Ardyss business a certain way so that no matter what happens in your business or if you’re terrible at recruiting, you still make money.

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Your partner in success,


Corrisa Malone


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