Internet Network Marketing: 3 Tips to Make More Money and Get More Prospects 

 September 3, 2014

By  Corrisa

Internet network marketing can be quite a challenge. If you find yourself struggling with getting targeted leads and making money, then there are probably some things you’re missing from your business. Discover three simple tips you can do right now that can have a huge impact in your business.



Internet network marketing has really become quite confusing. There are too many gurus telling you too many different things to do. It’s conflicting and even down right frustrating at times…especially if all this is new to you.


And if you’re not happy with your results thus far, likely the path you’re on is not the path you want to be on. I know you’ve heard a thousand times the saying that if you want to keep getting the same results you’re getting, then keep internet-network-marketingdoing the same things.


The problem you may be having is that you don’t know what things you should be doing. Therein lies the problem. You see, some of these gurus have made a complete mess of complicating things that are really not that complicated.


And here you are not sure what path to take or what to do. Let’s lay it all out in the open so you can get the bigger picture of internet network marketing.


Once you get these three tips, you’ll have an understanding of what you have to do to get more prospects and make more money.


1. Target Accuracy Gives Better Results


Identify whom you want to target with your business. Do you want business builders? Product users? Other network marketers? That old saying that if you try to sell to everybody, you really sell to no one…rings true.


2. Use the Right Tools to Attract Better Leads and Traffic

Once you’ve identified whom you’re going to spend the majority of your time marketing to, you have to make sure that your: lead capture pages, content (i.e. videos, articles) are geared toward that target market.


In other words, the only way you’re going to attract these people is if you’re attractable. You put out content that attracts them to you. You’ve got to know their issues, pains, concerns, hot buttons. You must be able to relate to them.


If you’re doing internet network marketing, you’ve got to decide what you’re going to lead with. Are you going to mainly focus on the business opportunity or the product itself?


Or do you want to build a more solid profitable business empire by putting your major focus on helping other network marketers build their business and showing them the right tools and information to do so?


If you have some experience under your belt, you can do a combination of all thee above. The pros of leading with information, is that you’re able to catch a wider net of prospects.


In order for this to work effectively, you must have a marketing funnel set up that leads to your autoresponder. Email marketing is a necessary component for successful marketing on the web.


internet network marketing


This not only helps you build a relationship with those on your list, if set up properly you can create multiple income streams outside of your primary business. Either create your own mlm marketing system or tap into an existing one that is put together very well.


Don’t go to the next step unless you have a targeted web page or better yet, your “system” or marketing funnel in place. There’s no use getting traffic if you don’t have a place to send the traffic to.


3. Hang Out Where Your Prospects Do

You’ve got two choices: Either go to your target market or bring them to you.


If you want to go to your target audience, then you’ll want to find out where they like to hang out online. Forums, social networks, etc…


internet network marketing

If you want to bring your target market to you, then you can learn about keyword research and search engine optimization. Then create content around those keywords.


On the paid marketing end, you can do solo ads, pay per click, etc… These techniques will bring traffic to you; if you do it well, it will bring targeted traffic.


As you can see, internet network marketing doesn’t have to be overly difficult. Your marketing funnel will do all the selling for you. All you have to do is put your targeted lead capture pages in front of your target audience…and the rest is gravy.


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