Internet Network Marketing:The ABC’s 

 July 8, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

Internet network marketing is misunderstood by a lot of marketers. This leads to a lot of people draining their wallets trying to spend their way to success…often with less than spectacular results. Finally I draw back the curtain to reveal what most gurus will not ever tell you for fear of you finally knowing the truth about Internet network marketing…


internet network marketing

Internet network marketing, like any other kind of industry, makes money by selling products people think they need. And the gurus will only tell you things you want to hear.


If you think there’s a problem, there’s a big-wig waiting in the wings to capitalize on it and offer you a solution to what you think is a problem.


Good, bad, or indifferent, that’s how business is done…and how you’re being marketed to day in and day out whether you realize it or not.


So, the first step is having objectivity.


We’ve been called naïve, gullible, dreamers, portrayed as losers and suckers for falling for “schemes” by those outside of the network marketing industry…(and those who were formerly in network marketing but chose to quit).


You could sell a “water opportunity” to a network marketer who was standing next to the ocean.


I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t some element of truth to all of it.




If you’re not able to put things into perspective and completely understand Internet network marketing, you’ll become a “victim” again and again. internet network marketing


The Internet is the new technology for network marketers. Never before were you able to target your prospects, market directly to them, and recommend complimentary products and services, generate multiple streams of income, and build a relationship with them all at the same time.


Step two is looking at how you intend to market primarily online. Do you want to lead with information on how to build a business online? Do you want to lead with an opportunity? What about leading with the product or service you’re offering?


Step three is identifying the market online. Who are they? What kind of sites do they go on? What problems are keeping them up late at night…that your product/service can solve?


Do You Have the Time?


Now that you’ve identified whom you’re going to be targeting, now you have to craft content (targeted lead capture pages, articles, videos, email messages, etc…) that speak to that target audience. This is step 4. And this will be your system. A leads to B. B leads to C. C leads to D and on it goes.


internet network marketingThe majority of content you’ll be creating yourself. Your lead capture pages and email messages you can create yourself if you have some copywriting experience under your belt and if you know how to design web pages.


You can also hire someone to do it for you who knows what they’re doing. If you’re like most people, you may not have a lot of time or the skills yet to do it all yourself.


If that sounds like you, I suggest you use this marketing system in box. This will at least give you a track to run on and you can scale it up because you control your own list.


The last step is what can take you from no money to making multiple checks every single month…and that’s your Internet marketing skills. So in step 5, we’re going to leverage technology again and learn how to use the Internet to drive traffic.


If you had to spend money somewhere in this process, I suggest you spend it learning Internet network marketing first and then start buying systems and tools to streamline the marketing process. Get an overview of how Internet marketing works and then focus on ONE marketing technique at a time before adding in other methods.


Re-read that last paragraph 2 more x’s!


Let me be blunt…


I hate to be “Debbie Downer” here…


But, if you’re not consistently creating content on the Internet (i.e. videos, articles, blog posts, etc…), then all the tools, distribution services, and backlink products in the world are not going to help you one iota.


So stop buying into them if you’re not actively building your business. There are no magic products or systems that make you rich overnight without you having to put forth some effort. And even then your success won’t happen overnight, it takes time.


Take a deep breath. Here’s the upside…


There are some truly amazing products and services that can produce some really great results for the person who is in action mode. In other words, you’re creating content on the internet and/or engaged in social networking consistently.


If you haven’t picked up on it yet, consistency is the emphasis here. You have a marketing plan or strategy and everyday (or nearly everyday) you’re doing something to move your business forward.


Final Thoughts…



Step 1: Be objective


Step 2: Decide what you’re going to lead with


Step 3: Identify your target market


Step 4: Learn Internet marketing


Step 5: Take action


Create a online mlm marketing plan and notice what’s working and what’s not working. Tweak or dump what’s not working. To streamline your marketing process, add in automation or outsource various parts of your marketing campaigns. And that’s really the gist of Internet network marketing.


Your partner in success,



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