Internet Article Marketing: How to Dominate the First Page of Google 

 January 5, 2011

By  Corrisa Malone

Internet article marketing, if done right, can create traffic on autopilot. Here are some tips that can help you get more juice from your articles.


There are many theories and opinions on how to do Internet article marketing; however, the one thing that is certain is that there are certain key elements you must do if you want to give your articles a winning chance to be on the first page of Google.

Here are some simple tips in order to do just that…get maximum traffic from your articles and in a sense put more oomph in your articles so they can go the distance for you.

Article Marketing is Frustrating!

If you ever done article marketing and was very disappointed at your results, then there are some things that you need to know.

For starters, you need an article marketing strategy. What do you hope to accomplish by doing article marketing? Do you want to get backlinks to your other content by writing articles or do you want your articles themselves to rank on Google?

Whichever way you decide, know that there is an article marketing strategy that goes along with your purpose. Nothing will get you more frustrated and frankly bored to tears more then writing a bunch of articles that don’t get you any traffic.

Let’s just talk about how to get your articles to rank on Google. Here are some things you want to consider so you can have an amazing breakthrough in your article marketing efforts:

  1. Decide Your Article Marketing Strategy – First of all you’ve got to decide what your goal is with article marketing. Like I stated before, for every goal, there is an article marketing strategy that goes along with it. So, are you after backlinks or do you just want the articles you produce to rank in themselves?

  2. Make a List of Keywords – If you decided that you want your articles to rank on Google, you’ll want to make a list of keywords. Keywords are the words your potential prospects/customers use to either find your specific product, products similar to yours, or words that indicate they’re looking for a solution to a problem.

    You must understand how to do keyword research properly because the content you create will be based upon the keywords you choose. And most critically, this will be in essence what your articles will rank for.

  3. Write Keyword-Focused Articles – Make sure you have your keyword phrase (or keyword phrases) in the title of your article, in the first paragraph of your article (preferably the first sentence of the first paragraph), and a few more times throughout your article.

    Your article should read well and not be keyword stuffed! Your goal is to get these types of articles picked up in the search engines, which means people will likely come across them and hopefully read them.

    (If you’re brand new to search engine optimization, you may want to get this Seo guide. It’s only 7 bucks and probably the best $7 dollars you’ll spin that will pay big dividends in your marketing future!)

  4. Put Your Articles Where They Can Be Found – The biggest challenge I see with article marketers who struggle is knowing what to do next after the article is written and knowing exactly where to put their articles.

    Here is the most important thing you’ll ever read…

    You will want to see which article directories and other web 2.0 sites are ranking on the first page of Google. The obvious way is to just do searches on Google and see what kind of sites are showing up.

    You know that if a directory or web 2.0 site is on the first page, you know that Google likes it. Any “friend” of Google is a friend of yours when it comes to SEO. 

Here are just a handful of high-ranking article directories:


Here are just two high-ranking web 2.o sites:

Now that you’ve put your articles on these types of sites, you’ll want to do some backlinking to your articles especially if they’re not rising up in the ranks in Google.

You can do bookmarking, and/or create other content to link back to the articles you wrote on these sites.

To Re-Cap

Here are the steps:

  1. Do your keyword research well
  2. Write search engine optimized articles
  3. Place articles on high-ranking 2.0 websites and in article directories,
  4. Do some backlinking to your articles

Once you begin implementing these steps you’ll see a breakthrough in your article marketing efforts. Don’t just stop at one article…keep writing and do it consistently.

So, what are your Internet article marketing tips?

  • Hi,
    I read some of your previous posts, and I know came to word press not so long ago, and I wanted to compliment your blog; it’s simple but stylish. And no, updating all your blogs will never stop. 🙂 To come back to this article, I have a question which will probably come up in others’ minds as well. You wrote: “You must understand how to do keyword research properly “, but where can one read about the methods of proper keyword research? Will you do a post about it, or can you suggest a book for learning this? Thank you!
    Wishing you all the best, Leonard

    • I’ve learned over the years from many different sources, internet marketers, etc… For every ebook, course out there on how to do keyword research there are countless others that will contradict it LOL. Not to mention that Google always updating its algorithm. What used to rank easily several years ago is much harder to rank nowadays.

      I suggest that you spend some time on Internet marketing forums just to get in the know of what’s going on, the latest updates, what courses a lot of people recommend, and get other people’s OPINIONS etc.. My fav site is the warriorforum.com

      Thanks for stopping in Leonard!

  • For me it’s definitely blogging and social media. anything that gets you in front of real live people is a great method for internet network marketing.

    Great post 🙂

    • Yes, I’ve changed some of my methods over the years, but I do have a fondness for social media and article marketing.

      Thanks Rachael for stopping by.

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