INSANE Trick for Traffic Using Syndication 

 February 5, 2013

By  Corrisa

If you’re writing blog post after blog post or article after article and you’re not getting any results, then this is what you need to read right now…


content syndication


I learned a long time ago that just because you write it, people don’t automatically SEE it. In fact, odds are you’re not gonna get too many eyeballs on the content you write unless you do some kind of syndication and/or seo to your content.


Here’s the kicker…


If you solely rely on the search engines to bring you traffic, you could be waiting a very long, long time. The power is out of your hands. You’re pretty much hoping and wishing that almighty Google ranks your content – fast.


You can’t build a successful business on hopes and wishes. In reality, your content could never rank or it could be on the first page of Google one day and completely disappear from the serps altogether the next.


The most common way to syndicate your blog posts, articles and videos is just to post links on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts. You’ll get some traffic as long as you have some pull or leverage i.e. attract-ability. If people don’t like you or trust you, they won’t click on your links and they most definitely won’t buy what you’re selling.


This is why some people have success and why most people don’t.


So if you are syndicating your links on these sites and you are NOT getting results you need to take a look at this webinar we did on content syndication:


How to Syndicate Your Content For More Traffic…


What to Expect on this Webinar…


content syndication

On this Webinar we’re gonna spill the beans and tell you exactly HOW to get your content syndicated out on the web in a HUGE way…


And it’s all automated (it’s explained in the webinar…)


By HUGE I mean like getting 2,500+ Shares, Re-tweets, Comments, Likes, etc. on every piece of content YOU create…


Like I said before, if you’re syndicating your content and you’re not getting results it’s because you probably haven’t built up any trust yet.


With this method that’s revealed on the webinar, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t developed street ‘cred’ yet…people will click your links and help you syndicate your content for you.


With the secret way they’re settin’ it up (all explained in the webinar)…You post your stuff…and it’s all done automatically…


YOUR content just instantly shoots out all over the internet…without spamming people…without being annoying…all legit!! It’s insane.


If you’re sick and tired of writing content and putting up videos that get very little traffic, then this is just the webinar you must read that can help you turn your business around.


You need to just go watch this FREE (for now) recorded webinar and find out for yourself…




Just imagine for a second creating a piece of content…like a post on your blog…


And KNOWING that as soon as you hit “PUBLISH” that this content was going to fly out ALL OVER
the friggin internet like wild fire!!


How awesome would that be to get a couple thousand shares within minutes of each post
you make?

content syndication

How would that change your business, or your lead generation??


It would AMP IT UP like crazy is what it would do!!…


One guy on the webinar who set this up on his BRAND NEW blog…posted just his second post… and that post received 157 visits and generated 8 leads THAT DAY!!


There are people who have had blogs for months, sometimes even years… who still don’t get 157
visits a day.


This is insane!!


You’d be crazy not to go and see how to set this up too…




Alright  that’s all. I’m going to set this up for myself RIGHT NOW!!…


Your partner in success,




P.S. By the way, in the very beginning of the Webinar, the host gives a little piece of info about how to get your organization getting stellar results…and it’s like a little golden nugget that can change your business forever…


P.P.S. If you’re using the Empower Network System and you’re blogging and not having success, then you’ve got to see what you’re missing…


Go watch it! You’ll thank me for this one!




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