IBOToolBox: The IBOToolBox Review 

 November 18, 2012

By  Corrisa

What is IBOToolBox? Is it just another wannabe Facebook social site or is it something you better be paying attention to? This may very well have an impact on the way you do social networking.



IBOToolBox? If you’ve been wondering what this site is about and whether or not it can help you build your business, well this may be one IBOToolbox review you’ll want to really read.


If there’s one thing you need more of, it would be traffictargeted traffic. It’s on every Internet business owner’s mind. You see, without traffic paid or free, your business will slowly fade away – taking all your hard work and money you invested down with it.


Which brings us to social networking, which if you target the right social sites, you’re likely to run into your ideal prospects for your business.


IBO is not like the dreaded Facebook. With FB, you have to filter through a lot of people to find the ones that may have an interest in what you’re selling.


On IBO, you know that everyone on that site is a business owner. Just knowing that fact makes your job that much easier.


By now you’re seeing the traffic potential.


IBOToolBox – Lots of Traffic Potential For Your Business


IBOToolbox was designed so that you could promote your business opportunity or any other kind of program. As an attraction marketer, I’m sure you know that shouting about your biz opp all the time and every time you get a chance is a sure fire way to turn people away from you and your business opportunity.


That doesn’t mean you can’t never use it in that way, it means that you have to provide some value or else you just become a part of the “noise.”


If you had any doubt whether or not IBOToolBox gets lots of traffic, check out their Alexa rating:


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Impressive. The sad thing is that a lot of business people on IBOToolbox don’t use it to its full potential. Read below to see what I mean.


IBOToolBox Review – The Smarter Way to Use IBOToolbox


You need more traffic. The most likely prime prospect for you may be other home business owners. IBOTooxbox now puts you smack dab in the front center of your hot prospects (if you’re after other biz oppers). But don’t do what most people do and that’s just promote, promote and never give any value.


A healthy mix is good because you have to stand apart from the masses.


To get the most value and the most traffic, here are some things you can do when you sign up for IBOToolbox:


  • Give value to other business owners – tips, advice, share what you know that can help another business owner. This will help you look more like a leader…the leader you need to become in order to attract the right kinds of people to you


  • Link to your blog – This give other business owners a chance to know more about you.


  • Submit “press releases” regularly – Relax, these are not real press releases, just IBO calls them that. Actually these are very short articles or posts. To get the most mileage out of your press release make sure you use keywords that pertain to your niche or whatever it is you’re marketing. IBOToolbox press releases have “authority” and can rank high in the search engines. This means you will get FREE organic traffic just for posting press releases. There is a maximum of two per day.


  • Comment regularly – comment on other people’s “press releases” and links that they post. Never put people down. Remember what mama said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”


  • Use the Like Button – Like other people’s post if you genuinely like it.


IBOToolxBox Review – Make Sure You Check Out These


Besides being a place where people can gather and promote their products and services, IBOToolbx also has the following services:


  • Live Chat – you can put a widget on any site where people can chat with you live


  • Earn Ad Credits – You can run ads on its site(s) by using credits that you earn from being active (IBOToolBox runs other sites and when you post press releases or run ads, it runs on its other sites as well). You can also purchase ad credits.


When you use all the features IBOToolBox has to offer you can see how you can get massive traffic to your offers. Even if you’re short on funds you can benefit from IBO because there’s no cost to get started…all it takes is consistency and using it the smarter ways I’ve listed here. Remember, this site rewards those who are active on it.


I hope you found this IBOToolxBox Review helpful!


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Your partner in success,



P.S. Make sure you completely fill out your profile completely so you can earn your first set of points

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  • If you’re a small business owner still weighing whether or not you should get involved in social media, that’s huge. Again, it’s also a testament to the power of getting involved in your local community, online and off. If you’re taking the time to engage people on Facebook and to create content that is valuable and relevant to their needs, you have a great opportunity to significantly increase the traffic to your Web site, even more than a site much larger than you.

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