How to Use Social Media in Network Marketing pt2 

 May 19, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

How to Use Social Media in Network Marketing

Note:If you haven’t read the first part, go to Social Media in Network Marketing pt 1


The two biggest things online are trust and leadership. If you have both, then you have a greater chance of success. Everything is a work in progress. You can earn your prospects’ trust and leadership is something you develop over time. This is not an over night process.


When you’re doing social networking you have to ask yourself is what you’re doing contributing to your trust or leadership factor.

Be authentic. Don’t deceive people. If people aren’t right for what you’re offering, then turn them away. You’ll get more respect from people when they know that you’re not just out there to shake them down for their wallet.


Which brings me back to…


I’m Just Here to Help

If you’re going to use social media for networking purposes, then you’ve got to really know some of the issues that people of that particular site would be interested in.

I remember not to long ago, a lady instant message me on one of these social networking platforms and asked me how I was doing. I replied in same and then asked her what she did for a living. She replied in such a way that it sounded like she was working with a company as an employee.

She then asked me if I wanted to attend a 30 minute webinar so I could learn more about what she did. (no joke!).


I have no love for companies (or uplines) that tell its distributors to deceive people into thinking that what they offer is a job…when it’s really an opportunity.

Second, if you can’t tell strangers you meet online what you do without sending them to a 30 minute webinar, you’re going to be in a world of hurt doing social media and building your network marketing business.

If you’re going to put yourself out there, especially in some of these sites like Better Networker and business forums, be there to be helpful.

Just to re-cap on how to use social media in network marketing…

Social media marketing is definitely hot! No two ways about it. It is a daring way to get tons of free traffic for free as long as you’re willing to pay the price in your time.

You can conquer these social sites by first deciding if you want to be more of a social networker and use sites like Facebook, Better Networker, forums, etc… or use social sites to help you get more eyeballs on your content and to help you distribute it.

You can promote whatever it is you want to. A system, an opportunity, a product…but you want to make you the focus.

It is good idea to position yourself so that you gain the most exposure and get more people coming up to you.

So you don’t waste a lot of time, develop a plan and work it. Notice your results. If it’s not working, then tweak it or move on to something else.

Challenge yourself to learn more about social media marketing….don’t be a know-it-all or think that you only have to buy one ebook or take one course and you’re done forever. The internet is always changing and evolving. Stay up to speed.


Good luck on your journey…




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