How to Use Funded Proposals to Advertise MLM Business For Free 

 April 5, 2021

By  Corrisa

Trying to advertise your MLM business for free can be a losing battle if you’re not using funded proposals in your marketing. Here’s why…

Imagine what it would be like if you could make money easier and faster in your network marketing business without recruiting a bunch of people…

It’s not only possible, but doable because a lot of network marketers are doing it everyday.

Here’s the caveat…

They’re not recruiting necessarily more people into their business, but getting people to pay them to recruit them into their business!

Sounds impossible?

Before I get into the “secret” as to how this is done, let me pull back the curtain of MLM - and reveal the reasons why so many fail at it. 

Read on…

Why People Fail In Network Marketing 

You probably already know this….

Most people who come into network marketing (or MLM) fail to make the kind of money they thought they would make.


There are many reasons, but there are only three main ones…

3 Reason Why People Fail in MLM 

1. Targeting the Wrong People - MLM is marketed to the average person who is likely to not have the characteristics, skills, and motivation to build a successful business.

MLM is in general a warm market business. This means that people are taught from the get-go to recruit friends and family into their biz opp. This is probably what you were taught when you joined your MLM.

Here’s the problem…

As you probably realize now, some of your friends and family may not have the business and marketing skills needed to run a successful business while others are just not plain interested in being a business owner much less being involved in an MLM. 

You may have been rejected time and time again by your friends and family and even had the “All MLMs are scams” objection thrown in your face!

Thus is the reason why MLM gets a bad reputation (yes, some of it is deserved).

Let me explain…

A lot of people join an MLM only to complain later about it because:

a) They didn’t know what they were getting into and/or

b) They felt pressured/obligated by a friend or family member to join

In other words, they felt that they were blindsided and not fully prepared to start and maintain a business - especially a network marketing business.

This does not mean you can’t let your friends and family know of your business - you absolutely should, but it’s all in the way you go about it and it helps if you really know the people you are presenting it to.

2. Lack of Marketing Skills - If you joined a network marketing company because you were swayed by the images of money, mansions, and fancy cars without giving thought of the skills that it takes to get those things, well you fall in the same “bucket” as a lot of other people. 

In other words it’s a common “trap” that people fall into when they see those kinds of images and it’s really not your fault.

Some people (and you may be one of them) probably didn’t realize that MLM is still a business even if you work it from home in your pajamas. 

If you're not familiar with the 7 Lies of Network Marketing eBook, you'll want to read this FIRST before going forward.

In order to be successful in your business, you have to get enough people to your website consistently that want to join your biz opp and/or buy your products - and that takes marketing skills.

This brings us to one of the biggest reasons why people fail in MLM…

3. Difficulty Making Money - This is the “dirty secret” of network marketing that a lot of network marketers don’t want to talk about.

MLM by definition requires you to build an active salesforce in order to make decent money and that can take years to do. This is why you are paid on levels and why your commission checks are smaller than an average one tier affiliate program.

Keep in mind that you’re likely on an autoship of products just to earn your full commission (or any commission at all) and this "eats" into your profit unless you normally would buy the products anyway even if you were not a part of your network marketing company.

I don’t have any stats in front of me, but I can guess that the vast majority of people are on autoship because they want to earn commissions…

Just to pile on…

As a distributor you also have to worry about attrition - those who leave your organization. You have to recruit more people than are leaving your organization.

Those are the three biggest reasons why so many people fail in MLM.

Now that you know the problems, let’s focus on the ONE solution that can make a big difference in your network marketing career…

Advertise an MLM Business For Free Using Funded Proposals 

Now, let me ask you a personal question…

Do any of those three problems I listed above apply to you?

If you’re like most people who got involved with MLM in order to provide a better life for their family, then probably the answer is “yes”.

Here’s the issue…

Most network marketers start off solely trying to build their business directly with their friends and family only to get “shot” down by them - especially by the ones that don’t understand MLM and think that the whole industry is one big Ponzi scheme.

You are then left feeling deflated and rejected. You even start questioning your decision of building a business in this industry.

This is why pitching your biz opp to your friends and family are often the wrong places to start building a business.

Now you are left with a network marketing business that:

  • Is costing you more money than you are making
  • You can’t get your friends and family to join
  • You have more people who are leaving (or join and do absolutely nothing) than are coming into your organization

To add fuel to the flame, you may have an unsupportive "significant other" that is getting fed up with you joining these programs that drain the family’s bank account.

The solution…

Funded proposals.

Why Funded Proposals? 

As you absorb this information I've presented to you thus far, you’re probably quickly realizing that the problems you’re experiencing in your business are not unique to you - every network marketer experiences them too.

This is why some people just flat out quit, continue to struggle, or find another way to build their business.

That other way is using funded proposals.

A funded proposal is used so that your business expenses of your primary business are covered.


Funded proposals are primarily used in the cold market - those that do not know you.  

However, you are targeting other network marketers because they are, first of all, easy to identify online, have already “bought” into network marketing, and least likely pose the silly Ponzi scheme objection.

Here’s the kicker…

The vast majority of people in network marketing are not making the kind of money they want to make and/or are just outright struggling. In other words, they need help.

This is why when you’re using a funded proposal, you lead with something of value and have your own primary business on the back-end. 

This could be tools, training, systems, an ebook, software etc. It has to be something that helps your prospect and makes them a better business owner even if they don’t join your business. 

In essence, this is the entry point to your marketing funnel and the product you lead with can be free or low cost. However, at some point, you will want a low cost product to offer your prospects/leads. 

Most people would rather buy low cost products (systems, tools, training) than join a $200 business opportunity from a complete stranger they have no relationship with.

Retail profits are easier to make and can be a source of consistent income outside of your primary business.

Once you have stable income coming in, you can then put those profits back into your business to grow it (buy advertising) and/or cover your business expenses like your autoship costs. 

This is why this type of system is called a funded proposal - your expenses are funded by the low barrier retail products you sell.

You’re then advertising your MLM business for free due to the income you’re bringing into your business.

How to Pick Successful Funded Proposals

how to succeed in network marketing

Now you’re probably thinking that “this sounds all good and dandy, but how in the heck do you put this all together?”

You can create your own retail products or you can search for products that appeal to network marketers (or any other audience you’re targeting).

That can take time and like I alluded to earlier, if you’re like most network marketers, you may not have the skills (nor the time) at the moment to put this all together.

This is why I recommend people don’t try to reinvent the wheel - when there is already a wheel created that has been proven to work.

This is why I recommend this funded proposal system. It works right out the gate and all the pieces have been created for you, thereby giving you the opportunity to start making money right from the get-go.

If you can picture yourself finally making money in your business and having your expenses covered (and putting to rest your significant other’s nagging comments about not making any money) - then you can surely see yourself using a funded proposal system to help you advertise your MLM business for free.

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