How to Use Free Safelists, Traffic Exchange Sites For Traffic Part 2 of 2 

 August 9, 2020

By  Corrisa

Can you really get traffic with safelists and traffic exchanges? Yes and no. There are things you really ought to know before trying them. Let me explain...

This is going to tee-off some die hard traffic exchange and safelist people - but oh well. No harm meant really.

This article is for people who are looking to do this kind of traffic generation for the first time and for those who are looking to get better results.

And yes, most people don’t do well with this kind of traffic. I’ll get into more of that later. This course is meant to set you up properly so that you actually get traffic and ultimately sales.

The Point of No Return

There is no point in joining and/or upgrading in one safelist/traffic exchange after another if you don’t know what you're doing and/or if you’re getting terrible results.

Remember that definition of insanity?

So, if you’re truly interested in getting traffic from safelists and traffic exchanges, you’ll want to take the next few minutes and read this. I promise you it's gonna save you time, money, and your sanity. 

It’s also gonna be an eye-opener for sure!

What They Don’t Tell You About Safelists and Traffic Exchanges...

Information is sparse online on how to successfully use safelists (aka list-builders/mailers) and traffic exchanges for traffic.

I cannot tell you why that is, but it must be frustrating for anyone who is looking for help with these kinds of traffic methods.

So, let’s start with the basics…

What Are Safelists (List-Builders) and Traffic Exchanges? 

In a nutshell, these are incentivized traffic methods. What that means is that people are rewarded via credits for viewing websites and/or clicking on advertisements.

These credits that people earn are then used by them to get their websites seen by other people just like them. It sounds a little bit twisted, but think of it like this…

I will show you mine, if you show me yours. Tit for tat.

This means that people are clicking on your ads, banners, and website links not because they’re interested per se, but because they have to in order to earn credits to get their websites seen.

It's Apples and Oranges

It takes a whole heck of a lot of views to get any conversions. If you’re doing any other kind of marketing, you will definitely notice that this kind of traffic converts at a lot lower rate than what you’re probably used to.

Remember that this kind of traffic is bombarded with ads and websites...one after another - all competing for their attention.

So, why on earth would anyone want to get traffic this way?

There are a few reasons, one of which is that there is the perception that this is free traffic. I’ll get into more about that in the next section.

Let me ask you this...

So, what are the reasons why you’re looking to get traffic from safelists and traffic exchanges? What were you told? Are you a little bit confused about what to promote to this kind of traffic?

Or are you still on the "fence" about using safelists and traffic exchanges? Not sure if they're even worth your time?

Well, hopefully by the time you get down to the bottom of this article, you will have a clearer picture of these traffic methods. You can then make a more informed decision about using these kinds of traffic techniques.

But first, let’s debunk some myths first. 

The Myths of Safelists and Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges and safelists do work. I have gotten sign-ups, leads, and even sales from this kind of traffic. It does work - if you know how to work it.


What keeps people from having success is believing all the mistruths and myths about these traffic methods.

Let’s begin with two of these biggest myths shall we?...

Myth #1: Safelist and Traffic Exchanges Are Free

Truth: Safelists and traffic exchanges are free to join, however, if you join as a free member, most of your time will be spent clicking links and viewing other people’s websites

I stopped viewing safelists and traffic exchanges as free traffic methods and recategorized them as low skill traffic methods. This is not a jab at any particular group of people because the reality of this kind of traffic is that you do not need much skill to make it work.

With that said, spending hours (yes hours with an “s”) clicking on links is probably not the best use of your time. You are ALWAYS much better off upgrading at these sites than just being a free member. 

If you have more time than money, you are better off upgrading at one site and then using the money you make from your sales to upgrade at other sites. 

I will even say that even if money is no object for you, upgrading one site at a time is still the better way to go rather than upgrading at several websites all at the same time. It can get overwhelming when you try to do too much, too soon.

So, yes they’re technically free, but you’re using your valuable time - which does have some value. In the end, you do what you have to do, to make it work. Just remember your goal is ultimately to upgrade at the sites that are giving you good results.

Myth #2: Only Newbies Do Safelists and Traffic Exchanges

Truth: There is some truth that beginner marketers flock to these methods when starting online, however, there are a great number of people who have done this form of marketing for years and years - like 10+ years! 

Traffic exchanges and safelists have been around 20 years. There are people who have built six-figure businesses solely using these forms of traffic. Do they work? Yes. 


How to Be Successful With Safelists and Traffic Exchanges

Here's the dilema...

You want free traffic using list-builders and traffic exchanges, but you’re not sure what is the best way to go about it. Maybe you’ve tried safelists and traffic exchanges before without much success and so now you want to give it a try again.

The problem is...there’s not much online as to how to be successful with these traffic methods. You’ll get tons of articles that tell you what these methods are and a bunch of links to specific traffic exchanges and safelists - and that’s about it.

All in all, there's not very much helpful info online at all.

So, if you've been running around trying to figure these traffic methods out - I feel your pain. Hopefully this section will ease some of that frustration.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. Build Your List - Most successful people who are using these methods are primarily building their list. Some people do both - promote offers directly and build their list.

The owners of these safelists and traffic exchanges will tell that you need to be building your list.

When you build your list, that means that once a prospect is on your list, you are then free to promote any programs you want to them.

Very few affiliate programs will let you add your autoresponder code to the program so that you can build your list and promote the affiliate program at the same time.

 Affiliate Funnel one program that lets you add in your autoresponder code while promoting this program so that you can build your list.

For the vast majority of programs, you will have to build your list and then refer people onto the affiliate program or your biz opp. You will need a landing page / splash page program to create your pages.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can get both an autoresponder and landing page builder for a mere $10 bucks/mo with a site called Build a Biz Online. This is a place to start.

Otherwise, I recommend GetResponse for your autoresponder.

2. Promote the Right Things - People using safelists and traffic exchanges already have a business or affiliate offer that they are promoting. They want to learn how to get more traffic to those programs. So you’ll want to be promoting tools and traffic programs to these people.

It’s been often said that business opportunities don’t convert well when promoted outright on traffic exchanges and safelists, however, I do see a lot of simple money-making opportunities being promoted.

I cannot tell you how well these particular types of programs convert, but I do see them all the time which means they are using A LOT of credits to get their sites shown. 

It’s very important that you track. Some biz opps, may convert very well with this traffic - but the only way to know is if you track (see below).

How to Get the Most Credits

In order to get the most credits so that you actually see some results without clicking for hours upon hours, you will need to upgrade AND get referrals. When you get referrals you get extra credits that you can then use to run more of your ads.

In addition, if those referrals upgrade themselves, you earn a commission. So, at the very least you need to upgrade. For the very best results, you need to both upgrade and get referrals.

3. Track For Success - You must track. Remember that clicks don’t mean much because this kind of traffic are clicking to get credits themselves. Clicks, for the most part, just give you an indication of how active a site is. If you order a set amount of clicks, your tracker does come in handy,

With that said, some programs will allow you to put tracking pixels on the "thank you" page. This is how you can actually track your conversions - people that opt-in and/or buy.

If you're using your own landing page, you can put the pixel on your "thank you" page. This is where tracking becomes very important because this is the way you'll know which safelists/traffic exchanges are giving you better conversions.

Tracking also tells you what sites are the most active. If you’re barely getting any kind of clicks then that’s a sign that something is wrong. Remember people are being rewarded for clicking links, so if you’re not getting very many clicks it could mean that site is not active or is “dying”.

Spend your time on active sites. That’s obvious, but the only way you’re going to know is if you are tracking.

Nearly most sites have places where you can submit your banners. You always want to take advantage of all the advertising opportunities a site gives you. If you don’t have banners, you will want to create your own using sites like Canva or Instant Banner Creator.

Affiliate pages sometimes don’t convert that well. The reason being is that there are other affiliates promoting that same page. When the same pages are promoted all the time continuously, people tend to not “see” them anymore.

If you’ve gotten a couple of thousand views and you have not gotten any sign-ups it may be a sign you need to use a different affiliate page or better yet, create your own page and build your list

In a Nutshell...

Yes, you can get traffic from safelists and traffic exchanges, but you must know the best way to go about in order to make that happen.

Too many people do give up too soon because frankly there isn’t too much help out there to show them what to do.

With these tips I have given you here, you will have much better success than the average person using these traffic methods.

Make sure you see the resources listed below.


GetResponse - Affordable autoresponder with a lot of advance features.

Build a Biz Online - Business suite of tools consisting of autoresponders, very basic splash page (landing page) creator, branding tools, banner creator tools  - all for $10 a month.

Safelist Marketing Tactics - Free ebook showing you how to make the most of safelists. I highly recommend this book if you’re going to do safelist marketing.

Clixtrac - One of the longest running tracking sites that has more advanced features than HitsConnect (it’s competitor). I switched from HitsConnect to this one. Much better interface too.

Affiliate Funnel - Some training on using safelists and traffic exchanges. Marketing tools like splash pages. The BIGGEST benefit of this site is that you can add in your autoresponder code to their landing pages and build your list.

Canva or Instant Banner Creator - For banner creation. Instant Banner Creator may be a litle bit easier to work with if you're not used to creating banners.

Because this is an on-going course, I urge you to subscribe to the Underground Traffic Tactics list so you’ll be notified of new article posts, new programs, and more tips and resources to help you get better results with this kind of traffic. 

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