How to Succeed in Network Marketing 

 December 18, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone

How to succeed in network marketing? Do you have questions as to how to really achieve success in this industry? Tired of the hype? Here are some things you may find quite interesting…

how to succeed in network marketing

So, what is the secret to making money in network marketing and is it really as impossible as some naysayers say?


If you’ve dipped your toe into the realm of network marketing only to quickly pull it out after feeling the cold shrill of reality…well you’re not alone.


And what exactly is the reality you may be saying? Network marketing is a business and businesses require W-O-R-K! Hard work.


This is how to succeed in network marketing without being deceptive, going crazy, and spending countless hours going in circles:


  1. Build For the Long Haul i.e. Build Your List – It’s often said that the money’s in the list… And I’m sure you’ve seen people say the exact opposite of you don’t need a list to make money.So what is the truth? Both are true and most marketers do both with the bulk of their time building their own list. For long-term growth and to get that automatic cashflow that I and so many other marketers talk about, you’ll want to build a list of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

    Most of your sales are going to be from within your marketing funnel…and the only way to get a marketing funnel is to build a list. Yeah, it’s a catch 22!

  2. Cure the Jumping Bean Syndrome – One of the biggest reasons people don’t make any money, I mean zippo money, nada, is that they don’t stick with anything long enough to reap the rewards.It’s quite understandable you maybe realized that you picked a dud of a company or training system and you want to bail while you still have money in your bank account. However, you want to hunker down and stick with something.

    And most importantly, it really helps to cut down on the jumping around if you choose a good source to learn the ins and outs of Internet marketing (could I emphasize that enough!).

  3. Get a System Down i.e. a Plan of Attack – I’m a system and tool gal. I need things to help me go faster and save time because I’m a perfectionist and I’m slow (and I’m ADD…notice the all caps!).I just don’t mean a marketing system, but a plan to do things day in and day out that’s going to give you results. Here’s that silly cliché you’ve probably heard a thousand times… “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”

    Here’s what I mean…

    After spending countless hours building lead capture pages, building websites the hard way, I now use and have been using Mlm Lead System Pro to help me do things more seamlessly like build customizable lead capture pages, and train my new people in Internet marketing.

    I have a plan of action everyday of what I need to do in my business in order for me to begin seeing results.

    How to succeed in network marketing without going broke? Make a marketing plan and work that plan consistently. Notice what’s working and what’s not working. If what you’re doing is not working don’t just give up on your company, your system, or yourself. Find out the reason or change what you’re doing.

  4. Ask Yourself the Question, “Am I in the Right Industry?” – You want to refrain from trying to plug a square peg into a round hole. Huh?Ok, let me explain.

    I know if you’ve been in network marketing for more than three or four years, you’ve probably heard that network marketing is for everybody and everybody can do this.

    You may have even heard that network marketing is the only kind of home business there is. Well, I’m here to tell you that none of the above is true. Yes, I do like to be the bearer of bad news because along with the bad news comes the “reality check” as an extra bonus.

    The “truth” sets people free to find their truth or their niche…and network marketing just may or may not be yours.

So in a nutshell, how to succeed in network marketing…


First of all, make sure you absolutely want to be in network marketing. Study marketing (online or offline), develop a plan of attack and consistently take action and notice your results. For long-term profits and growth develop a marketing funnel and build your list.

Don’t jump around from system to system or program to program…hunker down and give yourself a chance to begin reaping results. And most importantly believe in yourself.

To your success,


  • You make a lot of great points. I think one problem people run into is information overload. It has been my experience that you need to take stay focused and have a powerful why.

    Thanks for sharing..

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