How to Pick the Best MLM Marketing System 

 April 18, 2021

By  Corrisa

What is the best MLM marketing system - and do you really need one in your business or is it just a waste of time? Read the surprising answer...

You probably already know this, but there are two HUGE problems in network marketing: 

1. Generating Leads ...and

2. Making Money

If you’re like most people in this industry, you’re probably struggling with both of those issues.

So, in other words, you’re not alone - if that’s any comfort to you at all.

I’m sure you rather be at the top, than down at the bottom with other people who are having a rough time building their business too.

Afterall, misery doesn’t need any company!

The flipside is that there is something you can do that can help turn your business around - and finding the best MLM marketing system can play a huge part.

Here’s the catch…

You have to choose a really good system.

The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of “stinkers” out there that solely exist to take your money and not give you much back in return.

There are scammers in every single industry - including the home business / network marketing industry - so it’s buyer beware at all times.

If you don’t want to fall victim to these crooks or get “stuck” with a crappy system, you’ll want to keep reading...

 But first….

What Really is Network Marketing? 

So you fully understand network marketing, watch this short clip from Tim Sales.

The Types of Marketing Systems to Avoid 

Nowadays, marketing systems are beginning to be a dime a dozen. It seems there’s always a “new” system launching that promises you overnight riches without any effort at all!

Although this is laughable, the sad part is this…

People fall for this shtick all the time - losing not only the money they put into it, but all the effort and time invested.

They feel let down and hopeless as they watch their dreams go down the drain.

Have you ever been a victim of a scam or been involved with a badly run program or biz opp?

If you’ve been on the ‘net for any length of time, then quite likely you’ve been a victim in one shape or form.

All in all, unless you know what to look for and what to avoid in a marketing system, odds are you’re gonna spend too much time and money in something that wasn’t designed for your ultimate benefit.

can you advertise your business opportunity on Facebook

Steer Clear From... 

1. Systems That Don’t Offer Any Real Traffic Generation Training

Any system that doesn’t give you traffic training is a system that you should run from. This is a slap in the face to you as a marketer.

Every system should teach you how to build a better business (how to generate leads, business/marketing tips etc…)

There are a LOT of marketing systems that want you to just recruit people into the system. In other words, there is NO value within the system itself - it’s just one big recruiting scheme.

Any network marketing system that wants to take your money and not give you value in return, is a system that is better left alone.

2. Systems That Don’t Offer products and services that real people want to buy

When looking at a network marketing system, ask yourself these specific questions...

Why would anyone want to buy into this system?

Where’s the value?

If a system’s sole objective and emphasis is on making money and getting people to sign up for the system then you may have just a money scheme on your hands and not a real MLM marketing system.

There should be products (tools, systems, training) within the system itself that appeals to your target audience. This helps you build a side income that you can then put back into your primary business.

3. Systems That Don’t Let You Build Your List

how to get people join network marketing company

The proven way to make a lot of long-term money in this industry is by list-building. If you’re not building your list, you’re leaving money on the table.

Any good multi level marketing system will allow you to hook up your autoresponder to their service so you can build your golden asset – your list.

Just to Recap Things to Avoid…

In a nutshell you want to stay away from marketing systems that don’t help you build your business. 

Marketing systems exist in essence, to help you build your primary network marketing business through the use of the funded proposal business model.

It should help you generate leads and earn cashflow upfront so that you can then put it back into your business.

The system must offer training to help you become a better marketer.

It should also offer valuable products and services that appeal to those who are looking for a home business or looking to improve the business they are currently in.

 You may want to re-read that last sentence - it’s that important.

When you use the right kind of system it makes you more attractable to those you’re trying to target.

How Can the Best MLM Marketing Systems Help You Grow Your Business? 

best MLM prospecting system

Now that you know what things to avoid, you should know the important things to look for in a marketing system so that you can use it effectively to help you grow your business.

A good marketing system can help you cast a targeted wider net so that you attract more prospects and potential customers to your business.

The system should give these prospects enough information so that they opt into your funnel to learn more about what you and the system can do for them and their business.

Inside your funnel, your prospects will be exposed to retail products and services in addition to the system itself.

There must be tools and resources to help your prospects/leads build a better business.

When the customers buy your retail products/services/system, they are giving you a checkmark of approval. They grow to like and trust you and in turn will be more open to you and your business opportunity.

Remember, if your prospects and/or leads don’t trust or like you they won’t let you near their wallet!


When people buy the products recommended in your system's funnel, you’re gonna make some money that you can then put back into your business to help it grow faster.

That could be in the form of buying advertising, tools, or covering your autoship costs.

Cashflow is the name of the game when it comes to building a business…

The faster you can recoup your business expenses the faster you can put more money back into your business to grow it faster. 

All of these pieces work together to create an MLM marketing system that can not only fund your primary business, but also help you create a relationship and rapport with those on your list.

What is the System That I Recommend?

Having been an avid user of systems for years, I can tell you that a well put together system can give you a lot of leverage in your business.

It can be the glue that holds everything together and can be that well-oiled machine that not only helps you generate leads but also creates an additional income stream for you.

This is the system that I recommend simply because there’s no fluff and filler and ALL the pieces you need to become successful with it and in your primary business are contained within the system.

When you make your business simple, it becomes simpler to make money...

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