How to Market a Home Based Business 

 June 23, 2010

By  Corrisa Malone


Is there a secret to learning how to market a home based business online?

How to Market a Home Based Business

Curious as to how to market a home based business? Are you doing Internet network marketing and can’t seem to get yourself off the ground?

The only secrets are the ones you don’t know about…yet. You’ve probably bought into the dream of the lifestyle…easy money, easy business, riches overnight. But there is a price to pay.

And that price will come at the expense of you sacrificing some time and some money in order to pull off that dream.

In other words, you’ve got to invest into yourself.

More specifically, that includes learning Internet marketing skills.

So now you know it’s going to take some learning and application of what you’ve learned in order to pull your business off the ground. Let’s get a little bit more specific on how to market a home based business.

Whether you’re doing Internet network marketing, affiliate marketing, or you have a business you created from the ground up, the first step is going to be…

Identification of your target market online – You either go to where they hang out or bring them to you. Look at forums, social networking platforms, etc…  

Next you want to construct a plan to bring them into closer to you. This is a component of attraction marketing. Know what your prospects are looking for and then constructing a plan to bring them closer to you.

You could:


  • Network on social platforms they’re using
  • Write keyword targeted articles
  • Do videos
  • Do pay per click campaigns based upon your keywords
  • Do solo ads
  • Banner advertising
  • Media buying
  • Safelists / list builders
  • Extensive web 2.0 marketing campaigns (my favorite!)

As you can see, there are endless possibilities when looking at how to market a home based business.

I bet you knew this already.

You see, where a lot of people miss the boat is that they only hit the surface.

Let me explain.

When your prospects hit your sales page, most won’t take you up on your offer right off the bat. That’s just how marketing works.

Earth-shattering? Not really. I bet you knew this already too.

This is why you see the emphasis is on scooping up the “no’s” who don’t want to buy and putting them into your marketing funnel. Most of your money will be made in your marketing funnel. This is where your marketing system comes in.


Think about it. Even if you’re the baddest of all marketing badasses, only around 10% (at most!) of the people who come into your funnel are going to buy from you right off the bat.

They might not have the money right now, it might not be the right time, they might not believe your claims of cat juggling heroics, whatever.

We both know that the vast majority of people who come into your sales funnel do not buy right up front. Them’s the facts. But 90% of our efforts are often focused entirely on that tiny little segment of people who are going to buy immediately.

…And we ignore the overwhelming majority of people who have come to our site, demonstrated that they’re interested our stuff, and haven’t bought yet.


Do that and you’re leaving 90% of your money on the table.

Frank Kerntop Internet marketer and all-around nice guy

System – All your components work together to give you the desired result. From the targeted lead capture page, to the messages within your autoresponder that leads to your list, to the products you promote within the system, the front-end sales to the back-end sales. They all work synergistically together to form a system and create income streams 24/7 on autopilot.

How to market a home based business re-cap…

Identify target market (business builders or product users), develop plan to reach out to the market or bring market to you, get them into your marketing funnel so you can make long-term profits.

That’s the long-term approach on how to market a home based business.

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