How to Make Money Fast in Network Marketing

By Corrisa | Business Success Tips

Feb 28

If you're having a tough time recruiting and earning a decent paycheck, then you'll want to know this secret of making money fast in your network marketing business...

how to make money fast in network marketing

They said you could replace your income...

They said the company you would be apart was revolutionary - and that the products would sell like hotcakes!

They said your business investment would be minimal as compared to other companies...


What you got instead was a network marketing business that has cost you an arm and leg to keep running with no end in sight of you replacing your job anytime soon.

Worse yet, the products are not easy to sell as they told you it would be.

Did they lie to you or did they not reveal the complete truth about your business opportunity?

Maybe a little of both - but here's my point...

Odds are, your company is like any other type of mlm (multi level marketing) company- they tell you only the good and intentionally leave out the bad and the ugly.

Did your significant other reveal to you all their bad habits and dirty little "secrets" before you hooked up with them? Probably not - right?!

You most likely discovered these little secrets as you went through your relationship with them. The same can be said of your home business. The deeper you get into it, the more you realize that it's not so simple to make fast money in network marketing.

After all, if you really knew the truth about running an mlm business you probably would have not joined in the first place and/or would have got better marketing training on how to build it more profitably online.

Don't fret - there is something that can be done. Keep on reading...

The Shocking Reality of Your Business Opportunity

Here's the truth...

Network marketing is in a different category all it's own. Although there are aspects of it that are a little better than most traditional businesses (you can work it from home), however making money in network marketing can be quite a challenge.


Your income is reliant on your ability to recruit people that buy products - period. That means that you've either got to get people that want to do the business AND ultimately buy the products consistently month after month or you've got to get people who just want the products your company sells (i.e. consumers).

Unless you're in a product centric company like Tupperware or Avon, then it may an uphill battle trying to retail your company's products.

The nagging truth is that you're here reading this because you know this to be the case and your back is up against the wall to make your business opportunity work or get the hell out and cut your losses.

Here's the burn - you don't want to quit and feel like a failure. You don't want to hear those naysayers in your life wagging their finger in your face like a naughty child that has done wrong saying “I told you those things never work!”

Tired of being humiliated?

You can win.


Make it easier on yourself to make money...

How to Make Money Fast in Network Marketing

how to make money fast in mlm

It's proven.

It's practical.

A lot of the top income earners in network marketing do it - just some won't admit that they do this.

It's called cash flow baby.

And if you don't have it coming on a consistent basis you're gonna struggle to make your business profitable.

Here's the glitch with network marketing...

You gotta have more people coming in the front door than leaving the back door (i.e. attrition). Not only that but you have to sell a whole heck of a lot of products consistently.

And if you're buying a lot of your own products so that you can earn your full paycheck, then you're in a deep money pit that's sinking you and your family finances like quicksand.

Unless you're a superstar recruiter or seller of products (and if you were, you wouldn't be reading this), the only way out of the financial doomsday that's gonna befall your family if you you find a way to make money off of those that tell you no to your business opportunity.


The majority of people you present your business to will not join your business. If you don't capitalize on the “no's” you're building your business on an uphill slope - it'll take you years (if ever) to get to the top. This is a very frustrating-hair-pulling way to build your business...and I'm sure you probably know this to be true.

So your next question is probably “How do I start making faster cash flow into by business?”

It's a little simpler than you think...

Fast Cash Flow Can Save Your Business

make fast money in network marketing

There are really two things you need to know...

First of all, people who are already familiar with network marketing are an easier to sell to than someone who is totally unfamiliar with network marketing and/or the home business industry.

How many times have you heard that network marketing (or mlm) is a scam? Or that you can't make money from home?

Lots of times - right?

You can spend your time spinning your wheels trying to convince these people that it's possible to make money in a home business or you can go after people who are already convinced.
What makes more sense to you?

Going after those that are familiar with network marketing of course. Odds are these people are not only familiar with network marketing but quit likely have bought into a business opportunity.

Here's the key...

Go for the easier sale.

The second important points is that you want to sell an entry level how-to product/service that appeals to people who are already interested (and bought into) the home business/network marketing industry.


It's the easier sale than your biz opp...
It creates cash flow faster so you can build your business faster - and put more money in your bank account
It helps build your authority and trust level with your prospects so that when they're ready to join a business, they're more likely to join with you
When you lead with value vs just pitching your business opportunity, you set yourself apart from the masses who are wearing themselves (and their bank account) down pitching their dime-a-dozen business opportunity.

This is why a lot of successful network marketers have turned to implementing this strategy into their business to help them make more money a lot quicker.

If you're tired of the relentless struggle just to stay afloat in your business, keep reading...

What I Recommend...

Create a front end product/service that you use to lure highly qualified prospects into your marketing funnel.

Yes, you'll want to create a landing page that converts very well and have products/services along the way that help your prospects build a better business (quite likely your prospects will already have a business they're struggling in).

The money you make from your product(s) and/or service can be used to help you build your existing primary business faster and will increase your profits.

This is how you make fast money in network marketing.

What If I Don't Have the Time?

If you're like most people, you don't have the time, patience, or skill level to even begin creating your own products/service let alone the time to create high converting landing pages.

I get that...

This is where leverage comes in.

All smart marketers find ways to get leverage in their business. This allows you to spend your time on money-making activities that produce direct results.

This is the system I suggest you leverage - if you don't have time, patience, or skills on your side. This is how I have produced faster income in the network marketing industry while at the same time it helped build up my Internet marketing expertise and street cred.

What about you?

Are you sick and tired of spending money in your business opportunity - with nothing to show for it?

Are you sick and tired of watching other people have success, while you seem to be losing money at every turn?

Are you sick and tired of not knowing how to really market on the Internet to bring in highly targeted leads - profitably?

Then this is the solution.

  • Awesome post Corrisa! When you recruit people with false statements like you will get rich fast, or that this business is easy you are setting yourself up for failure. What usually happens is that prospect that you recruited with hyped doesn’t get the results you promised as fast and they end up quitting.

    I’m always up front I tell people network marketing is a simple concept but it’s not easy. It’s going to take a lot of work.

    Having front-end products is a fantastic way to earn a “now” income while you are building your mlm on the backend. Most people are going to say no to your primary opportunity anyway so why not have something else to offer them.

    I’m not a fan of putting all my eggs in one basket especially when it comes down to my income.

    Thanks for the share!

    • Corrisa says:

      You’re a great asset to this industry Dereco! People respect you more and are even attracted to you more when you tell the truth – even if it’s a little bit ugly 🙂 Keep up the awesome articles and thanks for stopping by and leaving your words of wisdom! Continued success to ya!

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