How to Increase Avon Sales Online – 3 Simple Tips 

 September 19, 2015

By  Corrisa

If you want to know how to increase Avon sales online, then these three simple tips may be just what you need…


Imagine what it would be like if you could increase your Avon sales online…

No more wasting your gas delivering products…

No more passing out expensive catalogs to people who say they’re gonna order but never do…

No more spending your already limited time going through delivery boxes trying to figure out who ordered what…

Whew! As an Avon rep you are expected to do a lot.

Now that your customers can place their orders online and get their products delivered to their homes, it frees up a lot of your time.

But there still remains a big problem…

You may be wondering, “How to increase Avon sales online?”


After all, it does no good to have the convenience of your customers being able to order online if you’re having a hard time even getting customers in the first place.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone – this is a problem that plague a lot of Avon reps. What you definitely don’t want to do is ignore this problem. You see, without getting more customers, you’re going to be stuck at the income level you’re currently at.

Given the nature of Avon, your income probably fluctuates a lot. Some campaigns give you lots of orders whereas other campaigns gives you only a couple of orders if you’re lucky.

What is true is that you can’t keep going on this way. This is why you really need to read the following…

The Shocking Truth About Sales

Did anyone ever tell you that it’s easier to sell to someone who has bought from you in the past than to a new person who has never bought from you?

In other words, your existing customers should be your main focus. If they bought once and had a reasonably good experience they won’t hesitate to buy again from you.how-to-increase-Avon-sales-online6

Here’s what you need to ask yourself…

“Am I doing enough to get repeat orders from my existing customers?”

You see it does no good to know how to increase Avon sales online if you’re not trying to get repeat orders from your existing customers. It’s like filling a bucket with water, but not noticing that there are holes in the bucket – it’s gonna be fruitless.

If you want increase your Avon sales, then you have to be willing to work smarter and mine for gold in your existing customers.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile to get more Avon sales online, then you’ll want to keep reading…

How to Increase Avon Sales Online – Three Simple Tips You Can Do Right Away

Getting more sales online does not have to complicated or even difficult for that matter. What it does take, however, is consistency.

Let’s start with this…

#1 Build Your Customer List

The biggest problem I see with Avon reps is that they don’t build a list. They don’t know the phone numbers or emails of their customers. They don’t even keep track of their customers orders. This is like throwing money down the drain!

What to Do
You’ll need to capture your prospects name and email address at the very least. The beginner way is to just call the people who have placed an order or are contemplating placing an order and ask them if it would be ok for you to email them about Avon. If yes, then you can email your customers/potential customers from your email provider.

You must have your physical address at the bottom of your emails and you must have a link in the email that allows the recipient of the email to opt-out of hearing from you.


The biggest downside of doing it this way is that you can only email one person at a time. You’ll want to read up on CAN SPAM compliance.

The business way (and easiest way) to capture your prospects full name and email address is to subscribe to an autoresponder service that emails on your behalf.

Next you’ll want to create some kind of lead form or use a hosted form that your prospects can fill out before you send them on to the Avon website. One of the best services out there to accomplish both tasks is Get Response.

The Hook to Get Subscribers
In order to get prospects to sign up for your list, you can

  • Offer them a discount on their next order (you can email them a discount code)
  • Offer them a free sample (this is a good way to also get your prospect’s physical address as well)
  • Give them an ebook or special report that offers valuable tips ex. 3 Tips to Picking the Right Make Up For Your Skin

Don’t worry about how to increase Avon sales online if you’re not willing to build a list. If you do want more sales, then the first step is get your customers info.

#2 Hit the Social Scene

how-to-increase-Avon-sales-onlineKnowledge is power, but applied knowledge can put money in your bank account. Here’s what I’m getting at…

Stay current on Avon’s new products, campaigns, and specials. Blog about upcoming products and specials. Make videos.

Avon is very picky about using their brand names, so you’ll have to talk about products features and how those features can benefit your customers/potential customers.

What to Do
Build up an audience on various social platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube. Create groups and join groups. Offer useful tips and link back to your blog posts (yes, you absolutely must have a blog). You can use Go Daddy for hosting your blog and get a domain from them. It makes it simpler that way.

Blog regularly and link to your blog posts from your social sites. Email your list and let them know about your blog posts.

Just doing these two things alone will help you increase your Avon sales online – as long as you’re consistent.

#3 Reward Your Customers

Back in the day if you wanted your customers to remember your business, you would send them pens, notepads, magnets, and calendars. The biggest problem with these kinds of items is that their value lessens when a whole lot of businesses are sending customers the same things.

I can’t even count how many magnets I have on my refrigerator from different businesses. Now when I get another magnet (or notepad, or calendar) from a business, more often than not I just throw it away. In other words, I have so many of them that they hold no value to me.


If you’re going to reward your customers for doing business with you, then offer them something that has value to them.

Remember, the first tip was sending them emails. This not only builds a relationship with your customers and leads, but it subtly keeps your name and Avon business in their mind.

What Are the Best Rewards
The rewards your customers remember are the ones they get immediately and the ones that have value to them.

As an Avon rep, the first thing you think of to reward your customers are samples. This is a good way as long as you have the money for the samples. After awhile the costs of samples start to get expensive especially when you have to mail them out.how-to-increase-Avon-sales-online

One program that I like to use as a reward program is the Tripleclicks Gift Card program. Your customers can use their gift card to:

• Bid on Pricebenders Auctions. Win hot new products (iPads, netbooks, LCD TVs, appliances, and more)!

• Play games!

• Download great, new music

• Redeem on over 80,000 products and services!

You benefit in that your customer will see that you appreciate them so much as a customer that you’re willing to give them a gift card that’s valued at $12! Don’t worry it won’t cost you that much for them.

Another benefit of offering these Gift Cards is that if your customers enjoy their experience with Tripleclicks they may be so inclined to participate more in the games or the auctions. You benefit when they spend money to participate.

How to Get Your Customers to Spend More Using the Gift Cards
In addition to using the Tripleclicks gift cards as rewards to your customers who place an order, you can also send out a promo email stating that if they spend x amount this campaign, they will receive a gift card to Tripleclicks that is worth $12.

Then of course explain to them what Tripleclicks is and what they can do there etc…

There are many ways to get increased Avon sales online using these gift cards – because they have value.

What Does It Cost?
There is no cost to join Tripleclicks. This Gift Cards only cost .99 cents each and are worth $12 to your customers.

This is very cost prohibitive as compared to mailing off samples. In fact, you’re not rewarded for mailing off samples and in a lot of cases, I can almost bet that your customers don’t order the products after receiving the samples.

How to Increase Avon Sales Online in a Nutshell

It does no good to get increased traffic and online sales if you don’t have a process in place to capture your prospects name and email address. That’s the first step you’ll want to work on.

Next you’ll want to familiarize yourself with upcoming Avon specials, new products, and campaigns. Capitalize on this info by blogging about it and posting links in your social accounts.

Lastly, you want your customers to remember you and you want to reward your customers. Offer things besides the obvious like magnets and notepads.

Tripleclicks Gift Cards creates a win-win situation for you customers and for you. It’s also an economical way to reward your customers besides buying costly samples and mailing them out. They can also be used to get more sales.

Just doing one of these tips will help increase your Avon sales, but doing all three has the potential to boost your income in Avon. Go take action and be consistent!

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